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Special Guest - Mary's Menage Whispers

Please join me in welcoming Mary from Mary's Menage Whispers. Mary is a reader, reviewer and blogger and was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions about her love of menage romance that I fired over to her.

Thank you so much for welcoming me, Lily!

How did you first stumble across erotic ménage romance? I was tired to read soft romances. I wanted to read something more spicy. I could not find anything in french so I turned in english. I went to my local library and Laurel K. Hamilton was on the shelf. I started to read the first chapters... read the book in 2 days, was totally stunned to discover that an author detailed a complete sex scene but yet remained classy and mixed it with a strong plot. I went back for the whole series. My local library did not offer much choice in erotic genre, so I went on Amazon. I knew that it was impossible to find only one author writing like her and oh dear how I was right!

Was it love at first book or did this passion take a while to grow? It was definitely love at first read. After Laurel K. Hamilton and Anita's multiple men, I read her Merry Gentry's series, then J.R. Ward's series, although this series is not really erotic. You know what happens on Amazon? you click and you are directed to another place and another place and another place. All of a sudden, it was a huge list of erotic romances books and from MF I jump to another dimension: ménages! Since I consider myself as a non taboo woman with a very open mind, I was intrigued. I read a couple of blurbs and I was totally fascinated that authors could write about multiple partners in a permanent relationships. Threesomes, I knew. On a romance level, it was totally new.

Can you remember the title of the first ménage book you ever read? I will never forget: I was surfing on Amazon and came across Maya Banks and her Colter's woman. I loved the cover book (which changed since then), read it and that was it. I can even tell you my second which was The Devil's Pact by Samantha Cruise and... well, let's just say that I have a good memory! lol I feel in love head over heels with erotic ménage romance and never stopped reading them since then, in 2005. At that time, I did not have any ereader or android, I bought the books in prints.

When did you decide to become a reviewer as well as a reader and what was your motivation for this? I always loved to write but I was not born with the knowledge, passion and talent to be an author. I played here and there but that was not my calling. But I always loved to write and was always on my top class in Literature and Philosophy.  I love to learn and exchange opinions. In 2011, I came across a publisher's site that had a forum where authors could meet their readers. I met a couple, I read them and left some comments. They asked me my opinion and we exchanged ideas. I loved it. At the same time, I needed a challenge and decided to create my first blog. I had no idea if my blog would become popular, I had no wish to become an official reviewer, I just wanted to have fun and share my thoughts. It is still my motivation today.

How do you enjoy your relationship with authors? Along the way, I made friends with numerous ménage authors that encouraged me to review telling me that my reviews were different and they appreciated my views. Since I also decided to read ménage romances exclusively, I started to have a name on twitter and facebook (Goodreads came later) and I am still very surprised about it to be honest. I never thought that a french middle-aged woman would be read or even authors asking me to review their work. Now, I am also an official reviewer for a couple of publishers.  I am very humble to know that people read my ramblings and even subscribe or follow my blog. :)

How do you enjoy your relationship with other readers? Unfortunately, my circle is limited. I know I have many followers on twitter, facebook and goodreads. Unfortunately since I blogged I had issues with my comments. People could not log in and leave comments. I just recently discovered it and was totally upset about it. I just moved today my new blog to WORDPRESS (http://marymenage.wordpress.com) and hopefully I will be able to enjoy more the other readers and share opinions with them. To be able to discuss with another passionate reader about the same book we both read, is just fantastic. 

Have you ever had a go at penning your own erotic romance novel? mmm.... yes. Don't laugh! I wrote two chapters so far that you can find on my blog! lol It is in french and a paranormal menage. I just wanted to know if I could write more than 5 paragraphs you know? Who knows? maybe I will kick my own bottom and finish it one day? Thing is you do not find erotic menage translated in french. I am not sure why but that is a fact. But I do not write it to publish it but more for a challenge.

