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New from E.D. Parr - Dear Heart - #gay #paranormal #romance

Thank you for inviting me to your blog with my new release gay romance from Evernight Publishing, Dear Heart.

This will make you smile.

I wrote Dear Heart for my guardian angel, because he’s worked overtime all my life so far.


Aiden Flint goes on vacation with three friends to Pamplona, Spain. Seeking excitement, they will run with the bulls in the festival of St. Fermin. As the four friends enjoy the nightlife, they notice an attractive man watching Aiden in the bars they visit. In the warmth and heady atmosphere of the exotic city, Aiden takes a chance and approaches the handsome man.

Enigmatic Santiago Arista is sexy, kind, desperate for love, and achingly lonely. He’s just about given up on finding love, until one warm, summer night, sitting alone in a bar, he sees gorgeous Aiden. He’s elated when Aiden joins him at his table.

Deep attraction swirls between them. At the end of the night when they share a kiss, Aiden can’t believe the bliss that enfolds him, but have both men found someone to love just when fate is about to throw Aiden into mortal danger?


On the narrow sidewalk, when they’d left the bright lights of the bars behind, Santiago took Aiden’s hand.

Excitement rocketed through Aiden. He took a deep breath, and on a dimly lit side street, he turned to Santiago and dragged him close. He molded the length of his body to Santiago’s, breathing close to the gorgeous man’s lips. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

Santiago responded.

The gentle merge of his lips with Aiden’s sent wonderful melting sensations through Aiden’s body. He clung to Santiago, taking kiss after kiss, lingering in the delectable embrace, pressing his hips to Santiago’s, breathing with the gorgeous man, sighing at the same time, until his legs weakened with raw desire.

Santiago drew only a fraction away from Aiden’s mouth. “Your kiss is addictive. I don’t want to stop. I feel your need against my body, and I want to ease it.” He held Aiden’s face and kissed him again.

Waves of exquisite feeling rolled through Aiden. He murmured softly, incoherent sounds of pleasure onto Santiago’s lips each time they broke contact to breathe. His thoughts tumbled in those seconds. The kisses were the best he’d ever experienced. He’d never before felt the kind of sensations running through and over him. He rested his forehead on Santiago’s.

“I’ve never had such totally amazing kisses. I’m floating in pleasure.”

Copyright E.D. Parr 2019, Evernight Publishing


On release special price only from Evernight Publishing until July 24

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Shifter Hotties Alert~Pre-Order Now: Westmore Wolves 1-5 Box Set by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop! #pnr #shifters #preorder @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr @ginakincade

Westmore Wolves Collection by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop

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Are you ready for some shifter romance that will curl your toes?

Get ready for hunky gargoyles, sexy alpha wolves, hot firefighter dragons, and curvy girls with sass that keep them coming back for more. 

Meet your next book boyfriend.
Find your fated mate...
Enter the world of shapeshifter paranormal romance with the Westmore Wolves series collection.

Warning: Ice water not included.

Bound by pack law, Alpha male Carrick must claim a mate or forfeit his role forever. Can he find the female he loved and lost before he must choose another?

Medina Argos is a woman on the run. But tumbling from the frying pan into the fire might just have her falling for the men her heart has been longing for.

When Violet is rescued from death by a well-meaning angel, she gets a second chance at life and love. But will she have the courage to tame the heart of a dragon and fulfill her destiny?

Allyse needs a job and pronto. What this curvy girl isn’t expecting is a reality TV version of Beauty and the Beast. Can she harness her own wonky magic to shut down a wicked witch bent on revenge or will she pay the ultimate price?

All Jess wants this holiday season is to work with her shelter puppies and stay out of the way of falling glitter from her family’s Yuletide festivities. When her brother throws yet another bodyguard in her way, things are about to get interesting.

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I never could have guessed the danger that was stalking me.

Or who was stalking me.

Until the only thing that had ever mattered to me was threatened, and then I had to sit up and smell the roses. Torn between a ghost and a man, I found myself on the run.

Instinct had taken over. She was all that mattered.

I couldn’t fail.

What wouldn’t I do?

