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Shelly's brother is away fighting war, and asks his best friend Tony to look out for her while he's gone. That means Tony needs to be on his best behavior, and hands off for them both. But Tony is big, black and beautiful, and Shelly's had her eyes on the sexy ex-Marine for a long time.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Yes Ma'am!!

A collection of six arse spankingly, wrist binding, whip wielding tales of female domination, Yes Ma'am contains straight, lesbian and bi-sexual encounters of the S&M nature.

Lying in Wait - Cadet Luke Porter is the least successful army recruit in the squadron. The butt of his comrades jokes, his reputation badly needs improving, and he is desperate to do well in the seek and rescue exercise he’s about to embark upon. Some of his female counterparts however, have other plans, and are determined to find out just how far Luke will go to improve his standing within the regiment...

Black - He is intoxicated by the woman in black. He can't explain why he needs to see her, why he willing does precisely what she tells him to. Why she has such an effect on him, as she sits him in the backroom of a private club and weaves her web of control around him. He is beginning to think he has sold his soul to the devil herself...

Dear Claire - Ali has secretly lusted over her best friend’s lover Rick, for a long time. At least, she thought it was a secret. When her friend Claire asks her to take coffee into Rick as he lies in bed,  it appears that Claire has left Ali a gift wrapped present; her boyfriend, shackled, blindfolded, and ready for Ali to do whatever she likes with. Amazed by Claire’s generosity, Ali doesn’t know where to start, until she sees the neat sentence tattooed on Rick’s arse, ‘If I don’t obey my mistress, I will be punished.’

Don’t You Emma” - In a delicious corruption of Lee’s longed for fantasy, his lover Daisy arranges for them to share another woman. Rather than enjoying a full-on threesome however, Lee finds himself forced to sit and observe his partner perform all the chastisements she normally saves just for him upon a girl called Emma. A girl who, it seems, can withstand the punishments Daisy dishes out with far more self control than Lee has ever managed. Simply sitting in an armchair has never been so difficult...

Not Taking the Tube – Venting his frustration at being delayed yet again by London’s Underground system on the nearest official, the harassed businessman finds his complaints aren’t received in quite the way he’d expected. The petite guard upon whom he directs his anger has just about had enough of the constant string of complaints from the commuters she tries to help. Swiftly turning the tables on her latest assailant, she realises her own pent up anger quickly, sexily, and with the expert use of her surprised companion’s black leather belt...

Rachel’s Twisted Tale - Imprisoned in a bare room, high at the top of an old house, totally naked, her long golden plait wrapped around her body, Rachel waits. She waits for her mistress gaoler to punish her for being perfect. She waits for Tom, her secret lover, to climb in through the window and fuck her senseless. Rachel knows he could free her.  He could help her escape the agonies and humiliations she endures, but she doesn’t want saving. Rachel needs to stay. Rapunzel never suffered like this....

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"Each story in this anthology is brilliantly written, deliciously twisted and very, very erotic... get a copy of Yes Ma’am into your hot little hands and prepare for some seriously sexy stories that’ll blow your mind (and other places). Recommended." Erotica For All

"Take a walk on the wicked side with this collection of light BDSM stories... These stories are like little bursts of heat." - Coffee Time Romance

"Kay is a talented writer, with an easy and saucy style... If a little BDSM or power play gets you going, tuck in with Yes Ma’am." - For Books' Sake

"Overall, each of the six were very well written and professional – I enjoyed them all on some level. If you’re a fan of FemDom stories, I would recommend this collection on the strength of “Don’t You, Emma?” and particularly “Dear Claire” alone. Spanks for the memories!" - BDSM Book Reviews


Happy reading,

Kay xx

Kay Jaybee wrote The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat, Knowing Her Place, Xcite 2011-14), The Voyeur, (Xcite 2012), Making Him Wait (Sweetmeats, 2012), A Sticky Situation (Xcite, 2013), Digging Deep, (Xcite 2013), Not Her Type (1001 NightsPress, 2013),  The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012), and many other books and stories.

Details of all her other work can be found at 
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Friday, 20 March 2015

Genre Swinging! By Lily Harlem

Wow, that makes me sound like Tarzan flying through the trees! What I actually mean is that I’m a complete floozy when it comes to sticking to one genre in the world of writing erotic romance. I swing and slide and fling myself around them all! I’m completely unfaithful. I should have pampas grass growing in a tub by my laptop.