Any pet peeves when reading erotic romance? yeah, a couple. I guess the first one is a romance labeled ménage, yet ending MF. Either it is a MF with menage sex scenes or it is a menage HEA. When I get to the epilogue and find that the third was just a sex toy, it does not feel right. I do not like it. Another one is BDSM label when in fact the story is only soft domination. I do not call BDSM a little spanking or a man who is a little dominant in the bedroom. A lot of authors do use the label BDSM because it is very fashionable and attract more sells but in the end, they do not know what is fetishism or a real D/s relationship. I am not saying that you need to be a pro or living the lifestyle to write BDSM but it sure helps to know firsthand what you are writing. I do not like amateur or fake. I am very sensible with authenticity and this makes all the difference between a good story and an outstanding story.  Equality and credibility are essential for me. If I do not find them in the story, I am frustrated. In the end, I think those are my big pet peeves of all.

Do you ever worry you might run out of books in your favourite, and now exclusive, genre? OMG no! And I am so thankful about it! I am buying tons per months and read only a third of them! I have a huge collection I started since 2005, in print and then in ebooks. This genre is very popular. It is still kinky enough for readers to become addicted. 

How do you find technology ie Triberr, blog posting, navigating social media? Are you a natural or do you often sit and scratch your head in bemusement?  I guess I think I am a natural. For many years, I created groups and forums in various areas. Once I do not find what I want, I try to find a way to get it. I believe that technology is a wonderful thing. I am not only curious but I love challenges and I get bored easily so this pushes me to find new technologies or ideas. So far the best way to find them is to share a space with people looking for the same thing: twitter, facebook etc are places that have strong community and if you find the right place, you learn and evolve in the direction of your choice.  Triberr is definitely an important social media tool that helped me (and my author friends) to get exposure. I know them since 2011. But like many medias that turned successful, they want now $$ in return of their time and efforts. Triberr did its job for free members, I believe it is time to find another. And I am not worried; another tool will show up soon. I totally believe that social medias are necessary evils to gain exposure. The key is to be wise and do not become their slave :)

What advice would you give to an author trying her hand for the first time at a ménage story?  Definitely read many ménage in different genres: contemporary, paranormal, BDSM, etc. List the authors that they feel the closest emotionally. From there, understand the difficulty to provide equality and credibility. At this point, I strongly suggest to write as close as their own personality as possible. If an author did not experience or does not believe what she is writing, the reader will know it and will disconnect immediately. Authenticity is important. Never try to copy a style or similar characters or plot and be original as much as possible. If an author does not know about a subject, avoid it. The real success in my opinion is to find an equal balance between characters, love, sex and plot. If each elements is equally shared, chances are this will be a great ménage story. My last advice is to find a trusted beta to read them and trust them enough to listen to their comments, maybe not follow them all but analyze them and try. The most important part is to remember that not each book is a Pulitzer and a bad review does not mean the author is bad and should give up. On contrary, if an author is smart and open, she will try to understand where she can be better and with time she will. Not everyone is a genius. People (and this includes authors, readers and reviewers) should remain humble and put their ego on the side. This will make them better person and better author/reviewer... but this is my own opinion.

You have a wonderful  new blog, congratulations. What are the aims of this blog and who are you trying to reach out to? Thank you! I do not have any plan but to have fun to review ménages and share my thoughts. Sometimes I play with the idea to extend my blog and welcome more reviewers but I was a mod in many places as well as a member and in the end I am happy to be on my own and argue with my ole me only! But my ultimate goal I think is to keep continuing to promote this genre I love so much and hoping that I will convert some readers to jump the fence and become addicted too!

How can readers and authors get in touch with you?



Thank you so much Lily for this interview! I had so much fun with it!

Mary's Ménage Whispers

Thank you for visiting Mary, I loved hearing your thoughts on menage, reviewing and how you found yourself so immersed in the genre. I smiled when you mentioned Maya Banks' Colter's Woman, that was one of the first menage books I read, in print, and loved it, in fact it's still sitting on my shelf, one of those I haven't loaned out for fear of it not coming back.

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Val and Chaz's First Sex Scene

Whew! I spent this past Saturday writing one, steamy sex scene between Chaz Evans and Val in Burning Hunger. I believe this is the hottest scene I've written yet. It literally drained me! I'm not kidding. I was so exhausted after I was finished that I had to take a break.

A Perfect Fit (book #1) and Surrender to Desire (book #2) have received great 4 & 5 star reviews lately. I can't tell you how pleased I am over that. Burning Hunger is the final book in this trilogy. No release date yet.

My plans are that once Burning Hunger is released the three books are combined into a print edition.

