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Available Now!

Book 3 of Serve and Submit, Under Cover is available folks! Yes, it's a few days early. You can pick up a copy at the following places.

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Blurb - Vacationing in England, Lucie and her friends are finally at Buckingham Palace. What starts out as a harmless tease in front of one of the stone-faced, palace guards soon turns into the real thing when he hunts her down to finish what she started! 

Excerpt - Oh crap! He looked so different out of uniform, but she’d recognize those steely blue eyes anywhere. He was looking at Lucie with intensity, narrowing his gaze as he made a laze sweep of her body. Did he recognize her? She watched him pick up his whiskey glass and down the contents in one swallow before slamming the glass on the table with a loud sound, keeping his interest on her the whole time. Warmth engulfed her senses and she felt her cheeks turn hot, but when he said something to his friends and began to scoot out of the booth Lucie quickly turned to go back the way she’d come.

“Lucie, we’re over here!”

She glanced over to see Anna waving at her from a corner table. She took in the three men at the table with her friends, only recognizing Seth, the one they’d met at Green Park the day before. Lucie waved back. “I forgot something, I’ll be right back!” She didn’t even slow down, consciously aware of the man bearing down on her out of the corner of her eye.

She was nearly running when she reached the elevator and punched the button. “Come on! Come on!” she mumbled beneath her breath. Oh thank God! She felt elation when the doors began to close but before they connected a large hand appeared from nowhere. She caught her breath, her eyes rounding as the doors slowly opened, revealing the man she was trying to avoid. Even out of uniform he was large, and the clothes he was wearing now, a black pull over sweater beneath a black jacket and pants, revealed how truly muscular he was.

As he stepped inside Lucie took a step to go around him. “Excuse me.” Her intentions were to slip out, but he purposely blocked her with his body. Then his hand was on her arm, light enough not to hurt but firm enough to show her he was serious. “I think you and I have some unfinished business to take care of.”

The first thing Lucie acknowledged was that his English accent was very faint, while his tone of voice was deep and raspy, sexy sounding. The second thing was that he couldn’t be serious! Until then she’d avoided his eyes but now that the elevator door was shut and she was alone with him she reluctantly looked up. Lord, he was handsome! His reddish brown hair was cut close to his head. The scar across his cheek actually added to his appeal, making him look dangerous and capable of anything.

It occurred to Lucie that they weren’t moving. She pulled her arm away, hit 4, and moved to the farthest side of the too small elevator. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She crossed her arms and gave him her best defiant look. “You must have me confused with someone else.” He didn’t look at all worried. In fact, he took a step closer. Lucie swallowed nervously, feeling overwhelmed by his sheer size, and, if she was being honest, a little turned on by the look burning in his eyes.

“Oh, don’t you.” He took another step closer, letting his gaze once again roam with unhurried ease down her body and back up again. “You think I don’t recognize you?”

Friday, 25 April 2014

It Takes A Thief....

Since my teenage years I’ve secretly dreamed of being a thief, a cat burglar specifically. Semi regularly I’ll get this image of myself dressed all in black (maybe with a black woollen  hat if it’s cold) and climbing through a darkened window into an extravagantly lush room. Or perhaps I’d scale up a romantic, ivy covered trellis, up a stone wall.
Regardless, I’d end up somewhere I’m not supposed to be. Somewhere lush, rich and opulent.


And I’d not steal anything hinky either. No laptops, tvs or electronics for me. Only jewels, my dear. Or I’d crack the safe (old school, of course!) and open it with bated breath to find secret documents (for Eyes Only, definitely!) and a stash of thick, bound notes. Maybe not just in pounds sterling either, maybe some Euros and rare coins to boot.

Ah, the possibilities are endless.

Rob and El are Agents, working on a case where a painting has been stolen from the National Gallery. Only problem is, neither of them really know where to look for the thieves. One of El’s ex-boyfriends (the one who stole her heart, naturally) is the only person she can think of to turn to for help in this. But things didn’t end well between El and James, and she’s reluctant to open old wounds.