You see, beneath this wonderfully erotic and romantic umbrella there is just so much diversity to enjoy when you have a wild and dirty imagination like me. There’s the obvious sub-genres which are male and female plot lines, male, male and of course female, female. Then there is ménage a trois, or ménage a quatre (which I thoroughly enjoyed writing about in Candy Canes and Coal Dust) and beyond that there is so much more. BDSM, paranormal, biker stories, fantasy, sci-fi, stories set in foreign lands. I just can’t resist, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop, they all appeal. I want to taste and chew and rejoice in each and every one  in an authorly sense of course!

But I didn’t always feel like that. I remember going to a wonderfully glamorous occasion up in Lincoln with my publisher Totally Bound several years ago and sharing a glass of wine with a bunch of their M/M authors. At this point I hadn’t strayed from writing M/F sex scenes and plot lines and to be honest I couldn’t understand the draw of M/M, reading or writing it. Oh, how little I knew back then!

These authors were so animated, so passionate about their sub-genre that I was intrigued and as soon as I arrived home I downloaded some of their work. Oh, yeah, I was hooked. Hooked on reading it to start with and then I had a go at writing it. I absolutely LOVED writing it! Which might sound odd unless you’ve given it a go. Basically the dynamics of a love story are the same no matter what the gender but I really enjoyed all that testosterone and getting into the minds of men. I had to write dialogue how a bloke would speak, and think like one too. That was my biggest challenge. I’m a girly girl. I like pretty things and pink and I guess I wax lyrical a lot too in my everyday life. Men just don’t do that, so writing M/M requires a different author voice. Oh, and the other thing they do, they don’t bother with wining and dining, to be honest flirting is a minimum too. In M/M books it seems to me that the find each other, establish gayness, get down and dirty and then decide if they want a relationship. I’m sure that’s not true in real life, but this is fiction and that seems to be what the reading masses of M/M erotic romance want. And here is an interesting fact, the demographic for M/M readers is straight women in their forties and fifties. Why? I guess that’s another discussion!

I tried the opposite too F/F writing and enjoyed that as well. I then got to playing with ménage a trois and having the men into each other as well as fancying the female – wow that was fun! Then ménage a quatre with two men and two women all having a most excellent time.

And after all that, what’s left? Well, to be honest, there’s lots left. If I then take those pairings and triplings etc and throw them into BDSM novels, paranormal etc then the sky is the limit. There is just so much genre swinging to be had.

I love the fact that my ‘closed off’ feeling about trying M/M was fleeting as I now have a serial Caught on Camera. Part One is FREE from Totally Bound so don’t miss it if you fancy dipping your toe into the man love pond. Then if you enjoy it, check out the other. Yes, it’s rude, incredibly so, it’s also fun, but at the end of the day it’s a love story like all the others I write.

I’m going to make a confession now though, and that’s to say my favourite genre is good old Male/Female. Maybe it’s because I’m straight and have been with my man for two decades. The majority of my real life friends (I differentiate between friends in the village to my author and reader friends on line!) are in a similar situation. I think it’s for this reason I tend to have lots of M/F plots swirling around my head at any given time. Some are BDSM (That Filthy Book), some are bikers – like my new story Burning Rubber in the Wild Angels Anthology – and some just wild, unwholesome fun! (Harita and Escape to the Country).

I guess I’ll continue to be a genre butterfly because I just can’t resist a new call for submissions or a story that tugs my brain and demands attention. If you’d like to know more about me and my writing then please check out my website, follow my Blog and feel free to Friend me on Facebook where I’m usually hanging out talking all things sexy books and sharing some pretty hot pictures too!

Thanks for reading.

Lily x

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Just Desserts: Rissa Blakeley and Mariah Kingsley

JUST DESSERTS: A Collection of Bite-Sized Delights presented by

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories. These delights are as diverse as the authors who write them. It is my pleasure to reveal two of the more than twenty contributing authors to Just Desserts-debut, new, multi-published, award-winning and bestselling authors. ENJOY TODAY'S SPECIAL! Today, we feature two multi-published authors. Take a moment to get to know them.


A Little Taste of Naughty by Rissa Blakeley

A stand-alone erotic short story from The Shattered Lives Series
Paranormal, Romance, Erotic
#frosting, #sexinpublic, #wedding, #paranormal, #undead
  Elaina is sassy and full of attitude. Henry lives a life full of lies and deceit. Somehow, the two complement one another, especially when it comes to getting naughty with a slice of cake at a wedding reception.

