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99 Cents for a Limited Time: Surrendering to Her Mate #1 Amazon Bestseller #pnr @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

#1 Bestseller on Amazon!

#99cents for a limited time!

*All Books can be read standalone*

Bunny shifter Clover is running from her past when she finds a waitressing job at a BDSM club. But she doesn’t expect gorgeous panther shifter Richard to pounce into her life… Can he teach her the true meaning of passion and surrender? A steamy paranormal romance!

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Friday, 19 April 2019

Now Available: Tormenting Her Mate-My Wicked Mates #3 by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifter #romance @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

Available now!

A fox among wolves.

Wanting him had to be a sin…
He saved her from the darkness, but by then she could never go back to the light. His eyes haunted her. When Astrid is given the choice to offer up her body for one month in exchange for her brother’s life, she doesn’t even hesitate. It’s dangerous, this dance, and she can’t look away. He could snap her in two with one bite of his jaws but she couldn’t help falling into his trap. Astrid just hopes she can survive it.

She was his.
Astrid stood there trembling in the dark, wounded, and that’s when Marcus knew he had to have her. A fox among his wolves. He would protect her, from their families and even from himself. But when fate handed her back to him on a silver platter, he couldn’t let her go. Her place was in his bed. All he had to do was survive a pack war long enough to keep her.

#shifters #paranormal #romance #steamy #mob #crime #fox #wolf #paranormalromance #pnrlovers #shifterlove

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Wild, Dark Passion! Re-Release of DARK WARRIOR by Lily Harlem

While some passions live on the surface, others—wilder, darker passions—have to be kept buried deep. 

Dr. Leo Rotherham is following his calling by working in rural Kenya for the charity Medics On Hand. While he expected a primitive way of life and limited medical supplies, what he doesn’t bargain on is falling for handsome village warrior, Malik. 

Malik is well respected, knowledgeable and loyal to his tribe. He’s also beautiful, brave, modern and, much to Leo’s dismay, married—isn’t he? 

No, it turns out Malik is as free as the animals that roam the African plains at night. Soon the tension is building between the two men and Leo isn’t sure if he’s coming or going. Whenever he’s around Malik he can’t help but notice the reflected look of lust in his eyes and feel the longing sizzling between them. 
Malik stands too close, not close enough.

Forbidden attraction simmers between them and the need grows to dizzying heights. But dare they admit to each other what it is they want? And are they brave enough to act on their desires and be honest about their lust? One thing is for sure, a passion this big, this powerful, can’t be contained and it’s all going to explode in the most spectacular of ways. 

*Please note, DARK WARRIOR was previously published with different cover art*


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Hot MM series!

When Reece Carter is CAUGHT ON CAMERA canoodling with hunky gardener Cade Davenport, a new, super-sexy opportunity presents itself that he just can’t walk away from. 

"One of the hottest MM romances I've ever read."

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Out Today!

Ebook and paperback. This hot, contemporary romance was previously released. It has a new book cover, and I've added and updated the content.

He's a soldier home for the holidays, his brother's last wish for him to take care of his wife and baby weighing heavily on his mind. Keeping promises are important, but this one will be hard. Ryan has been secretly in love with Shannon for years. Their attraction is hot and consuming, but will they be able to get over the guilt that threatens to keep them apart?

Excerpt - She pulled back the curtain, her eyes rounding when she recognized Ryan’s form heading down the front steps with his bag in his hand. Was he leaving because of her? That would crush Marsha! Without thinking, Shannon whipped the door open and stepped onto the porch.

“Ryan!” If he heard her, he ignored her, and continued walking toward the garage. “Ryan!” Shannon picked up her robe and dashed down the steps and into the snow. The cold immediately went through her slippers. “Ryan, please wait!”

He rounded the garage and disappeared. Shannon couldn’t believe that he didn’t hear her. She rushed to catch up with him, almost falling when she stepped on an icy patch of snow. She entered the garage just as he opened the door to his jeep. “Ryan!”

