Friday, 30 May 2014

Icy Control - out now!

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw. I’m just not artistic like that though, sadly. Words are my medium. But that didn’t stop me trying for years throughout school. I remember my Year 7 Art teacher prudently labelling my attempts as “enthusiastic” in one report card. Then my Year 8 Art teacher just as kindly – but a bit more stronger worded – said something along to the effect of “always cheerful and courageous in her trying but shows no innate talent”.

So I took great delight in writing Sally, my heroine in IcyControl .  While writing her, I was dreaming of all the paintings I could have created, had I any skerrick of talent. Some of Sally’s whimsy definitely is wishful thinking on my behalf. I’d love to create pictures like hers.

Rob loves Sally just how she is. Obsessive, forgetful, whimsical and cheerful. Rob had Sally have been friends for many years, but there’s always been something keeping them apart. Until now. Rob needs Sally’s help on a case and she’s really excited to be involved. There’s plenty of art, hidden codes and secrets unveiled in Icy Control. I’ve loved writing it and hope you all enjoy the new book in my Agency series.

Icy Control is out for Pre-release on May 30th and as always I enjoy hearing from readers. J

Monday, 26 May 2014

The Glass Knot - Reviews!

I'm thrilled that The Glass Knot has an overwhelming majority of 5* reviews. Two more were added to the collection this week which is indeed cause for celebration exciting.

This story contains the best of both worlds emotional/romantic, and sexy as hell. The journey of Josh, Nick, and Laura is told beautifully, and organically. The writing is superbly enthralling, and the story flow was just perfect. The sex scenes where so hot and yet filled with so much care and love. This is going to be on my re-read list definitely!

Review by Just Me

The story of Josh, Nick and Laura tugged at my heart. This isn't some trashy menage novel, it tells the story of three people trying to build a life. The love scenes are steaming hot, but the emotional connection makes everything so much stronger.

Now also available from Barnes and NobleAll Romance eBooksKobo and iBooks

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Party Time coming 6/1

Party Time (book 4)- RJ is a Marine, home on leave. Georgia is the woman he gave up before his last deployment. They run into each other at a party and soon realize they still have feelings for one another. As they take up where they left off they have little time to decide, can they say goodbye for good, or accept they belong together?

Pulled Over (book 1) - What starts out as a normal afternoon drive home for Sunny turns into a steamy altercation between her and a cop after she’s pulled over for an expired tag, and burned-out taillight. She can’t afford a ticket. What’s a girl to do?

On Fire (book 2) - Faith has been horny for Dean since he moved into her apartment building, two doors down. She caught him eyeing her while sun-bathing at the pool one day, and thought he was interested in her, too. But it takes a fire in her kitchen for the hunky fireman to finally act on their mutual attraction.

Under Cover (book 3) - Vacationing in England, Lucie and her friends are finally at Buckingham Palace. What starts out as a harmless tease in front of one of the stone-faced, palace guards soon turns into the real thing when he hunts her down to finish what she started!

Lovers (book 5) - The last story in this series is a continuation of the lusty romance between Navy SEAL, Bishop and kindergarten teacher, Angel. If you loved Bishop’s Angel you won’t want to miss this next chapter in their lives. (due out 7/1)

Smashwords Author Page
Tory Richards Website

Oh by the way, if you go to my website and look under the post Wicked Nights Blog Hop you’ll find a coupon for a free download of Pulled Over, good until 6/10.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Knowing Her Place- The Final Instalment of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy- OUT NOW!

I'm thrilled to announce that the e-version of Knowing Her Place is out NOW!!!

The release of my latest novel, Knowing Her Place, brings with it the conclusion of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, and so I am saying goodbye to my heroine, Miss Jess Sanders.

It feels like the end of an era- and I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings as I shout out the release of this novel.

I’m yelling (internally- or I’ll get funny looks from the people sat around me in the café right now) YIPPEE- because it is an incredible feeling to get any story out into the world- but a complete trilogy!! I never thought I’d be asked to write one- and I’m over the moon that it has happened!!

But I’m also a little sad. Miss Jess Sanders, Mrs Peters, Miss Sarah and the rest of the Fables staff have been part of my life since Book 1 came out in 2011- and I’m going to miss them!

From the original stand alone novel, The Perfect Submissive, which is set in a most unusual hotel on the outskirts of Oxford, to the remote Scottish castle known as The Retreat, Jess Sanders is taken on a journey- both physically, emotionally and psychologically, as she tries to work out where it is she really belongs...

With her head full of unanswered questions, exhausted from her fairytale experience at the hands of Dr Ewen, Lady Tia, and the staff of the adult entertainment service provided by The Retreat, Jess Sanders is desperate to leave Scotland, and return to her usual submissive position at the exclusive Fables Hotel in Oxford.

Having been thwarted in his plans to keep Jess at The Retreat permanently, its owner David Proctor isn’t willing to let Jess go back to her dominatrix, Miss Sarah, and her employer, Mrs Peters, without sending her on one final mission. Only if she succeeds in her task, will Proctor remove the collar of servitude he has locked around Jess’s neck.