Get to know Rissa

Rissa Blakeley is the author of the Shattered Lives series. She lives a socially awkward life just outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her amazing husband and daughter, four four-legged, furry children, and the many characters poking her brain, looking for more scenes about them in her books. When she isn't writing, she can be found procrastinating on Facebook.

This sexiest food is:

My husband and I both have a serious sweet tooth. So anything of that nature can turn into a little fun.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

- I'm nervous to meet new people and, at times, avoid social situations because of that. - I don't really enjoy shopping for myself. I tend to find items for other people instead. - I don't like my food touching. - I'd much rather spend a night at home with my husband versus going out on a date. - I generally live a very quiet, uneventful life, spending time with my family and with my work.

The sexiest place in the world is:

I haven't traveled much, but I've always a desire to enjoy alone time with my husband on a private island.

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Other Works by Rissa - Click cover to see listing



Sugar and Spice by Mariah Kingsley

Stand-alone Erotic Short-Story
Erotic Romance
#sugarandspice, #giovannischocolate, #laylassugar #giovannisspice, #alphamale  
Layla will do anything to make her father happy, even marry Jimmy a man that she doesn't love. She thinks she can go through with the marriage, even if it means a lifetime of boring sex and monotony. Until she meets Giovanni, the owner of Sugar and Spice Bakery. Giovanna's eyes never leave Layla the night she comes in for a sample of his world famous chocolate. As her eyes roll back in pure delight, he has a new goal in life--make Layla scream in the middle of Spice, his luxury sex club.

Get to know Mariah

A stay at home mom by day and writer by night. Mariah's a mother of three crazy kids and a amazing angel. She loves to read and write books of all kinds and decided to write down some of her crazy stories. She resides in the great state of Texas and enjoys her crazy life with her wonderful husband.

The sexiest food is:

My husband feeds me grapes by hand and that is so sexy.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

  • I have a closet full of shoes, but I hate to wear them. I like to be barefooted.
  • I am the baby of nine.
  • I read two books a day.
  • I have a short temper.
  • I love porn.

Sexiest place on earth is:

I like being watched so wherever there is an audience.

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Other Works by Mariah - Click cover to see listing


Friday, 13 March 2015

Breathe You In - OUT TODAY!

My novel Breathe You In has been re-launched by my publisher Totally Bound and includes a whole new chapter!


Soul-aching desire was only the first layer of emotion around a secret I had to keep for all of time.

If the road to heaven starts in hell, then I was ready to start climbing my way out and Ruben Strong was the man to accompany me. With his devastating good looks, seductively sexy charm and lust for adrenaline, he was sure to make it a sensual and erotic experience as well as one to re-awake the passionate, throw-caution-to-the-wind woman I’d once been.

I’d given Ruben something, though, without him realizing, and that gift had come from the man I’d loved before. But I couldn’t tell Ruben. I had to keep that a tight secret even on the nights our naked bodies wound together, sought out pleasure and hit the dizzy heights of ecstasy—because Ruben had my husband’s heart, literally, and that heart was still in love with me, so it seemed, and now I was in love with Ruben.

Emotions tangled with bliss and fears were locked away as I surrendered to the touch of Ruben’s hands, the taste of his skin and the sounds of his pleasure. I couldn’t deny that Ruben had brought me back to life the same way I had him, and there was no way I was giving up that feeling, not for anyone.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously self-published. It has been expanded, revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing. 

Available from Totally Bound and all good ebook retailers

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FREE- The Perfect Submissive Trilogy!!!

Per Sub -Free Kindle Books ad

I have written over 100 erotica stories over the last ten years. From pieces of flash fiction, to short stories, novellas, novels and a trilogy, I have done pretty much everything you can think of to my hundreds of characters, in a huge variety of places, with the assistance of a massive range of equipment- usually fashioned from everyday objects.

Of all my twisted plotlines, those that weave together to make up The Perfect Submissive Series, are amongst my favourites- and so I was delighted when Xcite asked me to write a novella length addition to the original trilogy- The New Room.

To celebrate this new release you can get the entire The Perfect Submissive Trilogy Boxed Set for FREE until 15th March (until lunchtime)!!! So why not snap it up, and then treat yourself to a trip into The New Room afterwards!