He stiffened but didn’t turn around as she expected. Shivering, Shannon stepped in front of him, putting herself between him and the open door. She didn’t know what she was going to do; only that she had to stop him in some way. “What are you doing?” she asked, flinching from the unwelcome coldness in his eyes. It was just getting light enough for her to see his expression, hard and set as usual.

“I would think that’s obvious,” he said flatly, a tick appearing in his jaw. His gaze was focused somewhere over her head.

“Your leaving will ruin everyone’s holiday. Every year, all they ever talk about is you coming home.” His gaze zeroed in on hers with deadly accuracy. He looked so angry, as if he was about to explode. Shannon felt the urge to reach up and kiss away the firmness of his mouth until it was soft and friendly. “Are you leaving because of, ah, what happened?” She didn’t have to spell it out; they both knew what she was referring to.

“I think it’s better this way.”

“I’m not blaming you,” she began. “It’s something that just happened, a moment that got away from us.” Trying to sound as if it was insignificant didn’t come off as convincing as Shannon wanted it to. She could barely look Ryan in the eye because of the heat filling her cheeks.

“What makes you think it won’t happen again?”

Shannon’s eyes rounded in surprise. The little thrill his words caused evaporated quickly when she realized he wasn’t happy about his earlier loss of control. Would it happen again? She didn’t have the nerve to ask. Deep down part of her wanted it to. She could tell he wanted to leave, but she was in his way.

“Ryan please, if you can’t stand being under the same roof with me then I’ll leave. Just, please, don’t hurt your family this way.” It surprised Shannon that his leaving would hurt her, too.

Their gazes held for a long moment. Shannon wasn’t beneath begging to get him to change his mind. She loved Marsha and the rest of the family too much to cause them undue pain. “Please, stay.” To her mortification, she felt the hot sting of tears fill her eyes. It occurred to her that she was asking as much for herself as for them. Did he feel the pull between them? The intensity of it astounded her.

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Grab TRAVELER for only 99c/99p!

TRAVELER, Book #1 in the EQUINOX (sci-fi reverse harem) trilogy is only 99c/99p!

After escaping a fate worse than death, Uma Nixon knows she's one lucky woman.

She also knows Earth is no longer a safe place to be.

Not wanting to fall into the same trap twice, she uses her skills to secure a job aboard Equinox as it travels between Earth and Planet Athion.

Some might say it's a grinding job. A long journey in hyperspace as a cognitive traveler isn't for everyone. But throw four sexy guys into the mix--human and alien--a cheeky parrot, and a whole lot of flirting and desire, things soon get interesting out there in the abyss.

When jealousy, curious quirks of evolution, and danger rears its head, Uma wonders if she'll be able to handle the heat and the excitement. And if she can't...there's nowhere to run.

Don't miss book #2 Dreamer and book #3 Seducer in this exciting Planet Athion trilogy.

Planet Athion is a shared world contributed to by multiple authors and each trilogy is fine as a standalone read. Discover more about this page-turning Reverse Harem, Sci Fi Romance series today! Travel over to for more information.

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* Updated!* Out Now at eXtasy Books - The Devil Take You - Epic Historical Romance

Brae and Gard are back! *well almost* 😉 I am beyond excited to bring this story back. When I say EPIC, I mean this story is over 140,000 words and over 400 pages, but I promise, you will fall in love with Gard Marschand and Braelynn Galbraith. Gard is a man tortured by secrets, and those secrets have driven him to commit some deplorable acts, but he has zero remorse. Revenge is the only thing that keeps him going. He's the classic brooding anti-hero. Brae, simply wants peace for her beloved Scotland, and she is weeks away from marrying her childhood sweetheart. But when Gard and his men lay siege to Braelynn's little shire, he unintentionally shatters her dreams.

*** Updated *** Surprise Surprise— Even to me! Apparently The Devil Take You, can now be purchased at eXtasy Books, as of March 29th. Coming to other vendors soon!