*Previously published under the name HARLEM DAE and with different cover art

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Now Available: The Curse Workers: Montelier Supernatural Academy Books 1-3 by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifters #vampires #witches #urbanfantasy @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr @ginakincade

Now available from USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop!

Curse Workers: Montelier Supernatural

 Academy Books 1-3

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The dead don't speak...or do they?
Arcane magic roams the streets of Salem and only the strongest will survive. Enter a world of witches, vampires, shifters, demons, and Nephilim where both good and evil can be found hiding within the mist and shadows behind the spelled doors of the Montelier Supernatural Academy.

Something wicked this way comes.
When witchling Mari is attacked outside of her job, she must decide to become a vampire or fade away forever...

The bones of the dead speak to owl shifter Merryn, and what they tell her shakes her to the core.

A founding witch of Salem, Bridget is betrayed by those closest to her, and her fate is forged forever.

When Laurel's Alpha female is murdered, her world is upended and now only James can save her.

Recommended 17+ due to language and sex scenes.

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#99cents #limitedtime:Kitten Around by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifters #pnr @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr @ginakincade

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Grab your copy of Kitten Around, the 3rd book in the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency shared world, and get started today!

Every book in the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency shared world contains crossover characters but each can be read standalone. 

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SALE - EQUINOX only 99c!

Then don't miss your chance to grab a copy of EQUINOX the complete boxed set at the bargain price of just 99c/99p - Also on Kindle Unlimited.

Boxed Set Contains



After escaping a fate worse than death, Uma Nixon knows she's one lucky woman.

She also knows Earth is no longer a safe place to be.

Not wanting to fall into the same trap twice, she uses her skills to secure a job aboard Equinox as it travels between Earth and Planet Athion. Some might say it's a grinding job. A long journey in hyperspace as a cognitive traveler isn't for everyone. But throw four sexy guys into the mix--human and alien--a cheeky parrot, and a whole lot of flirting and desire, things soon get interesting out there in the abyss.

When jealousy, curious quirks of evolution, and danger rears its head, Uma wonders if she'll be able to handle the heat and the excitement. And if she can't...there's nowhere to run.


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Weekly Blog Posts for Tory Richards

Hey everyone, I just wanted to pass on that I have a weekly posting schedule on my blog now so stop in and check them out.

Sunday Selection - I post a chapter to one of my books until I reach the end
Monday Musings - I post whatever happens to be on my mind...scary!
Tuesday Teaser - I post a book teaser of one of my books...of course:)
Thursday Thoughts - I post anything to do with books, writing, readers, and authors.

Happy reading!

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For those of you who enjoyed HIS VAMPIRE HAREM you'll be pleased to know Book #2 is on the way! 

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The object of her secret affection is her husband's brother - Out Now! Swap #erotic #romance #ForbiddenLove

Please be forewarned some readers may find the following content offensive, disturbing, and/or triggering

Most of us have been there – the unrequited crush, the fantasy lover who still haunts our dreams. Usually that longing fades to a bittersweet memory. For Hailey Hollinger, it's not that easy—the object of her secret affection is her husband's brother

Hailey Hollinger has it all—a great husband, a fantastic career, good friends… and one hot brother-in-law who won’t stay out of her fantasies

When Hailey was sixteen she thought her boyfriend, Brent, was the best-looking guy around. That was until he introduced her to his older brother, Mike. From that moment on she had the biggest crush on him and he became the star of all her teenage fantasies.

Hailey’s all grown up now and has been married to Brent for three years. They have great careers, a nice house—they enjoy life and each other. Everything is supposed to be perfect. Except that pesky little infatuation with her husband’s brother has never completely gone away. A crush, by nature and definition, is supposed to be short-lived and should diminish over time. But, unfortunately for Hailey, it hasn’t, and it’s beginning to mess with what she thinks should be perfection. And, if her life is so great, why does she then find herself groping her brother-in-law in the cab of his truck like some sex-starved teenager? Or the more pressing question yet—why is he groping her right back?