Per Sub Box set

(The novels The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat, and Knowing Her Place can all be purchased separately in paperback or as e-books as well as together in the e-boxed set)

Blurb- The Perfect Submissive Boxed Set

Hidden behind the Fables Hotel’s respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait; ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests. When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotel’s exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders, she instantly recognises the young woman’s potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff. All it will take is a little education. Under the tutelage of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess learns to cope with her unexpected training schedule, the increasingly erotic chill she experiences each time she survives a new level of correction, and a truly sexy exercise routine. Temporarily distracted from her intimidating rule over Fable’s top floor by enigmatic artist, Sam Wheeler, Mrs Peters plans how she can secure his obedient assistance, in moulding Jess into the perfect submissive…
No sooner had Jess Sanders accepted and embraced her role as submissive however, that Mrs Peters, informs her, and Miss Sarah, that they have been loaned to The Retreat, hidden away in the remote glens of Scotland. Suddenly, Jess finds herself caught in an erotically mind- bending, fairytale experience at the hands of the cruel David Proctor, and his staff.
Desperate to leave The Retreat, and return to her submissive position at Fables Hotel, Jess finds herself trapped and collared by Proctor, who wants to keep her for himself. Wearing a collar of obedience to  master she despise, Jess is informed by Proctor, that if she wants to see Mrs Peters, Miss Sarah, and the Fables hotel again, and have the hated collar removed, she will have to go on a very specialised quest.
With a list of five unknown addresses in her hand, the submissive is placed in a car and driven from The Retreat towards England.
With no idea what or who awaits her at each stop, all Miss Jess Sanders can hope for is that her journey will eventually take her back to the Fables Hotel, where she truly knows her place…


If you would like to pick up your FREE copy of The Perfect Submissive Boxed Set, you can find it here…

Happy reading everyone,
Kay xx


Kay Jaybee has written The Perfect Submissive Trilogy, (The Perfect Submissive, The Retreat, Knowing Her Place, Xcite 2011-14), The Voyeur, (Xcite 2012), Making Him Wait (Sweetmeats, 2012), A Sticky Situation (Xcite, 2013), Digging Deep, (Xcite 2013), Not Her Type (1001 NightsPress, 2013), The Collector (Austin & Macauley, 2012), and many other erotic stories.

Details of all her other work can be found at 

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New 5* Review for Lily Harlem's In Expert Hands

In Expert Hands has just received a great 5* review from A Reader's Review Blog...

In Expert Hands is the first book that I have read by Lily Harlem and the author is certainly at the top of her game when it comes to crafting an erotic romance bursting with sexual tension and deliciously smoking hot scenes. The relationship between Imogen and Kane is a joy to read. Although there are plenty of scenes which will satisfy those (like myself) who are partial to reading kink, I loved that the novel is above all a romantic one which explores if two strong minded individuals can possibly come together when their worlds are so far apart. Read more...

In Expert Hands is exclusive to Amazon worldwide.

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Available 3/25

Just sent the finished script off to my editor. Here's a little teaser of my up-coming interracial romance.

unedited - Tony's POV

Tony released a harsh breath and leaned his forehead against the door. She knew he hated his full name. “I swear to God, if you don’t open this fucking door—” He heard the click that indicated Shelly had unlocked it, but he knew she wouldn’t open it, she was just that stubborn.

By the time he opened the door, Shelly was walking away from him. Tony’s gaze automatically fell to her ass, admiring the way the soft roundness filled out the sweats she was wearing. Shit, don’t go there, man. She’s off limits. He closed and locked the door.

“See?” Shelly tossed over her shoulder, the wild waterfall of her thick, auburn curls bouncing with the movement of her head. God, she had great hair. “I’m okay.”

Tony could tell by her tone that she wasn’t. He caught up to her and reached for her arm. “No, you’re not.” He forced her around to face him, his gaze dropping to what she had in her hands. “Oh hell no, you’re not doing this.” He reached for the quart of ice cream, noticing that it was half gone. “You’ll regret this in the morning.”

“How do you know?” Shelly asked, as they as they went back and forth, each trying to take control of the container.

“Because I know you.” It was true. Tony and her brother Steve had grown up as best friends, and had spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. Shelly was only a three years younger than them, but she’d always seemed to be around when he was at their home. Over the years he’d seen a lot, including that she always seemed to pick the wrong men.

“You think you know me, but what you don’t know would surprise you.” She finally gave up and let him take the ice cream away from her. For a moment they stood silently staring at one another.