1307 - During the Scottish Wars of Independence 

Braelynn Galbraith wants peace for her beloved Scotland, marriage to her childhood sweetheart, and a house full of children. In that order. But evil incarnate, in the form of Gard Marschand, turns her life inside out and destroys all hope of a decent marriage.

Known in the Highlands as the legendary devil, Gard Marschand raids his way across Scotland and England amassing power and property in his malevolent wake. He will stop at nothing in his pursuit to regain what is lost—even conceal his true identity and associate with his enemies. His determination is all-consuming until he and his men lay siege to Ross-shire holding and one feisty Scottish lass obliterates his single-minded purpose.

Can Gard abandon his deep-seated need for revenge for a love that just might save his rotten soul? Or will he succumb to the demons that hound him and surrender to the devil within?

I believe your stay in purgatory has only just begun…

Purchase Link:
eXtasy Books
Coming soon to other vendors
Updates can be found HERE


What a fabulous, well crafted story! I could hardly put it down. I love Brae as much as I loved Holly in the Always Cambridge series. They’re not the same character at all, but Brae is just as spunky, brave, creative, smart and grounded. Well done, HK!

This book was wonderful in so many ways. Feisty heroine, brooding hero, historical facts woven into the plot, descriptions of sweeping landscapes, drama and intrigue... well-deserved praise!

I love a good historical romance, especially those set in Scotland. With a spirited young miss in Brae and a rogue in Gard, HK Carlton has created two of my favorite characters in The Devil Take You. With a story that ranks with those of Jude Deveraux and Nora Roberts, HK's tale will sweep you up in a tide of passion and intrigue that will keep you turning pages.

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New Release and Amazon Card Giveaway: Surrendering to Her Mate by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #giveaway #shifterromance @erzabetbishop @ginakincade


Surrendering to Her Mate (My Wicked Mates Book 2)

A new beginning…
Fleeing from a relationship gone horribly wrong, bunny shifter Clover Frazier makes the choice to start a new life. If only her car had gotten the memo. Stranded in the parking lot of what seemed to be a nightclub, she walks into a world she never knew existed. A new job with room and board are the answer to her prayers, but can she really outrun the ghosts of her past or will they come back to claim her?
A cat with a broken heart might just learn to love again.
Master Richard has just come out of a five-year Master/sub arrangement after a bitter breakup. He spies the new barmaid instantly, dismissing her as just another pretty face. When circumstances put them in close proximity, his resolve to stay at a distance is put to the test when his prickly panther responds to the luscious bunny shifter. Finding himself enamored by the curvaceous blonde, the teacher becomes the student and this alpha male learns that the gift of trust might just be the greatest surrender of all.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Friday, 8 March 2019

And the Erotic Romance versus Romance debate continues...

I need to rant and what better place is there, than here? 

Warning for language, if you proceed.

SO, I have a re-release coming out this month. I wrote this story in the early days of my writing journey, back when I thought I was going to write strictly historical romance. Little did I know then, how titillating and what a rush it is to write erotic romance.

But, I maintain this story is historical romance, pure and simple. That's how it was released the first time—and was well-received without controversy—and Historical Rom is what I reported on the book information sheet when I submitted it to the 'new' publisher. I've just been informed the story will be released as erotic, historical, romance, because, get this, there is SEX in the story. WAIT, WHAT?!? 👀 blink, blink.

This is what I was told:

No sex + happy ending = romance
Sex + happy ending = erotic romance

I highly disagree with this!!! 😠

To me, NO SEX in romance, is either categorized as sweet romance, or YA (depending on age, of course). 

Normally the erotic/not erotic argument comes down to how much sex and what kind of sex. Not sex or no sex. I'm actually floored by this! 😮

I mainly write erotic (romance) now, and I can tell you this story is not erotic. Sex is not what drives this story forward, it is the love story along with the historical significance, plus my own little twist on that history, that is the heart of this story. And yes, I agree, a story can be extremely erotic without there being any intercourse/penetration/climax—however you want to define it—at all, but I feel like the formula above is skewed.

