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I'm talking about the Quickies line of books at Ellora's Cave. I have three erotic romances in that category. I think most of us know what a quickie is. I've also heard it called afternoon delight. I call my three Ellora's Cave Quickies a quick fix. You like to read but don't have the time for a full length romance. But don't let the term, Quickie, mislead you into thinking these books are only about sex. That would be porn, wouldn't it? These books have plot lines. If an author does it right she gives the reader just enough back story to make the sex valuable, meaningful, and the plot believable. So if you're looking for a quick fix in erotic romance, try an Ellora's Cave Quickie! Below are three excerpts to my three Quickies.


She didn’t like the way Jake leaned back and studied her. When he linked his hands behind his head, she couldn’t take her gaze off his muscular biceps and the width of his chest. Then he brought his booted feet up and crossed them on top of the desk. Ivy’s gaze followed the length of his legs and powerful thighs up to the front of his dusty jeans. There was no disguising the growing bulge behind his zipper.

Fire erupted through her. She’d never stopped loving him or wanting him. And she wanted him now. She’d been addicted to him since the moment they’d met four years ago. I wonder what he’d do if I walked around the desk and unzipped his pants. In the old days she would have had the nerve. “Well?”

His deep voice dragged Ivy back to the present and Wally. Her wayward brother was counting on her one last time. Because she’d made it clear this was it. The next time he screwed up he was on his own. Jake was right. He was a man now.

“Maybe we can work out some kind of a…ah, payment plan?” She chewed on the inside of her lip, realizing how weak and pitiful she sounded.

“I have a better idea, Ivy. Seeing you again has only reminded me of what I’ve been missing. With interest, a payment plan will take years. How about one weekend?”

One weekend? “I don’t understand. You know I can’t come up with that kind of money in one weekend.”

Laughing, Jake slammed his feet to the floor and leaned forward. “Come on, honey, you’re not stupid. But just in case you can’t read between the lines, let me clarify. I want one weekend.”

Her brows furrowed. “One weekend of what?”

There was a long pause. “Of you.”

He can’t be serious! “What?”

“One weekend of you, as many times as I want, wherever I want, in any position I want. One weekend of fucking you will erase the debt Wally owes our company.”

Ivy swallowed with difficulty, even while a little thrill shot through her at the picture his words conjured. Jake was an exceptional lover. “You expect me to sell myself!”

“You should be flattered that I think you’re worth twenty grand.”

She shook her head. “You’re crazy, Jake. I won’t do it.”

“Won’t you?”

Ivy swung around in anger, going for the door. Blood was pumping hotly through her veins. Part of her was excited, the other half angry that she couldn’t control that excitement. She reached for the doorknob with tears in her eyes, remembering too late that it was locked. She fumbled to open it.

“Damn you!” Jake pushed her against the door with his body, growling low against her ear. “I loved you!” His unexpected roughness and having his hard body against hers fueled her desire. “I’ve never stopped wanting you, Ivy. Even after I found you in bed with my brother.”


“Hot and heavy date tonight?”
His voice sounded directly behind her—he’d followed her to the counter. Lilly wished she could tell him she did have a hot date. “Maybe.” Let him draw his own conclusions. She finished pouring the wine, picked up her plate and swung around. But that’s as far as she got. Two powerful arms imprisoned her when Blake slapped his palms against the counter on either side of her.

Lilly caught her breath and had to glance up a long way to meet the amusement swimming in his sensual eyes. “What do you think you’re doing, Blake?” The spicy scent of his body wash tantalized her, causing another flood of desire to pool between her legs. Damn…she had to get away from him before he caught the scent of her arousal.

“Remember the last time we were together?” Was he actually lowering his head?

Her eyes grew round, instinctively knowing he wasn’t talking about the airport parking lot. She’d never forget it. Panic began to set in. “Blake,” she warned, leaning against the unbending counter.

“Remember when we ran out of condoms and I had to fuck you in the ass?” He reached up and ran his thumb over her bottom lip. “You went off like fireworks on the Fourth of July.”

Lilly shook her head no, but couldn’t deny the sharp explosion of lust that shot through her at his words. Awareness throbbed through her body, straight to her clit. “Blake, please.” Her nipples peaked into hard little crowns and tingled, her breasts swelled. She was trapped, had nowhere to turn, and her hands were full.

He ignored her pitiful tone and buried his nose in her hair. His lips brushed against her ear. “I like how wild you get when we’re screwing, Lilly.” His teeth tugged at her lobe. “I like how hot it makes you when my tongue is inside your pussy. But you know what I like most?” Slowly melting against the counter, all Lilly could do was shake her head weakly. “How good it feels with your mouth on my cock and balls. You have the sweetest mouth, Lilly.”

Lilly shuddered. “This isn’t fair.”

Blake leaned back to meet her eyes. “It’s okay for you to tease me, but I can’t tease you?”


He felt her slight resistance when his mouth covered hers but he steeled himself to ignore it. Her lips were soft and the taste of mint caught Reid off guard. His moved his hands over her, from her hair down to her waist, taking hold of her hips and bringing her close to him. He kissed his way to her bellybutton, wrapped his arms around her knees and lifted her to give her arms some relief. But it placed her thong-covered pussy right in his face.

Her arousing scent prompted Reid to bury his nose into her and inhale deeply. At the same time, he drew her legs over his shoulders so that he was supporting her weight. He groaned, realizing she was wet. Before he could stop himself his tongue came out and brushed over the silk covering her mound. Alexis gasped and stiffened, her sweet thighs clamping his head. Reid turned his face to catch his breath, biting Alexis gently on the thigh.

Damn, he’d forgotten where he was. His cock was pounding behind his zipper with the urgent need to fuck her. It would be easy to take her hard and fast, without regard for her feelings, yet he loathed what he was being made to do. At that moment, he wanted to kill Juan and forget about the mission. Since he’d been working undercover, Reid had been forced to do a lot of things he didn’t like. Forcing himself on a helpless Alexis wasn’t the way he wanted to make love to her for the first time, or ever for that matter.

Fucking Alexis wouldn’t exactly be a hardship. He’d been attracted to her from the moment he met her outside her apartment door. And he knew she was interested in him too. Reid was trained to notice and interpret minor physical responses, and her pupils had dilated almost instantly when their eyes had met for the first time. Her unwillingness to meet his eyes after that told him she was aware of her reaction to him.

How many times in the last few months had he fantasized about being with her but let his job stop him? Moving hadn’t been an option. Living in that building gave him a discreet view of the harbor and Juan Rodriguez’s warehouse. Something he would have needed if he wasn’t brought into Rodriguez’s confidence, and had to maintain once he was.
Maybe he’d wake up and find out this had all been a bad dream, but right now Reid was going to let the scene play out. He couldn’t help one more sweep of his tongue over her silk-covered mound before gently lowering her legs again. There would be time for eating pussy later.

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Tory Richards


  1. Oh, Tory, I LOVE Quickies, just the thing to enjoy on a lunch break or when you just sit down for half an hour at the end of the day :-) All three of these stories sound like awesome reads - I can't wait to indulge!

  2. Thanks Lily! Congratulations on your new release. You can't go wrong with Tarzan! Did you know the Johnny W. movies were filmed here in Florida? At Silver Springs I believe.

    1. No, I didn't! Florida - here was me feeling sure it was Africa when I watched them as a kid :-)

  3. LOL, yeah it kind of sucks. Would it make you feel any better to know he had to swim with the gators in Silver Springs? That was real enough:)


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