In that quiet moment Tony let himself take in all of Shelly. He’d first met her when she was a cute, chubby ten-year-old. Over the years that baby-fat had redistributed into one sexy, curvy woman that took his breath away, and tested his libido. It was getting harder and harder to keep his attraction for her a secret, like right now, when all he wanted to do was kiss those soft, full lips pouting up at him. But that wasn’t all Tony wanted to do to Shelly, and that was the problem.

In the face of her quiet anger he picked up the spoon and took a big bite of the ice cream, hoping to take his mind off Shelly as a desirable woman and get it back on track that she was his best friend’s little sister, and therefore hands off.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Just Desserts: Persephone Jones and Felicity Kates

JUST DESSERTS: A Collection of Bite-Sized Delights presented by

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories. These delights are as diverse as the authors who write them. It is my pleasure to reveal two of the more than twenty contributing authors to Just Desserts-debut, new, multi-published, award-winning and bestselling authors. ENJOY TODAY'S SPECIAL! Today, we feature one new and award-winning, multi-published author. Take a moment to get to know them.

Cherry Tart by Persephone Jones

A stand-alone erotic short story
contemporary erotic romance
#erotic, #dessert, #cherry, #tart, #contemporary, #anthology, #short story
  Divorced Cherry Hartley has an embarrassment of riches. A beautiful house, a flourishing business and not one but two gorgeous men living across the street from her. Both of whom keep sending her unmistakable come-hither looks. She could pick bad boy Bryce, whose reputation in bed precedes him. Or she could choose newly arrived good guy, Gavin. Lucky for Cherry, Gavin has a sweet tooth. She knows exactly how she'd like to welcome the handsome young architect to the neighborhood...with a yummy homemade cherry tart.

Get to know Persephone

Persephone Jones lives in the piney woods of east Texas with her computer geek husband, two dogs and one cat. The only child of divorced parents, she learned early on to entertain herself by inventing imaginary worlds where the dragons are tame and the damsels don’t stress. She spends most of her time reading, writing, and listening to those pesky muses. Apparently they like horror movies, eighties music and Tex-Mex. Unfortunately muses don’t do housework. But always just in the nick of time they swoop in and rescue her with a hunky hero, a smartass heroine and a happy ending. Her works in include contributions in two award-winning anthologies, His and Alpha's Claim.

This sexiest food is:

Dessert of course! Got to save the best for last.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

1. I love horror movies. I’m a hardcore horror film addict. 2. I love iced tea like most people like coffee. 3. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of music and very eclectic tastes. 4. I have a fear of heights. 5. I’m left-handed. As a child, I wrote my letters backwards.

The sexiest place in the world is:

I'm a bit of a homebody and feel most comfortable at home. So, probably the bedroom!

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Super-Sex Me - Felicity Kates

Stand-alone Erotic Short-Story from the Little Miss Kick-Ass series
erotic romance, paranormal, superhero, cosplay, nerdrotica
#erotic, #romance, #Sexy, #food, #superhero, #cosplay, #PNR, #OneNightStand, #Fika, #Fetish, #hotread
Astrid Bitten isn’t smitten. All she wants is a night of sexual adventure to bring some excitement to her lonely life. When she meets the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen at a Fan Expo convention, she jumps at the chance to explore what lies beneath the stretchy spandex of his superhero suit. But is she ready to discover the truth of her secret cravings? Race Lindstrom wants a second chance. At life, at love, at using the gods-given talents he’s been born with for good rather than evil. When he spies the golden-haired goddess across a crowded room, he knows he’ll never let her go. But second chances don’t come easy. He’ll have to satisfy her deepest hunger if he wants to make her his forever.

Get to know Felicity

Felicity Kates is a mild-mannered manager by day. At night, she trades in her sensible shoes for stilettos and lets her imagination run wild. Felicity enjoys writing fun, flirty fantasies that combine geek humor with strong characters who have super-sexy desires. She lives off of coffee and dreams and loves to go for walks along the shores of Lake Ontario taking pictures of whatever catches her eye. A romantic at heart, Felicity and is a firm believer in shopping therapy to warm up the cold Canadian winters, but can most often be found enjoying the quiet company of her husband and son, whom she loves very, very much.

The sexiest food is:

Whipped cream. It tastes like heaven and it comes in a can, so you can spray dirty words on your partner and then have fun licking them off again.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

  • 1) I worked in an animation studio in Toronto for several years, creating kids TV shows. 2) I have no tattoos or piercings, not even pierced ears. 3) I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy and didn't read my first romance novel until I was 25. 4) Johnny Depp and I go way back, but Luke Skywalker was my first crush. 5) I have a fear of heights and would rather take a 3 day train trip than a four hour flight.

Sexiest place on earth is:

The igloo village hotel in Iceland. The domes are made of special glass that resist frost, so you can make love under the northern lights while keeping warm and toasty in the middle of winter.

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Other Works by Felicity - Click cover to see listing



Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just Desserts: S.J. Maylee and Rosemary Rey

JUST DESSERTS: A Collection of Bite-Sized Delights presented by

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories. These delights are as diverse as the authors who write them. It is my pleasure to reveal two of the more than twenty contributing authors to Just Desserts-debut, new, multi-published, award-winning and bestselling authors. ENJOY TODAY'S SPECIAL! Today, we feature two multi-published authors. Take a moment to get to know them.

Common Grounds by S.J. Maylee

A stand-alone erotic short story
erotic romance
#erotic, #eroticromance, #BDSM, #romance, #coffeelove, #sweettreat, #buttercream,
  While Kate Sanderson mixes batter and pumps buttercream inside her tasty creations at the West Egg restaurant, she dreams about two things, owning a bakery of her own and finding a man capable of satisfying her every desire. Mark Larosa designs little masterpieces daily at his tiny barista station at the local Star Coffee and he tailors each to the customer. The only cup he can’t seem to get right is for the sassy baker, Kate. He’s determined to give her what she really wants. When a new building goes up across the street, the pair trip over each other trying to grab the last unit before a chain restaurant claims their dream. To get what they crave, they might have to work together and find the elusive common ground.

Get to know S.J.

S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time. When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict. As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.

This sexiest food is:

Classic Whipped Cream is damn sexy. It's sexy going on and sexy coming off.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

1. I love to garden. 2. I didn't always want to write. My love for romance came first. 3. I love to cook and eat all kinds of things, now. I started out as the pickiest eater. 4. I'm totally afraid of spiders. 5. I've been crowned Miss Dance of Michigan

The sexiest place in the world is:

Sex on the beach. Yes, even the shower after to wash away all that sand would be crazy sexy.

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Always the Last One by Rosemary Rey

Stand-alone Erotic Short-Story
Erotic Romance
#handsomeactor, #curvygal, #inlovewithbestfriend, #noncommitalAlphamale, #Domsub, #lonelygal, #cantgivehimup, #cantleaveheralone, 
When writer Elyce Fielding last saw Griffin Belanger for their last sexual tryst, Elyce had an epiphany that she could no longer continue having a "no strings attached" relationship with Griffin, who was her best friend in college. The curvy, young woman could no longer live in the background of the handsome actor who was in the city for his film premiere. Elyce had tried everything to forget about his presence in Boston by getting her favorite take-out and raided her small studio apartment for a sweet treat. When Griffin calls in the middle of the night, can Elyce deny him the very thing which kept them connected all the years since graduating from college?

Get to know Rosemary

After years of making little money as a public interest lawyer, Rosemary Rey left practice to make her fantasies come alive on the page. She writes in the Midwest while her three children spend time at school then arrive home to play video games on their Kindles, as her husband looks over forlornly at her typing in front of the blue screen. Rosemary has been reading books for pleasure all her life and started writing short stories for her own pleasure since the age of ten-years-old. After months of thinking about writing a novel, Rosemary self published her first book as a 'before I hit 40' goal. Rebound was conceived in January of 2014, after she couldn't stop thinking about the characters swirling in her head. In order to justify writing Erotic Suspense instead of her legal practice, Rosemary incorporated legal concepts in her series, so she could tell her loved ones that her active license is still put to good use, but should NEVER be used as legal advice.

The sexiest food is:

Sexiest food are chocolate covered strawberries being fed to one another.

Five things you'd be surprised to know about me:

1. I can make my own lace weight yarn to knit shawls with a spinning wheel. 2. I am an intermediate photographer who goes on walks to take shots of anything and everything I see. 3. I filled out my application for the FBI when I was 19-years-old and held it for two years until my loved ones individually intervened and changed my course. 4. I failed the NY bar exam 2 times like JFK Jr., and I'm okay with that. 5. I was on Sesame Street as a kid.

Sexiest place on earth is:

On a private island or beach in the Caribbean, overlooking the sunset, because I live in the Midwest and it's cold 80% of the time.

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