Now, I understand publishers have guidelines that they live by, and those guidelines were in place long before I came along. And let's face it publishers bloody-well do as they please. I know from experience, bringing up my concerns to the powers-that-be over there, will fall on deaf ears, or if I get the right/wrong person riled up, I'll get a set down. But we all know how important the genre tags are.

I'm very cognizant about the historical accuracy, because diehard historical buffs will pick out the things that are not correct. But, my fellow authors, as we know, the same goes for readers who love their erotica. Historical Romance readers want the plot to be driven by, just that, romance, a love story, and history, which my story is. Whereas erotic fans want, yes, a good story, and perhaps some love and romance, though it's not a prerequisite, but what is, is a great deal of sex. They want their steamy bits, and they want them often, often, often. THIS story, is not laden with sex. The hero and heroine are not even intimate until the back end of the book—lots of tension mind you. Readers of erotica will be sorely disappointed if they pick up the book, and they won't be shy about saying so. And readers who read historical romance, will take one look at the erotic genre label/tag on the publishers website, or on Amazon and will navigate away from the book without a second thought, if they even see it at all, since again, as we know, Amazon likes to hide erotic works.

Readers of erotica also like explicit and highly descriptive sex scenes which use a certain vocabulary. Again, this story doesn't have that. It does have some steamy scenes, but historical romance connoisseurs also stick to a defined vocabulary during intimate scenes, which I have observed. 

And I will tell you in the beginning, back when my work first started being published, making the switch from more ambiguous depictions to the straightforward speech erotica demands, was tough. I was encouraged to use words that I didn't even use in my everyday life. I mean, I'm not a puritan, by any means. And I'll call a m*therf*cker, a f*cker, if he or she so deserves. But there were certain female body parts that I did not refer to with 'those' particular words. My early editors would often comment, 'you're being rather coy, just say it!' These days, I have no such qualms. The words roll off my fingertips without a second thought. And in my everyday life, now that *ssh*le that cut me off at the corner, is also a m*therf*ckin' c*nt! 😏 LOL

Anyway, winding down... I'm just afraid the book is not going to reach the target audience. And I've already been through the wringer with this one, when it was with the other publisher, [er...out the side of my mouth—non-payment]  so I'd hoped for better things this time around. Sharing this story means a lot to me.

So, my fellow authors, and readers alike, now that I've opened the erotic romance versus romance debate, I'd love for you to weigh-in, in the comments. 
Or should I just duck and run, for opening this particular can of whoop-ass—OH, NO... that's a whole other genre altogether. LOL. 

As a reader, too though, I know how frustrating and disappointing it can be when you pick up a book expecting one thing and you get another. On the other hand, sometimes you find some hidden gems that way, too, or a new-to-you author, or genre

Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustration. It won't change a thing—they gonna do, what they gonna do—but perhaps I'll feel better just getting it out.

Happy reading, folks,
a.k.a. H K Carlton

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Now Available: Craving Her Mates-My Wicked Mates #1 by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr @ginakincade

Now available from USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop!

In the darkness of night, desire reigns supreme.

The sins of the past live on in the present...

Carefree submissive Natalia Adams lived the dream of a promising future. Her life at Inferno, the city’s most exclusive BDSM club, was everything to her until she was thrust into a living nightmare. Now a lynx shifter, and a detective trying to help victims like herself, she hides behind more than one mask to keep herself veiled from the world. When a murder case takes a dark turn, will she be able to rely on her animal instincts to keep her alive?

Seven years, seven murders...

Ryder, a male submissive at Inferno, is devoted to the lifestyle and one very hard to pin down Domme. An incubus that feeds on negative emotions, he is also a Doctor of Psychology specializing in BDSM related crimes. When yet another murder occurs, he is asked to assist Detective Natalia Adams. Sometimes the truth is hiding in plain sight, and all it can take is one kiss.