But she can’t deny that James still holds her heart, and El has never been one to shy away from trouble.

Burning Intensity is set for early release on April 25th from Totally Bound. And as always I love hearing from readers, feel free to email me at  

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Delivering An Easter Treat- Not Her Type is ONLY 77p or $1.29

I will let you into a secret- Not Her Type is a love story!!!

Shush...don’t tell anyone. Kay Jaybee- writing a love story!! My reputation as a producer of bondage smut will be forever dented!!

Fear not however, for throughout the c.28,000 words of this novella, S&M sits hand in glove with the underlying romantic streak. For this is a love story that neither Jenny nor John see coming- or indeed wanted- at first at least...

As a special Easter treat, 1001 Nights Press are selling the e-version of Not Her Type at the BARGAIN price of only 77p or $1.29 on Amazon!!! (buy links below)

New NHT-2013-cov

Based on the theory that opposite attract, Not Her Type begins at the dawn of a seemingly impossible and unlikely alliance between Jenny (a ridiculously over-educated accountant, who hates reality TV, and always reads the book before seeing the film) and John (her courier, who has no education at all, and only reads if someone points a gun to his head).

Thrown together by an unexpectedly mutual lust, it is on their third meeting, during a mid-fuck sharing of fantasies, that Jenny confesses to John that, despite their extensive differences, they have something very important in common - they both (usually), prefer women.

Jenny let out a strangled whine, as much from the sensation of being so wonderfully full as from the irritation of having to wait to hear about his dream. An accompanying moan almost simultaneously escaped from John, as she gripped her pelvic muscles around his cock, holding and releasing him over and over again until she couldn’t wait any longer. “You’ve always wanted to what?”

John grinned wickedly, but said no more as he grabbed Jenny’s waist with one hand, thrusting faster, and snaked his other hand down between her legs to massage her nub. Now it was Jenny’s turn to lose her focus. Her film courier could have told her anything at all, and she would have been totally oblivious to what he’d said, as vivid red and orange bubbles of colour burst inside her head.

Shaking with the astonishing intensity of her orgasm, Jenny held onto him tight, digging her fingers into the ink-scarred arms.

She felt the shudder of John’s body as he threw his head back and came inside her. Wiping tangled hair from Jenny’s eyes, John eased himself away from her glowing body. At last he spoke, “I’ve got this picture in my head. I simply can’t shift it.”

“A picture of…?”

“Of you, and me, and…” He paused again, as if trying to decide if he should go on.

Jenny’s pulse-rate hit epidemic proportions. What the hell could be so outlandish that he’s struggling to tell me? Does he think I’ll run a mile or throw him out the house or something? “And…?” It was increasingly difficult to keep the frustration from her voice.

He took an audibly deep breath, “Of you, and me, and another woman.”

It took all her effort not to laugh. All that hesitation for such a standard bloke’s fantasy. But rather than mock, Jenny began to visualize the scene he was suggesting. Is this something he wants us to fantasize about together? Or something he actually wants us to do for real? As she studied her new lover closely, a buzz of excitement rose within her. Is he serious?

“Well?” For the first time since she’d met John he had a trace of uncertainty in his tone, and his confident eyes dipped and failed to meet hers.

So, he is serious. Moving closer to his naked body, placing both her palms flat on his chest, Jenny whispered into his ear, “You find her and I’ll do it.”

Never would Jenny forget the stunned look on John’s face as he spluttered, “What? Really?”

“Sure,” a knot of exhilaration gathered in her chest, and Jenny trailed her fingers lower, lightly twisting the hairs on his chest together in small clumps. “Anyway, it wouldn’t exactly be my first time with a woman.”

“It wouldn’t?!”

“No honey. It wouldn’t.”


