Friday, 17 May 2019


Prepare for high drama and intense heat!

When nights are long and the shadows crawl, be seduced by souls from other worlds. Allow vampires into your dreams, dare to run with shifters, and fall in love with creatures whose charm and desires know no bounds.

DARKEST NIGHT is a collection of Lily Harlem's paranormal stories that will keep you reading way past your bedtime.

Contains BITE MARK (MFM) and CLAW MARK (MMF) a suspenseful ménage a trois duo with vampires and shifters, HIS VAMPIRE HAREM an all-male harem story which will transport you to Paris and London, TAKE ME (MF), who will be the hero--vampire or shifter? And KANGORILLA (MM), part of a set of four stories to whet your appetite for SPLICED, a shifter experimental program with far-reaching consequences.

*Please note all of these books are available to read as individual titles on Amazon. Also on Kindle Unlimited.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Saturday, 4 May 2019

THE BOYS - Cover Reveal

THE BOYS is coming soon with a beautiful cover from STUDIOENP.


The Boys is the spin-off novel from Lily Harlem's popular reverse harem series THE CHALLENGE - available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Even paradise comes with challenges.

For Olivia and her husbands life is good. Five years on from becoming her harem the men are happy and love abounds. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t obstacles to overcome. With five children, long kept secrets, hidden desires and a sprawling Australian sheep station to care for there’s always going to be complications.

But these are not people who shrink from what their hearts need. They’ll also fight for what they believe in, and stick together with a fierce loyalty that cannot be broken.

Read THE BOYS after you’ve enjoyed the entire series THE CHALLENGE and find out from Raul, Evan, Mason, Harry and Lucas how their unconventional marriage to Olivia is faring.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

New Release!


He can't resist her.
She can't refuse him.
Lies will rip them apart.

As enforcer of the Desert Rebels Cole's job is to protect his MC. A favor for a friend has them taking in a young woman they think is trying to get away from a crazy ex. Turns out she's lying. When the truth comes out, so does trouble to the club. Cole wants Raven, but will their insane attraction to one another be enough to overcome the deception and give them a chance at happiness?

Excerpt -
Heart pounding, I panted breathlessly, "Cole! I'm-I'm not who you th-think I am!" I scraped his scalp with my nails, bowing sharply beneath his mouth. Oh, sweet Jesus he was going to kill me with pleasure!

Breathing hard, he pulled his mouth off my nipple and looked up at me with surprising clarity in his eyes, his dark expression stamped with raw arousal. "I know exactly who you are," he grated hoarsely. "I've known since I pulled you beneath me."

What? I took a second to process what he'd said, or at least try. I was so turned on it felt as if I was on some life-altering drug, and I was kind of, I was high on Cole. "We-We can't do this," I whispered, asking myself why we couldn't at the same time.

His grin was pure sex. "Looks like we are."

"But-you thought I was someone else," I reminded him. "What about her?"

He released a frustrated breath. "Can we talk about this later? I'm right in the middle of something."

I was not going to be a convenient fill-in for someone else. No matter how turned on I was. No matter how hot Cole was. "Listen, jerk, when a man makes love to me I'd at least like to know that he knows it's me."

His body vibrated with laughter against me. "I don't make love, baby. I fuck."

Well, that was just wrong, and his flippant attitude pissed me off. "Well then find someone else to fuck," I hissed, trying to wiggle out from under him. Cole was a big man, and he was heavy. Bumping my hips to get him to move wasn't my brightest move. All it did was reveal how freaking huge and hard his cock was. He grunted and dropped his head back onto my breasts. I began to wiggle wildly.

Mostly afraid of myself.

"Get off!"

"Jesus wait a fucking minute, will you," he growled as if in pain, pressing my body down to hold me still.

I stilled. "I'll give you ten seconds."

His mouth was against my breast and the feel of his smile caused a shiver to ripple through my body.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Cover Lovin'! Coming Soon - SWAP - by H K Carlton - Cover Design by @thestudioenp

I'm so excited to unveil the new cover for the re-release of SWAP!

A huge Thank You to the brilliant Emmy Ellis of Studioenp for another exquisite cover!

Gorgeous! Right!!
Thanks, Emmy 💗

About the Book

One woman's mad crush on her brother-in-law spirals into a red-hot affair

Hailey Hollinger has it all—a great husband, a fantastic career in journalism, good friends…and one hot brother-in-law who won’t stay out of her fantasies.

When Hailey was sixteen she thought her boyfriend, Brent, was the best-looking guy around. That was until he introduced her to his older brother, Mike. From that moment on she had the biggest crush on him and he became the star of all her teenage fantasies.