The whisper of the cane can bring them heaven or hell...

Cage still dreams about the sub who got away. Natalia was his fantasy girl and the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As the new owner of Inferno, he still can’t get her out of his mind. His wolf wants their mate back and they aren’t taking no for an answer. A discovery is about to rock his world and bring the past and future colliding together. If only he has the courage to embrace it.

#shifter #menage #sexytimes #detective #crime #incubus #cat #wolf #paranormalromance

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#FREE For All: Grab Your Copy of Burning Midnight by USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Author Erzabet Bishop @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

#free for everyone Feb 21- Feb 25

Also available to #read in kindle unlimited.

#paranormal #witches #vampires #werewolves #romance #booksale #ku #amazon #kindleunlimited

About the book...

The dreams of the heart may be the darkest of all…

Kissed by the moon…
Diana Robichard runs Moon Called, an antique shop specializing in cursed objects. A new antiquity falls into her possession and promptly disappears, her tidy world is upended. When faced with a threat to those she loves the most, witchcraft alone may not be enough to save them. Blood vows and shadowy magic may hold the key, but the ultimate power might just be in the darkest recesses of her heart.

A wolf unleashed…
Alpha wolf, Aristide Benoit, is a wolf on a mission. When multiple pack members, and finally his daughter, go missing, he is ready to do whatever is necessary to find them. A pending war with the vampires looms in the distance but a blacker danger lies closer to home. Will the sexy witch destined to be his mate be his downfall, or his salvation?

Blood and fire…
Vampire Regent, Rand Sinclair, has a problem. His vault is missing an amulet never meant to see the light of day. Endangering a treaty with the wolves, he must act quickly before the woman he loves is swept into an ancient curse that will destroy them all. But can he make room in his heart and embrace a love that can set them all free?

Monday, 11 February 2019

Another new and improved...LOL

Next up for a face lift is A Soldier's Promise. Same title, new cover, updated and new content added including an excerpt. What do you think of this sexy cover, huh? I love it! Pre-order is available and for the first time this book will be available in paperback as well as ebook.

More to come!

Available on 4/1

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#99cents #LimitedTime Grab Your Copy of Bound In Fire by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifter #fireman #phoenix @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

#99cents #limitedtime #KU #shifter

The witch with the phoenix tattoo…
Isobel Fieri loves her dream job of working as an archivist in the city’s most prestigious museum. Well, aside from the creepy advances of her boss, that is. But when her mentor goes missing and a valuable exhibit piece vanishes into thin air, she knows something is very wrong. Bound by her desire to find answers, some really steamy flashbacks, and an attraction to a certain sexy fireman, opening weekend is about to get interesting.

He will find her again and protect her at all costs.

Roark Jameson has never forgotten the mate he loved and lost. He and his cat have pledged their lives to fighting fire, the very thing that took her from them. When he finds himself in front of the Remington Museum, he is drawn in to the mythology exhibit despite himself. A chance meeting will upend his universe and bring his carefully constructed world crashing down around him. Discovering his long lost mate here seems impossible, but when danger roams the hallowed halls of the museum, he must fight for her or lose her forever to the twisted web of fate.

Friday, 8 February 2019

#FREEBIE #LIMITEDTIME Grab Your Copy of Sweet Sensations by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #collection #sexytimes @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

#FREE for a #limitedtime!

Join USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop as she leads you through literary dreams and fantasies, a holiday cookie exchange, zombie dating, sexy cowboys, and more in this collection of some of her favorite short stories.

#sexytimes #zombiedating #cowboys #highwayman #cookieexhange #storycollection #free #KU

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Now Available from USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning Author Erzabet Bishop #boxset #shiftinghearts #paranormalromance @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

Tired of your mother managing your dating life?

Weary of the club scene or endless blind dates?

Enter the world of the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency and find your fated mate. A little bit of magic and a whole lot of hunky shifters await you.