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New Release: A French Affair by Lucy Felthouse

Sydney Tyler is renting a barn conversion in Northern France, planning to spend the fortnight getting some words down on her novel. Unfortunately, construction work in the other half of the building puts an end to her peace and quiet. Genuinely upset that the builders are going to disturb her, the property’s handsome English owner, Harry Bay, offers to make it up to her. He’s a little flirtatious, and after spotting his wedding ring, Sydney keeps him at arm’s length. Sexy as he is, she has no intention of getting involved with a married man. But when Sydney learns the truth about Harry, will their mutual attraction spur them on to work through their emotional baggage and make this more than just a French affair?

Available from:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Xcite Books

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Interview: Suzanne Portnoy

Please welcome Suzanne Portnoy here at Outrageous. I had the pleasure of reading her book, The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker, which is utterly hilarious and an eye-opener I won’t forget in a hurry. It’s a memoir, and as I was reading I was amazed at the courage it must have taken to write everything that had happened in such an honest manner. It’s a very interesting romp through a time in Suzanne’s life where she was extremely sexually active. I recommend it for lovers of erotica but also if you’re fascinated by the choices people take in life.

Sit back and enjoy her interview, then a sneak peek of her book, which, let me tell you, has too many funny lines to count, and lastly, my review.

Welcome, Suzanne! What prompted you to write about a part of your life that was so personal?

I was sitting at my desk in my office. It was August 2005 or thereabouts. I was 43 and juggling about six lovers, plus going to swinging clubs at the weekend where I would usually shag at least one or two others. A few years earlier I had been in a celibate marriage. I remember thinking that if I didn't write it all down I would forget it all later in life or wouldn't believe it myself.

Which chapter was the most difficult to write?

Without giving away too much of the story, the day that my partner died and what happened after. It was a day of such extremes, I didn't know if I would be able to write it in a such a way that the reader would be able to sympathise with me. 
Did you find that you could separate yourself from it being real and write as though it were fiction?

Well, I never tried to make it fiction. It is a memoir so I didn't have that problem.
What was the reaction from people who knew you personally?

Most of my closest friends haven't read 'Butcher, Baker.' They had all heard most of my stories over the years and didn't want to know the intimate details! The ones that have read it enjoyed it and, in a couple of cases, it would seem I spiced up their relationship.
How did writing your book change you?

When 'Butcher, Baker' first came out and went to No. 20 in the non-fiction charts on Amazon, I became a minor celebrity. I got asked to do newspaper interviews, appear on television. It was quite fun and a bit scary. One national newspaper thought I was sleeping with famous, married men and tried to out me. They were disappointed when they discovered that my lovers were all very ordinary men. I had a couple of scary online stalkers too. I can honestly say I became a cartoon character and took delight in shocking people. Seven years down the line, I've put it all behind me and now have a very down-to-earth monogamous relationship with a lovely guy.

Did you find yourself healing throughout the writing process?

I think the only way to write an honest memoir is from an objective viewpoint. It was cathartic but not necessarily healing. And while writing 'Butcher, Baker' I was still very active on the swinging scene so I was living the life and writing about it. It has actually taken me until now to see that some of my shenanigans were pretty stupid and, in some cases, dangerous. At the time I had so much energy and appetite to try anything new and different, I wasn't thinking about the repercussions.

Since writing your book, have you looked at the world differently?

Very much so. I wasn't a great believer in monogamy for many years and went to great lengths to avoid intimacy. Being the principle  flag waver for swinging, I felt I had a responsibility to practise what I preached. And I practised a hell of a lot! When I turned fifty, I had one last swinging party and realised I had absolutely no interest in having lots of sex with strangers. I had seen it and done it and I wanted to rediscover intimacy and be part of a couple. Thankfully that realisation coincided with meeting my partner and we've been together ever since.
I can imagine writing was cathartic for you, but was there ever a time when you asked yourself whether you should hit SEND at submission time?

I remember a couple of weeks prior to the book first being published wondering if I had done the right thing. I was very scared at what people might think and worried how it might impact on my day to day life. I was lucky that the reception I got from the media and readers was almost universally positive.

What are you up to now?