Hailey’s all grown up now and has been married to Brent for three years. They have great careers, a nice house—they enjoy life and each other. Everything is supposed to be perfect. Except that pesky little infatuation with her husband’s brother has never completely gone away. A crush, by nature and definition, is supposed to be short-lived and should diminish over time. But, unfortunately for Hailey, it hasn’t, and it’s beginning to mess with what she thinks should be perfection. And, if her life is so great, why does she then find herself groping her brother-in-law in the cab of his truck like some sex-starved teenager? Or the more pressing question yet—why is he groping her right back?

Author Note: This erotic story has been published previously. It is written in first person, and contains cheating/adulterous themes

Watch for the re-release of SWAP around May 12 — if not sooner 😉

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Pre-Order Alert: Written on Skin- Sigil Fire Series #2 by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #lgbt #lesfic #urbanfantasy #shifters #witches @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

Written on Skin_Full Size

New from USA Today Bestselling author Erzabet Bishop!

Written on Skin- Sigil Fire Series Book Two

Release date: May 21, 2019 ~ Pre-order Now!

  Magic and mystery come to life when humans encounter the secrets of Forbidden Ink. When a blood-for-ink trade gives Genevieve more than she bargained for, her world gets upended. A visit to Cirque Nocturne to blow off some steam is intended to give her the distraction she needs, but this tattooed beauty finds more waiting for her in the shadows than she could ever have hoped for.

  The shadow world of Cirque Nocturne is not always what it seems. Maliah is a phoenix shifter, bound to Cirque Nocturne by blood and an unbreakable vow. But when the shadows reveal a darkness more beautiful than she has ever seen, she must decide whether there is room in her heart for the one thing that could make her whole or break her completely. #lbgt #urbanfantasy #witches #vampires #tattoo #shadows #magic #cirquenocturne #lesfic #phoenix #shifter #beautifuldarkness #wolf #sigilfireseries

 Pre-order now!

 Amazon US: 

Sunday, 21 April 2019

99 Cents for a Limited Time: Surrendering to Her Mate #1 Amazon Bestseller #pnr @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

#1 Bestseller on Amazon!

#99cents for a limited time!

*All Books can be read standalone*

Bunny shifter Clover is running from her past when she finds a waitressing job at a BDSM club. But she doesn’t expect gorgeous panther shifter Richard to pounce into her life… Can he teach her the true meaning of passion and surrender? A steamy paranormal romance!

#shifters #romance #steamy #paranormal #romance #booksale #werecat #werewolves #paranormalromance #pnrlovers #series #erzabetbishop #shifterlove


Friday, 19 April 2019

Now Available: Tormenting Her Mate-My Wicked Mates #3 by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifter #romance @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

Available now!

A fox among wolves.

Wanting him had to be a sin…
He saved her from the darkness, but by then she could never go back to the light. His eyes haunted her. When Astrid is given the choice to offer up her body for one month in exchange for her brother’s life, she doesn’t even hesitate. It’s dangerous, this dance, and she can’t look away. He could snap her in two with one bite of his jaws but she couldn’t help falling into his trap. Astrid just hopes she can survive it.

She was his.
Astrid stood there trembling in the dark, wounded, and that’s when Marcus knew he had to have her. A fox among his wolves. He would protect her, from their families and even from himself. But when fate handed her back to him on a silver platter, he couldn’t let her go. Her place was in his bed. All he had to do was survive a pack war long enough to keep her.

#shifters #paranormal #romance #steamy #mob #crime #fox #wolf #paranormalromance #pnrlovers #shifterlove

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Wild, Dark Passion! Re-Release of DARK WARRIOR by Lily Harlem

While some passions live on the surface, others—wilder, darker passions—have to be kept buried deep. 

Dr. Leo Rotherham is following his calling by working in rural Kenya for the charity Medics On Hand. While he expected a primitive way of life and limited medical supplies, what he doesn’t bargain on is falling for handsome village warrior, Malik. 

Malik is well respected, knowledgeable and loyal to his tribe. He’s also beautiful, brave, modern and, much to Leo’s dismay, married—isn’t he? 

No, it turns out Malik is as free as the animals that roam the African plains at night. Soon the tension is building between the two men and Leo isn’t sure if he’s coming or going. Whenever he’s around Malik he can’t help but notice the reflected look of lust in his eyes and feel the longing sizzling between them. 
Malik stands too close, not close enough.

Forbidden attraction simmers between them and the need grows to dizzying heights. But dare they admit to each other what it is they want? And are they brave enough to act on their desires and be honest about their lust? One thing is for sure, a passion this big, this powerful, can’t be contained and it’s all going to explode in the most spectacular of ways. 

*Please note, DARK WARRIOR was previously published with different cover art*