A self-confessed nightmare when it comes to relationships, John warns Jenny that he can’t offer her more than occasional sex- yet, there is something about his favourite customer that keeps John coming back again and again – not least because this girl is kinky and then some!! It seems there is nothing Jenny isn’t prepared to do for John- every fantasy he has ever had is suddenly waiting for him to explore...

Do they live happily ever after? Do Jenny and John walk off into the sunset dancing and singing as if they were in some sickly movie? As if I’m going to tell you that!!

Why not treat yourself to an Easter gift that is even more tasty than a basket full of chocolate eggs for the SALE price of 77p or $1.29!! (Until May 19th)
After all- John the courier is much more delicious than any about of Cadbury's....

Buy links...
Amazon UK - -

Happy Easter everyone!!

Kay xxx

Friday, 18 April 2014

Out Today - Pain and Pleasure by Harlem Dae

The second book in the A Bit of Strange TrilogyPain and Pleasure is out today at Totally Bound. Here's the blurb for this BDSM novella…

Shopping for pleasure can be a risky business, especially when you want a bit of pain thrown into your cage.

Isabella can’t help but throw another fantasy Gabriel’s way. It’s risky, it’s kinky but it’s something she just can’t get out of her head.

But will he go for it, or is it pushing his boundaries too far?

Luckily for Isabella the dominance that runs thick and vital in her stranger’s blood, is heating up to boiling point. Before she knows it the most innocent of places becomes completely thrilling in the middle of the  night.

She’s caged, expertly tortured and brought to a place where only pleasure and pain exist. Her head is dizzy, her heart beating only for him, but will she ever come down from the high? More importantly, does she want to?

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a serial.

Purchase from Totally Bound.

If you missed the first book in the series, it's Beauty and Pain and the third and final book Pleasure and Danger is available for early download right now at Totally Bound or on general release  16th May.


Strangers who share the touch of heated skin, the gasps of delight joined bodies create and the bliss a moment of ecstasy generates, are bound by an invisible thread that is as strong as it is vulnerable.

But can that thread turn to more, become a force to be reckoned with, the foundation of a beautiful experience and a future where dominance and submission become a part of life?

That’s something Isabelle wants to know, wants to experience, but is her new man up for the job? She has very definite fantasies, a particular flavour of strange that hits her spot. Only time will tell if their next daring interlude will pave the way for so much more than a brief encounter.

(Early download direct from publisher)

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Perfect Submissive Trilogy- The End is in Sight...

For those of you waiting for the publication of the third and final part of my Perfect Submissive Trilogy, Knowing Her Place, the wait is nearly over...

If you haven't read book one and's what you need to catch up on!

The Per Sub- new rope

The Perfect Submissive (Book 1) Blurb-

Hidden behind the Fables Hotel's respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait; ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests.
When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotel's exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders, she instantly recognises the young woman's potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff. All it will take is a little education.
Under the tutelage of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess learns to cope with her unexpected training schedule, the increasingly erotic chill she experiences each time she survives a new level of correction, and a truly sexy exercise routine. Temporarily distracted from her intimidating rule over Fable's top floor by an enigmatic artist, Mrs Peters begins to plan how she can secure his obedient assistance, in grooming Jess into the perfect submissive...

Buy Links

Amazon UK-

Amazon US-

The Retreat- New rope

The Retreat (Book 2) Blurb

It’s been six months since Jess Sanders allowed herself to accept that the role of submissive on the exclusive adult entertainment floor of the Fables Hotel was a job she was born to do.
Now Jess’s boss, Mrs Peters, informs her, and the resident dominatrix, Miss Sarah, that they have been loaned to one of her clients, who wishes to start an adult retreat, hidden away in the remote glens of Scotland.
Suddenly, Jess has to come to terms that she might not be as perfect a submissive as she had been led to think – especially when her new boss implies that she may not be returning to Fables after all...

Buy Links

Amazon UK -

Amazon US-

Last of all- here is the blurb for the forthcoming finale...