I've always been a bit of a geek and I'm working on a few tech projects. I'm going to be hosting an erotic reading night from 29th May and every last Wednesday of the month called 'In the Flesh London'. It's taking place at the Alley Cat Bar & Club on Denmark Street 6.30pm -8.30pm and I'm looking forward to that. And I still have quite a few clients for whom I run their PR and Marketing programmes.

Where can we find you on the internet?

I'm on twitter as @suzanneportnoy and also at suzanneportnoy.com

Do you have links for where your book is available?

Amazon UK
Would you mind sharing an excerpt with us?

Only ten minutes to go. I look at the clock: 12.50 p.m. At one I grab my briefcase and my jacket and tell my receptionist, a pretty young blonde girl with a penchant for heavy-metal music, ‘I have a meeting in town. I’ll be about two hours.’
Within minutes I’m off the grotty main road and removing my clothes in the changing room before heading into the sex zone – Rio’s. There are two naked black guys sitting in the Jacuzzi. The bubbling water is covering up most of their bodies, but I can still tell one of them is quite overweight. He reminds me of a laughing Buddha. The bubbles can’t disguise the blubber around his neck and flabby arms. The other guy is slim, muscular and hot. He’s clean shaven, including his head, and I see fantastic biceps and can make out the beginning of a sculpted chest. He has big dark eyes and a welcoming face. I walk closer to the Jacuzzi to get a better look, because I’m not wearing my glasses and want to make sure my eyes aren’t deceiving me. No, I think, he really is very hot. I walk up the steps to the Jacuzzi, take off my towel and step naked into the water. I’ve found my target.
Sometimes people aren’t friendly in spas. It might be a matter of taste – You’re not my type – get lost. Or it might be territorial – This is our room, get lost. I’ve seen guys spread out in a Jacuzzi meant for six, not to mention sex, so that it’s impossible for anyone to join them without sitting on a foot. They’re just rude. Luckily, these boys are in a friendly mood; otherwise it might have been a challenge to find a way to initiate a conversation with the handsome one.
‘Thought you normally came on a Wednesday,’ the fatty says.
‘Yeah, I do, but couldn’t get away from work this Wednesday,’ I say. ‘I do come on other days, you know.’
A couple of minutes later, the laughing Buddha announces he’s off to the sauna, leaving me and the hottie in the tub together. I’ve got a little over an hour to get this guy into one of the relaxation rooms and have an orgasm. It shouldn’t be too difficult. I position myself so I’m directly across from him.
‘I’m Sam,’ he says. ‘Suzanne.’
‘Nice to meet you, Suzanne. I haven’t seen you here before.’ ‘I usually come at Wednesday lunchtime,’ I explained. ‘As you heard. This is the first time I’ve been on a Friday.’ I look meaningfully into his eyes. ‘I’ll have to come more often.’
We discuss what we do for a living. He’s a property developer with a sideline in making corporate videos. He is sweet and relaxed and I like him instantly. A few minutes more of this casual chit-chat passes, then I say, ‘Fancy going upstairs?’
‘Really? Wow. Sure.’ He seems surprised, perhaps taken aback that I’m so direct.
I’m in.
I learnt that the direct approach usually works. As my mother taught me, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ She was talking about a waiter bringing us an extra round of bread. I learnt to adapt that advice to satisfy my needs. When you’ve only got an hour to get laid, small talk is a waste of time.



I read this in one sitting, unable to put it down due to wanting to know what happened next—or who would be next on the sex list. A fascinating insight into the life of a woman who would, it seemed, try anything once! I admired her courage in telling all and sincerely hope she has found her happiness after a long time of searching for the man who can give her everything she needs. I'm sure, due to the way some people are, that this woman's choices were frowned upon by many, but as far as I could see she made sure her children were shielded from her lifestyle and only introduced them to the men she was serious about. If she lost friends while enjoying her sex life, then that's a shame, but as far as I'm concerned, it shouldn't matter what she did between the sheets (or anywhere else for that matter!), she's still the same person she always was. All in all, I admired her for doing what she wanted despite the dirty looks and people undoubtedly talking behind her back. I feel it takes a strong person not to back down and "behave" in a way others feel is better, and that was the best part of the book for me. She did these things anyway, because that was what was good for her at the time. Yes, a refreshing book/tale!

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Outrageously Gorgeous Cover For Victoria Blisse!

Hello all,

I've got a thing of beauty to share with you today, the cover for my upcoming Total-E-Bound release.