With a list of five unknown addresses in her hand, Jess Sanders is placed in a car and driven from The Retreat towards England. With no idea what or who awaits her at the first stop, all Jess can hope for is that her journey will eventually take her back to where she belongs.

To the Fables Hotel, where Jess Sanders truly knows her place.

Per Sub 3

Although Knowing Her Place can be read as a standalone novel, I recommend reading The Perfect Submissive, and The Retreat first to get the most out of Jess’s extremely kinky adventures!!
You can buy Knowing Her Place from Amazon and all good e-retailers. (Paperback version coming soon!)

Happy reading
Kay x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Prequel/Sequel Gave Good Face & Hard and Fast

Meet twins Josslynn and Pasha Rossdale as they find love with two very different men!

Behind his beauty hides a secret.

Male model, Lot Reardon has been the reigning ‘it’ guy on the runways of the world for the last decade, but he’s beginning to realise his time in front of the camera is winding down. While mulling over his options for the future, Lot is asked to do an impromptu cover shoot with the glamorous and alluring, up-and-coming Pasha Rossdale.

Pasha Rossdale is thrilled and a little bit star struck when she’s paired with the striking and charming Lot Reardon. As soon as Lot and Pasha begin to pose, and play off each other under the hot studio lights, raw desire consumes them.

However, one night of smouldering sex turns into something more meaningful, making Lot and Pash the new ‘it couple’.

Can the beautiful relationship survive their changing roles and massive egos, or will Lot’s jealousy and suspicion jeopardise all that they have?

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence, followed by Hard and Fast.
Totally Bound     Amazon Canada     Amazon UK     Amazon US      
All Romance    Nook    Kobo
now available for early download at Totally Bound
 She’s looking for a forever kind of thing, not just some meaningless fling.

Josslynn Rossdale has dedicated the last ten years of her life making her sister’s dreams come true, and happily so. But now that Pasha is on the cusp of taking the fashion world by storm, 

Joss realises she needs some time apart from Pash to find her own direction. Temporarily breaking away from the fast-paced modelling industry, Joss returns to their hometown and decides that opening her own agency is the way to go.

An overly hot and humid summer season has kept repairman Billy Maas more than busy. But when he attends a routine service call, he doesn’t expect the most beautiful woman in the universe to answer the door, let alone allow him to service more than just her air-con unit.

But Joss isn’t looking for a simple fling. After seeing how happy her sister, Pasha, is with her husband, Lot, she wants some of that. Billy is fun and exciting, but their lives and interests are very different. So when Joss begins to have real feelings for the adorable Billy, she sees no alternative but to distance herself from the younger party boy—leaving the bewildered and lovelorn repairman with a crisis he can’t fix.

Reader Advisory: Hard and Fast is best read after enjoying the prequel Gave Good Face.

Find H K

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Oh lookie look! Giveaway of paperback copies of Sexy Just Walked Into Town - head on over to Goodreads and enter the contest! Gotta be in it to win it!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Running Book Two in the Always Cambridge Series

Running Book Two in the Always Cambridge Series is now available at Amazon.

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years, into adulthood and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.

                             * * * *

No matter how far or fast you run, you'll never escape the past.  

  It’s been three years since anyone has seen or heard from Holly Cambridge. But when she surfaces, she doesn't return home to the loving arms of her family. Instead, she heads straight to the FBI offering information that will destroy the Cambridge crime family.

Special Agent Alex Orton sees Holly Cambridge as nothing more than the next commendation standing between him and the ultimate promotion. What he doesn't bargain for is the shy, damaged, but feisty little woman that convinces his superiors to let her infiltrate a rival family, with Alex heading up the mission.

Holly and Alex clash at every turn, but Alex is intrigued by Holly’s sharp mind and boundless courage and must constantly fight his burgeoning feelings for his lovely informant. Alex is a strict disciplinarian of the rules and can’t reconcile the girl who can’t play by them.

As Holly carries out the sting and insinuates herself into the enemy’s camp, she develops a close and common bond with the middle Mayhue son, the exotically good looking and charismatic Victor. The very man who could end her life, if he were to discover her secret.

Hands tied, Alex must stand back, for the good of the team, and watch the tragedy play out.

 Amazon Canada     Amazon UK     Amazon US

 These books should be read in sequence. Each story ends with a to be continued until the conclusion in September.

My fabulous publisher has decided on a unique release schedule for this series. Readers won't have to wait years between installments. eXtasy Books is releasing a new book on the 1st of each month, culminating with the conclusion in September. 

Although this series is categorized as a contemporary mystery suspense, it is also filled with angsty romance. (could even be classified as romantic suspense with the following advisory...
This is an on-going saga: each book may not have and HEA/HFN, but the series culminates with an HEA/HFN in the final book.  