Knowing Her Place-New rope

Knowing Her Place (Book 3) Blurb-

With her head full of unanswered questions, exhausted from her fairytale experience at the hands of Dr Ewen, Lady Tia, and the staff of the adult entertainment service provided by The Retreat, Jess Sanders is desperate to leave Scotland, and return to her usual submissive position at the exclusive Fables Hotel in Oxford.
Having been thwarted in his plans to keep Jess at The Retreat permanently, its owner David Proctor isn’t willing to let Jess go back to her dominatrix, Miss Sarah, and her employer, Mrs Peters, without sending her on one final mission. Only if she succeeds in her task, will Proctor remove the collar of servitude he has locked around Jess’s neck.
With a list of five unknown addresses in her hand, Jess Sanders is placed in a car and driven from The Retreat towards England. With no idea what or who awaits her at the first stop, all Jess can hope for is that her journey will eventually take her back to where she belongs.
To the Fables Hotel, where Jess Sanders truly knows her place.

Buy Links coming soon!

Many thanks to everyone who has sent me lovely emails telling me how much they are looking forward to Knowing Her Place. Not long know...what this space...

Happy reading.
Kay xxxx

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Quick Announcement!

Look where I'll be at 2:45 (1:45 est) today, Sunday! This is a huge event folks and I hope to see you there! Platinum's Multi-Author Book Lovers Event on facebook.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Novice is FREE

That's right, to introduce you to Victor and Zara's dark world of BDSM, The Novice, Book #1 in the Sexy as Hell Trilogy is FREE for a few days only!


London – one meeting, one month of lessons and a landslide of new desires. 

My journey to hell started with a decaff coffee. Nothing more than a grey mug full of dull-brown liquid devoid of its most useful ingredient. 

One sip, one smile, one touch of her hand and it was soon clear my life wasn’t destined to stay dull. Oh, no, suddenly I had a month of bedroom education planned by a sultry vixen who intended to broaden my horizons beyond my usual peach-pink palette. 

She wanted to take me to deep purples and navy blues and the pitch blackness that was pure sin. And on the other side of that blackness was a place that might look like Hell, with debauchery and wantonness, people playing devil’s advocate, luring innocents into the hotter, steamier corners of the world. 

Her world. 

Oh, yes, she promised each night to take me there and paint me an orange-and-red picture that would come alive, flickering like flames, enticing me, holding me spellbound and eager to learn more. To touch, explore, drown in coming. 

And drown I would. I was no match for her tricks and taunts. My only chance of survival was to show her that I wasn't vanilla. I had a rainbow of mastery up my sleeve, too, and if she just opened her eyes, she might be dazzled enough to stay—stay and take ‘my’ lessons. If she didn’t kill me first, that was, with pleasure. 

If you enjoy Victor and Zara's story the cheapest way to enjoy the rest of the Sexy as Hell Trilogy AND get the three bonus spin-off stories is to purchase the Sexy as Hell Box Set on Amazon/Amazon UK

Also, if you do take advantage of the free book a Facebook LIKE would be appreciated and if you enjoy it a review would be awesome!

Lily x

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New Release - Book One - The Always Cambridge Series

AVAILABLE NOW the first book in 
The saga begins... 
family saga series crime suspense + an ongoing angst-ridden love story  

The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood and violent teen years and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.


 Always Cambridge Book One

He is her guardian, but she'll do anything within her power, to protect him.
His only duty is to keep her safe, but he can’t save her.

Holly Cambridge is just a typical kid, or so she thinks, until one day, she takes a good look around and realizes her friends don’t have bodyguards dogging their every step.
At the age of sixteen, Holly is assigned a new bodyguard, Randy Phillips. He is a tall, muscular, God-like force in the young, impressionable and lonely girl’s life. He is her friend, her confident, her conscience, and the older man she adores beyond reason.  

Randy Phillips is fully aware of his young charge’s adolescent crush on him. Although he is flattered by the adulation, he maintains a safe distance and professional demeanour until Holly is wounded in a rival family blood feud, and the course of both their lives is changed forever.