Isn't it pretty? I can't stop looking at it. Okay, here's the blurb:

Two hot, sexy billionaires know what they want and they want her, but will they be happy to share nicely?

Kerry Matthews is used to stress, she runs her own high-end London club called Diamonds but what she isn’t used to is attention from two very persuasive and powerful men.

Darren Bennett and Greg Stamford are life-long rivals, but call a truce to spend one night with sassy, curvy Kerry. They’re not content to share forever though. They both have a selfish desire to possess her completely.

Darren buys her seductive lingerie, flowers and chocolates, Greg flies her to Paris for a romantic break, cleans her flat and makes her breakfast in bed. Both vying to cement their place in her heart. She needs to decide between them but is dazzled by their persuasive personas and extravagant gifts.

Will Kerry be blinded by the bank balance or will she find the man behind the money?

Sharing Nicely will be available in September, I'm just working through the edits now. So this is an early and outrageously cruel tease, sorry. I couldn't resist yelling about that cover, though.

If you're in need of something to spice up this weekend then maybe you could try out Rob and Lou's Wild Weekends which is out now and has an equally tasty cover:


Hold on tight, it’s going to get wild!

Rob and Lou could pass you in the streets and you’d likely not notice them. They’re in their thirties, have a family and jobs to hold down and they do it with smiles on their faces. But occasionally they get a little time off and that’s when things get seriously sexy.
Light-hearted and fun, this mini-anthology features episodes from this couple’s wild weekends. Making the most of the mud, finding the erotic nature of an apron and even having a sexy visit to a fish and chip shop. Rob and Lou make the mundane much more pleasurable so join them on their kinky ride.
Includes a bonus short story ‘Damsel in Distress’ and excerpts from other ebooks by the award winning queen of rosy, raunchy and rubenesque erotic romance, Victoria Blisse.

Check out a spanking excerpt here.
And a Snogging excerpt here.


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Close Harmony by Justine Elyot

Hi, there – it's great to be here on Outrageous!

I'm here to tell you about the end of an era for me – the publication of the final instalment in my Food of Love trilogy. Close Harmony brings the story of orchestral violinist Lydia and her tangled, torrid love life to a grand finale. It's been a real treat to write and I'm going to miss the characters (and their music) very much.

Here's a blurb for you, then a little taster, just in case you're in the mood.

How do you choose between two perfect men? It’s like choosing your favourite music—certain pieces suit certain moods. Which mood is Lydia feeling the most?

The autumn season of the Westminster Symphony Orchestra finds Lydia unable to choose between passionate Milan and dominant Karl-Heinz—so she decides to give them both a chance. She hops from one bed to the other, trying to weigh up her options. Milan has a hold on her heart, but has never been reliable. Karl-Heinz is a good man, but what is the secret behind his strange repression? Old rivalries and new jealousies are kindled while Lydia works hard at having the time of her sex life.

No trio has ever practised quite as hard as this…But there is trouble in paradise for Ben and Vanessa, too, as a face from Vanessa’s past makes an unwelcome appearance and all seems impossible to resolve.

Amid turbulent emotions and orchestra rehearsals, the musicians work hard to negotiate a path to happiness. Will music prove to be the food of love, or a poison, infecting the future?

Reader Advisory: This book contains BDSM, MMF ménage and MM, as well as references to rape and sexual assault.