#shiftinghearts #datingagency #shifters #paranormalromance #boxset #cat #wolf #witch #curvygirls #fatedmates #pnr #bookishlove #readinglife #bear #sexytimes

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Entwined by Felicity Brandon #DarkRomance #KidnapThriller #Alphamale #Redemption

Can a monster ever find redemption?

The Dark Necessities – Book Three

Release date: 6thFebruary, 2019

Free from her captor, author Molly Clary finds herself back at home, but she’s just as lost as ever. In the isolation of her new-found freedom, Molly makes a startling revelation; she can no longer function without Connor Reilly. She can’t write without him; she can’t live without him.

The admission leads Molly into the most intense and dangerous chapter of her twisted love affair yet, and by reaching out to Connor again, she must decide if she can really leave her old life behind to venture into the dark and mysterious confines of the organization known only as The Syndicate.

For a couple whose love is built on lust, and fear and submission, there should be no happy ending. But as Molly helps her kidnapper lay his ghosts to rest, the question beckons, can they forge their own brand of happiness regardless? Can Connor finally be delivered into a consensual union with his kitten, and will it be enough to satisfy both of their dark needs?

Buy the captivating conclusion to The Dark Necessities trilogy, and devour this tantalizing finale.


Connor swatted her again, pausing to admire the way the impact passed over her cheeks. “Do you need this spanking, kitten?” he demanded, noticing his voice had fallen to little more than a growl.
He didn’t know why he asked, having already determined for himself that the answer was yes, but somehow, there was always something so bloody satisfying about hearing it from Molly’s lips.
“Yes, Master,” she breathed as he landed a fourth strike, followed by another three in fast succession. “Yes, I need it.”
“Yes. You. Do.” Connor agreed, accentuating each word with a new swat. “Just think about how many months you’ve gone without my discipline.”
Connor landed another hard spank, conscious of his cock throbbing gloriously at the groan that left his kitten’s lips. “How many spankings have you needed?” he asked her. “How many have you missed?”
“Too many, Master,” she panted as he continued, spanking her gorgeous backside time and time again as if to reinforce the point.
“Yes, too many,” he agreed. “I know you, kitten, and naughty little pets like you need regular spankings to keep them in their place.” 
He paused, watching as her hips rose of their own accord. It was as though Molly’s body was actually looking for his palm. “Don’t they?” he demanded.
“Yes!” She was almost screeching now, though Connor didn’t think he’d been very hard on her so far. Allowing his gaze to drink in the length of her body, he concluded with a wry smile that his pet’s desperation was more to do with her burgeoning arousal, than her pain threshold. He knew from experience that she was well-equipped to deal with a lot of pain. “Yes, Master. They do. I do!”
“Yes,” he agreed again, and as he spoke, Connor shifted his palm and aimed his next strike directly at her pussy.
Molly yelped at the new strike, but the sound morphed quickly into something of a moan. 
“You like that, kitten,” he mused mockingly. “Don’t you?”
Her wide-kneed stance made it easy to access her wet seam, and even the swat he’d just delivered hadn’t made her legs close.
“Yes, Master,” she admitted, her voice a strangled sound which conveyed her very obvious misery on the subject. 
“Tell me, then,” he commanded as he smacked the area again. “Tell your Master what you like, you naughty little pet.”
Molly moaned at the instruction, her hips grinding against his legs as he gave the order. Her body language was more than clear; Molly wanted more. Much, much more.
“I like it when you spank my pussy, Master,” she panted, pushing her face into the fabric of the cushion as she made the concession.
Connor smiled to himself. That wasn’t a bad first effort, but she’d have to do much better than that if she wanted her pleasure. 

Author Bio and social links:

Felicity Brandon is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author.
She loves the darker side of romance, and writes sexy, suspenseful stories, with strong themes of bondage and submission.
You’ll find her either at her laptop, at the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music.

Find Felicity here: