Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Urband Seductions #5 - Seductive Tracks

I love the concept of how there’s almost always more to anyone (or any situation) than initially meets the eye. We all know the “common” labels thrown around all the time: mother, son, lover, friend, co-worker. But even the more exotic labels hardly scratch the surface of any given person or tale: erotic author, belly dancer, vibrator collector, dirty story aficionado.
I’m not just talking about those deep, dark, dirty secrets – but even ordinary things. When people ask you what you do for a living there’s a big difference between saying “I’m an accountant” and saying “I travel to clients (frequently interstate) to help train their book-keepers on the new tax laws, showing them the loopholes and helping them impress their bosses with all the savings they can give to the company.” Or how about the difference between: “I’m a nurse” and “I’ve worked in most of the hospital sections, and let me tell you what I encountered the other day in Accident and Emergency…”  Btw - go check out the lovely Lily Harlem’s Naughty Night Nurse if you want the full dish on the rest of that particular story ;)
My point being, there’s nothing as a person and a writer that I love more than knowing the full story behind those seemingly normal, bland and uninteresting façades we all seem to portray.
In my new release, Seductive Tracks, Matthias falls headlong into a mystery just like that. Kelli Robbins appears the quintessential boring witch. She works in the Archives – musty old tomes and file after file of ancient paperwork. When he scratches the surface, however, there’s a wealth of knowledge, sexy shenanigans and all kinds of enticing twists in store for them both. Security breaches, thieves, uncovering drug rings and of course – plenty of sizzling hot sex!
Seductive Tracks is the fifth book in my Urban Seduction series over at Ellora’s Cave. While it’s not necessary to read them in order – the Underground, Magical world of Chicago gets explored in more depth and many of the secondary characters have plenty of action of their own. In order they are: Retrieving Love, Retrieving Desire, Enforcer Seduced, Enforcer Ensnared.
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