Advisory : This is a six book series. The first five installments end with To Be Continued...
But the good thing about this series is you won’t have to wait years between installments.  eXtasyBooks will release a new book, the first of every month until the conclusion in September.  
This is an on-going saga: each book may not have and HEA/HFN, but the series culminates with an HEA/HFN in the final book. 

Thursday morning, I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the door. Would Randy even be standing there when I opened it? Or had he chosen to abandon me after my betrayal, and there would be another suit to take his place? I braced myself before I opened my bedroom door.

Randy pushed off the opposite wall, although his features remained guarded. I didn’t know what to say to him or how to get past this. I just stared back at him.

“Never lie to me. Okay?” His voice sounded raspy. “You know what you need to know now. And it changes nothing. We are not on opposite sides here. You can talk to me. You can tell me when you need things. I will not stop you unless I think it’s dangerous for you. We need to trust each other here.” He made a motion with his finger between us, indicating it was a two way street. “I can’t protect you when you keep things from me.”

My damn eyes filled again. He was forgiving me.

“But you couldn’t tell me what I needed to know. You can’t always give me what I want or need. You cannot speak freely in your…” For lack of a better word I said, “…profession. Things go on that you won’t be able to share with me even if I ask you. Things that you have to keep secret. I won’t lie to you, but you can’t lie to me either.”

“I’ve never lied to you. And you’re probably the only person I could ever honestly say that to.”

“You lie to me by omission all the time,” I countered. “When you can’t answer my questions or tell me what’s really going on, you’re lying to me.”

“I told you about your mom,” he blurted. His lips twisted and he swallowed hard, as if he hadn’t meant to say it. He must have gone through the history on the computer yesterday at the library. That must have been what took him so long. He knew exactly what I’d searched. Would he tell my father?

Tears ran freely down my cheeks now. I couldn’t stop them. But Randy thumbed them aside. “I’m sorry. How often you make me forget that you’re only sixteen, little one.” He looked as miserable as I felt. “Maybe you weren’t ready for that one.”

“No. I needed to know. Blinders off, right?”

“And me, Hol? Blinders gone where I’m concerned too? You know now for sure that I’m not a good guy. You read it in black and white. Even though I tried to tell you. Now you have the proof. No more hero worship?” He grinned sheepishly, but I could see he didn’t want to lose that.

I observed him through watery eyes. “Well, if you can read so much from me, just by the way I look at you, then I’m sure you can already see the answer to that.” I let all the love I felt for him show, as if I could hide it.

His brows furrowed for a moment as if he were in pain. He closed his eyes briefly and said upon opening them, “I think it would be easier for me if your opinion for me had changed after the things you read yesterday afternoon, because I will hate to see the disappointment in your eyes the day you see me for what I really am, Holly. Eventually I will hurt you and I will disappoint you.” I saw in his eyes that he believed that it was true.

Expected Always Cambridge Series Release dates:
April 1
May 1
June 1
July 1
August 1
September 1, 2014 

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Who Dares Wins by Lily Harlem - Bestseller!

Who Dares Wins is sitting comfortably high in the Amazon Gay Erotica chart and great reviews are rolling in…

"This would be the perfect dirty, sexy story to make your lunch hour fly by with that dash of romance for desert!"

"A fun and arousing read recommended for m/m lovers who enjoy men in uniform."

"If you want a quick, scorching hot read, check out Who Dares Wins by Lily Harlem."

"If you want to read a delicious M/M/M story then honey this is it!"

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Release of On Fire

Book #2 in my Serve and Submit Series! Each story is stand alone, and 6000 words of sexy!

Smashwords Author Page

Faith has been horny for Dean since he moved into her apartment building, two doors down. She caught him eyeing her while sun-bathing at the pool one day, and thought he was interested in her, too. But it takes a fire in her kitchen for the hunky fireman to finally act on their mutual attraction.