Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spanking teaser from Wicked Teacher

So I felt like being a little naughty today - and decided to tease you all with the start of a spanking scene in my recent short story - Wicked Teacher. Eva and Aiden have a very hot, extremely wicked time together - and the scene where Aiden spanks the naughty Eva is one of my favourites.

Here's a quick exerpt:

* * * * *

A part of him wished he had been born in a different era. A few slim, red cane marks over the backs of these pretty legs would look delightful. Or maybe he would have used a hard wooden flogger, or smaller paddle.

Aiden grew hard just at the thought of the way Eva would moan and buck under the corporal—but highly sensual—punishment. She would wriggle and try to get away from him, her body twisting and heaving in a painful mockery of a far more enticing and sexual act.

Aiden felt his cock twitch again, both at the thoughts he entertained as well as the warm, sinuous feel of the girl spread out over his lap. Lifting his fingers, he traced a delicate pattern over her skin. He stroked the pads of his digits over her softness, but stopped just shy of her panties.

“You’re wet, my little slut,” Aiden crooned. He was delighted by the discovery of her copious cream. The aroma of her feminine musk was delicious, but it was the slick juices that coated Eva’s upper thighs that really turned him on.

The searing heat of her cunt beckoned to him, radiating so he could feel it on his fingers from the tops of her thighs. Aiden drew in a deep breath to resist the overwhelming impulse to spread her legs wide open and bury his face between her lower lips. His mouth watered. He ached to lap his tongue over the curve of her pussy and taste her cream.

Eva moaned, but did not articulate a response to his words. She wriggled beguilingly on his lap, appearing torn between seeking more pleasure and trying to escape the further pain which she must know would be coming. Aiden drew out the moment and avidly watched her body writhe. Eva finally turned her head so she could look up at him with those large eyes.

Her curls fell forward to cover her gaze. She raised a hand to pull the liberated strands of hair behind one ear before turning her head in his direction. Aiden became lost in her chocolate-brown gaze. Eva pleaded silently with him, but he couldn’t decide if she was aching to be fucked, or whether she was begging for him not to spank her too ferociously. Either way it really didn’t matter—he was going to do both.

“You’re lucky I don’t keep a flogger here, my beautiful slut,” he rumbled. “I think red marks on this beautiful, perfect skin of yours would enhance the seductiveness of your ass. For this afternoon, at least, it is not to be.”

Eva groaned and appeared on the verge of saying something, but Aiden didn’t give her the chance. With a quick flick of his wrist he flipped her skirt over her butt to gather around her waist. As expected he found her ass primly covered by a pair of white cotton panties.

Another quick motion, with both hands this time, and he’d hooked his fingers into the waistband of her underwear. Aiden dragged Eva’s panties down over her cheeks and left them bunched around her thighs. He watched as she squirmed, her luscious, naked ass undulating in the cool air.

“Oh!” she cried out.

Aiden smirked. With her head still turned towards him, he knew Eva couldn’t help but notice his joy at her sexy writhing.

With a sharp movement he brought his open palm down onto her round cheeks, and a loud slap filled the air. As he lifted his hand he noticed with deep satisfaction the red mark his palm had left on her pale skin. Pleasure welled within him.

* * * * *

You can click the cover above to purchase this short stroy from TEB, or follow the links to this and my other books over on my website: ... Hope I've added a little naughty spice into everyone's day :)



  1. I'm not sure what it was Eva wanted either, but if she wanted him, she's clearly got him. Great snippet, Elizabeth. Although you did cheat on the length a bit. All the same, I enjoyed it.

  2. Wow! I haven't even had my coffee yet...

  3. Thank you ladies for the praise! And yes, Kathryn, I did cheat a little - it's more an extract than teaser. But once I started I kept on thinking "I'll show them just a little more" and then "a little more," and .... well.... here we are ;)

  4. Whoa! Super sexy excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

    Is it hot in here? I'm going to open a window to let the steam out.

  5. Wow! Great build up! Love it.

  6. Thank you so much, Normandie, Katherine and Jade! Love hearing such positive feedback <3


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