Follow the saga from the beginning...
H K Carlton

Sunday, 11 May 2014

So, I know I should be working on Lovers, book 5 of Serve and Submit, especially since I set a July 1st release date, but oh my God I am so in deep with my first erotic bikers story. I'm four chapters into Devil's Wrath, and I have to keep going as long as the words are flowing freely. Want to see my inspiration for my hero, leader of the Devil's Wrath motorcycle club? Thought so!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Poster Boy for Average by Sommer Marsden


Indie photographer and book cover artist Aubrey Singleton is living up to her last name. A long summer at the lake has cured her of her recent breakup, and she’s embracing life as a single woman. What she’s not prepared for is to come back home to find she has a handsome new single neighbour.

Mike Sykes is a roofer—though he’s afraid of heights—a father of two and recently divorced. Oh and one might classify him as smoking hot.

The photographer in Aubrey is smitten, the single woman in her is breathless. She’s ready to make Mike a star—on book covers and, though she’s wary of a broken heart, in her life. He’s not so sure. Mike sees himself as a life complication due to his younger son’s illness, and not hot by a long shot. In fact, he thinks he’s the poster boy for average.

But a “business” trip to Key West, rife with hunky models, sets a backdrop for a shot at true love…


They rounded Deerhorn Avenue and Aubrey turned left toward home. She could feel her pulse pounding heavily in her temples. She should never have thought to mix running and attraction. Not her smartest move.
“Not really. I haven’t had sex in eight months. I think a man full of himself would probably be having a lot more.”
She almost tripped, swayed on her feet and reached out blindly for support. He clasped her hand and steadied her.
“Did I surprise you?”
“Yeah. A bit. But…why would you tell me that?” she asked. “Most men I know would die first before copping to that.”
“Why’s that? It just means I made a choice.”
They were standing in the street, staring at each other. Aubrey wasn’t entirely sure when that had happened. She also became extremely aware that his hand was still on her elbow.
“Well, you’re not alone. I made a choice too. And ya know…why not tell a person I just met, right?”
“I told you because I’m flirting with you,” Mike said.
That shut her up. Few things did. Bradlee would be overjoyed.
“Is that wise?”
“Flirting with you or copping to it? Or both?”
“I just mean…we live next door to each other. What if it were to be a colossal disaster?”
“That would only happen if you were flirting with me too, Aubrey. Were you?” The pressure of his hand on her elbow increased just enough to quicken her heart.
“No! I mean, not really…” He stared at her with those pale-blue eyes. “Okay, maybe some. Just a bit.”
Hi gaze grew more heated and she felt it in her belly. Remembered the dream of him making her come. The image made her blush—she could feel it.
He touched her cheek. “I’m glad. Even if it was just a bit.”
She swallowed hard. “Maybe a little more than just a bit.”
He leaned in and her body seemed to tingle with electricity. “Even better.”
She was hot and sweaty and probably gross to look at, and yet all she wanted in the world was for him to kiss her. It was enough to make her feel a little lightheaded.
“I’d kiss you,” he said, plucking the thought from her mind. “But you look terrified.”
“I do?”
“You do. Is it because we’re neighbors and we get along and you want to take naked pictures of me?”

Buy links:

Ellora’s Cave:

About the Author:

Professional dirty word writer, gluten free baker, sock addict, fat wiener dog walker, expert procrastinator. Called "one of the top storytellers in the erotic genre" by Violet Blue, Sommer Marsden writes for HarperCollins Mischief, Ellora's Cave, Excessica, Xcite Books and Resplendence Publishing. She's the author of numerous erotic novels including Poster Boy for Average, The Accidental Cougar, Lost in You, and Learning to Drown. Visit

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Brit Babes on Goodreads!

Please join myself, Lily Harlem and four other Brit Babes on the 14th and 15th of May on Goodreads. We are going to be chatting and giving away prizes and generally causing mayhem! If you want to party with us be sure to join the BDSM group (a few days in advance so you can be approved in time) and then come on over. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lily x

Monday, 5 May 2014

HOT New Cover For Not Her Type!

I make no secret of the fact that, of all the stories I've ever written, Not Her Type, is one of my favourites.
So I was chuffed to bits when my publisher (1001 NightsPress) told me that it was to receive a brand new, extra tasty cover!!

What do you think?

Young couple, isolated on grey background

Available right now!! You can pick up Not Her Type at all good retailers, including...

Kindle- Amazon UK -

Kindle- -

(Nook) Barnes and Noble -


ITunes -

If you would rather have a paperback- fear not, that has been updated as well!

Amazon UK-

If you love your kink extra hot- then this is the read for you!!

Here are just a couple of the amazing reviews some of my readers have left about my naughty delivery man tale on Amazon...

'Be still my beating heart. I had to read this all in one sitting. One sexy romp after another. Yum! If only I could find a man just like John. He's TOTALLY my type.'

'Amazing book...The story was endearing and the characters really made the imagination run wild...'

'...I loved this erotic novel with a brilliant variety and frequency of sex scenes...Kay has explored the more kinkier side of sex, each scene exceptionally well placed and so very very hot. I found both characters totally believable and relatable particularly Jenny; although I always prefer my men rough round the edges and this book shows you why. Maybe get your boyfriends to read this book girls, give them some inspiration if they need any...'


I hope you like the new look cover!!
Happy reading,
Kay xx