And from chapter one…

"I'm going to fall through the gap."
"I'm sure the brochure said there was a double bed."
"Yeah, well, the brochure lied…oh Christ. That's it."
Vanessa squealed with laughter as her lover's body forced the two jammed-together single beds apart and fell between them, with her on top.
"Shit!" she whispered, hearing him groan. "Are you okay? No bones broken?"
He lay motionless for a heart-stopping few seconds.
"Ness," he said weakly. "Oh God, Ness, I can't move."
"Oh God."
She knelt up and looked wildly around her, as if expecting to find emergency medical equipment instead of whitewashed walls and shuttered windows.
"Don't panic, darling. I can speak a little Spanish. What's Spanish for 999?"
"I think it's nueve, nueve, nueve," he said, just as weakly.
She frowned down at him.
"You're pulling my leg, aren't you?"
"Would I? About a thing like this?"
Already his hands were wrapped around her waist, bringing her down on to his chest, against which she beat outraged fists.
"I don't know why I ever believe you." She tried to pull herself aloft, but he held her in a tight bear-hug and growled into her ear.
"Get back on that bed, woman. We have unfinished business."
Vanessa Robertson, still delighted and enthralled to be taking a summer holiday with her twenty seven year old lover, pretended to slap his face before throwing herself back on to one of the beds. Ben rose from the gap like a foppish sea monster, all floppy hair and loose linen shirt, ready to pounce.
"What was it you had in mind again?" he asked, rolling smoothly beside her after shoving the beds back together. "Oh yeah." He looked down at the hem of his shirt, underneath which the outline of a cock in full erection was clearly visible. "I had some dessert for you."
"I don't know if you deserve it now," grumbled Vanessa.
"No, I have some dessert for you. You get cream. I just get the pleasure of giving. It is more blessed to give than to receive, after all. Don't feel bad."
Vanessa snorted. "You've got a bloody cheek. Trying to make me feel guilty about giving you a blow job. That's spin doctoring on a grand scale."
"I'm sorry you feel guilty, Ness. Perhaps you can make it up to me afterwards."
"Shut up or these lips are sealed." She drew an imaginary zip across her scarlet-lipsticked mouth.
He put one of his fingers to his own lips and nodded, then he knelt up and took off his shirt, revealing a tanned torso with a bit more definition than it had had when Vanessa first met him.
His cock, though, was no different and just as mouthwatering as ever.
Vanessa had worn a bikini and sarong for supper, but now only the bikini remained, a red and white polka-dotted number that showed off her trim curves to perfection. 
Kneeling opposite Ben, smiling wickedly, she reached behind to unclip the bikini top.
"Ooh," he said, when her breasts bounced out. "Want to touch."
"No. No touching. Just kneel up where you are and let me work you."
She bent her spine and let her breasts dangle either side of his upright shaft, then she pushed them together and gripped him tight. Slowly she rubbed him up and down in that generous cleft, sometimes bobbing to kiss and lick his uncovered tip.
"Fuck, that looks hot," he breathed. He reached a hand underneath to cup his balls and give them a squeeze. "I'm so tight. I'm going to burst."
"Impatient," she said, flicking her glance up at his pained face. "There's lots and lots of things I want to do to you first. If you come before I'm ready, I'll have to do even dirtier things to you."
"Like what?"
His urgent whisper drifted over her head and she increased her pace.
"Never you mind. I'm not going to encourage you. You've a filthy enough mind as it is."
"It's your fault. I used to be such a nice boy. You've made me this way."
She laughed throatily, then released him from the breast-clamp, batted his hand off his balls and took a firm hold of the base of his shaft.
"Ready to go deep?" she asked. "And remember – don't be too hasty."
"I'll do my best but I'm not making any promises."
She held up an admonitory finger then she crouched low, the tip of her tongue circling its way down his cock as an introductory move before she sucked him all the way inside her mouth, from the swollen head to the rigid base, inch by inch.
"Oh, you're good," he whispered. "So good."
She held his balls and squeezed them as if telling him to be quiet.
He was more than content to moan his way through the rest of the performance.
It was funny how much she loved the feel of him in her mouth, given that she'd never been drawn to brass or woodwind – the instruments that required oral input. This nice fat hard girth was better than a reed, though, and this warm salty flavour beat any metal mouthpiece. It was like holding his heart in your hand, a pulsing, elemental part of him, entirely at your mercy.
She kept it up until her cheekbones threatened to collapse and then she gave him the signal, reaching around his buttocks and parting them wide, which had become their code for 'you can come now' when her mouth was full.
Immediately he began to buck and jerk with abandon. She loved to feel his gluteal muscles shifting and rippling under her hands while his cock thrust. She gagged a little but she didn't mind, eagerly focused on what was to come.
Ah, there it was, the pay-off, the reward. The little salty hit on the roof of her mouth, dripping down her throat. His fingers in her hair. Those sweet, pathetic little noises he made.
She swallowed determinedly and released him, after sliding her tongue all the way up his inner shaft on the way out.
"Mmm, good dessert," she said.
"Get on your back, Robertson." There might have been a twinkle in Ben's eye, but she knew better than to defy him. 
She lay down, smiling up at him, feeling every inch the seductress. Her turn now.
The bikini bottoms were off in a jiffy and Ben's face appeared between her thighs, grinning like the Joker until she had to slap the top of his head and urge him to get on with it.
He didn't need telling twice. He had a long and flexible tongue and he knew how to use it, probing its tip into every fold and crevice before lapping over the swollen pearl of her clit. He scooped up great mouthfuls of her juices, licking his lips, sighing in appreciation of her unique flavour. 
When she came, he held her bottom cheeks and squeezed them, as if wanting to coax a stronger orgasm from her by any means available.
She wriggled and jammed her pussy right into his face until the tremors wore off and she was left, sweetly exhausted and at peace, her legs lacking the capacity to move. Ben lay beside her, pressed tight into her side to avoid the gap, and kissed her scented dew back into her mouth.
"Good dessert," he said, nuzzling her with his nose. "Better than that ice-cream."
"I don't think that was ice-cream, Ben."
"No? What was it then?"
"Crema Catalana. But I don't think it was meant to be like that. I think it was put in the freezer by accident."
"Oh, I didn't realise. It tasted nice, though. Not as nice as you but…sweet."
They lay back and listened to the sounds of evening on the Majorcan coast. Crashing waves, voices from the beach, distant music from a restaurant a few yards down the lane.

