Tuesday, 21 June 2016

New Release All That We Are by Holly J. Gill

New Release

He's a writer.
she's a promoter.
Can she trust him?

#adult #romance #sexy


Holly knows that sitting behind her computer isn’t going to bring one of her romance heroes to life. And despite her matchmaking friend’s attempts, she’s still lonely, looking for her Mr. Perfect. Fairytales happen, right?

 As a bestselling author, Ashton Noir doesn’t need anyone or anything in his life other than his imagination. That is until he comes across Holly’s Promotional Services’ website. Further exposure for his books can’t hurt.
 Communicating through the Internet and then phone calls, professional interests turn personal. Realising they lack trust and confidence in different ways, can they have a future as a couple? Or are their dreams forever going to be their safe haven?

Hot Excerpt
I take slow steps toward her. The room, heated by the sun’s rays, gives a warming glow. I stop behind the couch to remove my jacket, undo my cufflinks, and slowly roll my sleeves up to my elbows. I can hear her breathing, watch her bobbling her head up and down nervously, but she has no reason to be.

I move around the couch to stand before her and look down on her weak, defenseless body. Her breasts luscious and swollen. 

I move slowly around to her back, further teasing her. Her body is so beautiful, a size twelve, her bottom perky. I crave to smack that ass and hear her grunt or scream, whichever suits her. I bet she’ll wail wonderfully under my masterful demands. Her bottom tightens making my cock pulse. My breath catches when she turns her head to the side, aware of my location.

I drop to my knees, positioning myself close behind her. I mould her to my chest. I move my nose closer to her shoulder, smelling her fragrance of delicate petals. I inhale a deep breath. God, she smells divine. I move in closer to her shoulder and hear her breath hitch and feel her body still.

I move my mouth to her ear. “Relax…you are the most exquisite female I have ever come across, and you are mine!” My desire clear in my voice. I have to make her see how much I need her. I have to make her understand that somehow she’s grabbed my heart, forcing me into a position of hunger.

I breathe heavy on her neck, luring her into my trap. My beautiful Holly tilts her head to the side, giving me access. Her breath comes out sharp, but I have no choice. I cannot control my burn. I kiss her softly, placing my lips to her shoulder as her mouth opens on a gasp. Inhaling a deep breath, I release it slowly, licking her neck, then follow with a teasing blow. Again she quakes under my touch.

“You are mine. Tell me what you want,” I whisper in her ear watching her chest lift and push her scrumptious boobs out. How I crave to place my hands around her perfectly shaped breasts and add gentle caresses. Her nipples are erect, and I sense her pussy dripping with her tangy juices.

“I want you!” she answers, clearly exasperated.

“To what?” I encourage her, needing her permission.

“To touch me,” she breathes.

“Where?” I wrap my arms around her waist as she jiggles her boobs shining in the sun’s rays. With my cock rock hard, I move closer to her, rubbing my groin on her bottom, wanting her to feel what she has done to me.

I inch closer, pushing my hardened member into the crease of her bottom, our bodies spooning perfectly. Holly gasps as she feels my strain. I wrap my arms around her waist, allowing my hands to rest on her tummy. I really want one hand kneading her breasts and the other tormenting her womanhood.

“All over,” she faintly spoke.

Resting my mouth on her neck, I tenderly kiss her, moving delicately to her ear. I want impact, reaction. I breathe heavy, sending an erotic message to her aroused body. Her skin trembles and goose bumps form. Her lips part under my demand. I start to tease her using my fingertips, touching her around her tummy. “Here?”


I kiss her neck.

I move my hand up her body between her cleavage and poke. “Here?”

“Yes,” she pants.

I slide my other hand around to her bottom and poke. “Here?”

“Yes.” Her chest stills as her breath catches.

I bring my hands to her upper arms, dancing my fingernails over her skin, manipulating her senses, while her hips gyrate in time to my contact. I inhale her, feel her pulse, her pelvis, aware she’s turned on by her movements and the wetness of her panties.

“Do you crave me, Holly?” I whisper.


I place my hands on her waist, gliding my fingertips up and down, watching as her breasts heave with each breath. I slide my fingertips toward her womanhood, and her breath ceases. God, I want you Holly! I want to touch her intimate area, but I can’t, not yet, not like this…I have to wait and savor and do what is right for me and her.

Her back arches, thrusting her breasts out. I focus intently on her boobs, eager to fondle, break the rules. I just need to stroke them… No, Dean, no! My mind argues with my body. If only Holly knew how close I am to giving in.

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