Author Note: This erotic romance story, which has been previously published, is written in first person, and contains cheating/adulterous themes. The material has been updated and reformatted for re-release, with a smokin’ new cover, as well as additional content

What Readers are saying:

HK Carlton did a fantastic job of showing the angst Michael and Hailey faced as they deal with their growing attraction to each other. You fall in love with them as their love grows, and you wonder if they will choose to betray their spouses and act on their love for each other.

Swap was an excellent read that kept me captivated the entire time. Hailey and Mike's struggle of their attraction to each other was incredibly well written - I could feel the tension between them myself and of course was silently rooting for them. Most people might find their trysts immoral, but once you learn of Hailey and Mike's relationships with their own spouses, you'll understand the imperative need to have Hailey and Mike find their own happily ever after together. I definitely recommend Swap as a must read, and if you cherish a good night's sleep then I also recommend that you start the book early in the day, because you'll find it impossible to put down.

Most of the book chronicles Hailey's and Mike's desperate attempts to remain faithful despite their mutual attraction. Neither of the main characters treats marriage casually. Both want to do the right thing. As time goes on, though, it becomes clear that their physical connection is merely a symptom of the deep emotional bond that connects them. Ultimately, they have no choice but to surrender to their passion and face the consequences...
....Swap is a brave book, tackling as it does the uncomfortable topic of infidelity. A few years ago, this subject would have been taboo in a romance. Ms. Carlton does not whitewash the issue, but handles it with an admirable degree of honesty and realism. Hailey and Mike are sympathetic, likable characters. They really try to resist one another, although it's clear to the reader from an early stage that this is futile. In fact, their heroic efforts to “be good” raise the level of sexual tension, as they skirt the edges of adultery, drawing back time and time again from a precipitous fall.


We paid the bill, then headed for the truck. 

In the parking lot, he handed over the keys.

In a moment of sheer insanity on my part, I threw my arms around his waist and gave him a squeeze. “I really am proud of you, you know.”

He placed his arm around my shoulder and he pulled me closer. I felt his chest rumble. “Thanks, Hails.” 

We slowed our progress, as if neither one of us was in any hurry to get to the truck. I laid my head back against his shoulder. We walked to the passenger’s side of the truck and I hit the remote on his key fob, unlocking the doors. I opened it for him. He laughed. “I’m supposed to get the door for you.” 

“Oh, I thought that was just a shotgun thing, not a chivalry thing. A woman can open the door for a dude, ya know,” I said with mock impatience. “Just get in.” 

He turned to face me and, to my surprise, he reached out and tucked my hair behind my ear. “You’re really lame, ya know?” He laughed at my expense.

“I think that’s an eighties catchphrase. And yeah, I know I’m lame, but you love me anyway.” I tossed his words from earlier back at him.

But his smile slipped. “Yeah. I do.”

Something in his voice made every body part I owned turn liquid. In my head, I rushed to tell myself that he meant like a brother and that he’d had a few beers, but his next words stopped my thought process cold.

“You might be the only thing I’ve ever envied about my little brother.”

He moved his hand to the side of my neck and grazed my cheek with his thumb. Then his lips were there, hovering just inches from mine, as if he were seeking permission. My senses swam with the possibilities.

I pounced, seizing what might be my only opportunity to kiss him. I didn’t hold back—he experienced the full-on, ravenous impact of years of worship and sexual fantasies that had run the gamut from sweet, innocent eighteen-year-old’s kisses to the tantalizing nocturnal fantasy that I’d created just the night before.

I flattened my chest against his, trying to get inside his coat. He spun me around, and nudged me onto the seat of the truck. I didn’t want to separate from his lips afraid that if we lost contact he would call a halt to this. So, I fisted my hands into his shirt and hauled him in after me. I opened my legs, encouraging him between them.

When he followed, I crabbed toward the driver’s side. My shoulder hit the steering wheel. I released his shirt long enough to grope for the tilt-steering lever. I pushed the wheel up to give us a little extra room. He was not a small man. The thought shot another little thrill through my already highly sensitized body.

He reached backward with one arm, trying to close the door, but I pulled him toward me with all my strength. I wanted to get as much as I could before he put a stop to this. I knew he would. He was too nice a guy to let this happen. What did that say about me?

© H K Carlton

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