If you're tempted to read on, it's available from Total E-Bound

Thanks for having me.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Character Interview...Meet Thomas

Good morning! I thought it might be fun to post a character interview that I did with Thomas, the hero in Instant Attraction. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a little bit about you, what makes you you?
Well, my name is Thomas and I was born and raised in Boston, where my parents and younger brother, Donald still live. He’s a fireman and my folks are veterinarians. After I returned from a stint in Iraq my Uncle Jack talked me into entering law enforcement. For a while I served on the SWAT team but decided I wanted a change of scenery. A place more laid back and peaceful, to be exact. So I picked up and moved to a rural area outside of Boston.

2. What's your main goal in life?
(big sigh) I wasn’t sure until I met Julie. I mean, I know I wanted to meet someone I could share my life with. I thought I had in Boston but it turned out she only wanted fun and sex. Julie is different. I knew that the moment I looked into her eyes. So in answer to your question, my main goal in life is keeping her in mine. We’re good together. (he smiles)

3. How do see see yourself?

I’m pretty easy going I guess. Family is important to me. And though I’ve always liked animals, Julie has turned me into an activist. I actually stopped to help Harriet, the resident pond turtle, cross the street the other day. That old girl is lucky she lives where we live.

4. What would be your biggest wish/desire?
(he shrugs) Never gave it much thought. I’m pretty happy right now. If I have to put something into words I’m thinking it would have to be settling down and starting a family. And not because my folks are hounding me to.

5. There’s an elderly person and a young child each on a separate cliff top, each are going to fall/jump. Who would you save? If both, how? If neither, why?
You know I’m a cop, right? All I have to do is radio for help and both would be saved. (he smiles)There are no easy answers. If I was only able to save one, it would be the child. They still have their whole future ahead of them. They deserve a chance to live. Not saying the elderly person doesn’t deserve the same chance. But they’ve at least lived their life. And I would think the elderly person would want me to rescue the child, too.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse by Lily Harlem - FREE

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When scalpels are set down, the ward lights turned off and the patients asleep, there is always time for Mischief …

I guess you could call me a jack-of-all-trades nurse. I find work satisfaction in whichever department the hospital needs me most, as long as it’s through the darkest hours. Needless to say I’ve seen it all over the years, been there and done that, what’s left to shock me isn’t worth knowing. But it’s so often the quieter night time where the real high jinx abound.

Yes, the nocturnal life is the one for me. With a weakness for sexy guys wearing white coats and dangling stethoscopes, my fantasies are often realised and I’m adept at finding relief from the hospital grind in shadowy corners and cosy linen cupboards.

Of course my dedication to patient comfort is paramount. What kind of nurse would I be if it wasn’t? But when one act of extreme, albeit highly inappropriate, kindness forced me to become the hospital director’s snitch, the length I went to in order to keep my job, satisfied my desires and found me the love that had always evaded me. A love that made me push even my not-so-professional boundaries to the extreme.