Friday, 30 May 2014

Icy Control - out now!

I’ve always wanted to be able to draw. I’m just not artistic like that though, sadly. Words are my medium. But that didn’t stop me trying for years throughout school. I remember my Year 7 Art teacher prudently labelling my attempts as “enthusiastic” in one report card. Then my Year 8 Art teacher just as kindly – but a bit more stronger worded – said something along to the effect of “always cheerful and courageous in her trying but shows no innate talent”.

So I took great delight in writing Sally, my heroine in IcyControl .  While writing her, I was dreaming of all the paintings I could have created, had I any skerrick of talent. Some of Sally’s whimsy definitely is wishful thinking on my behalf. I’d love to create pictures like hers.

Rob loves Sally just how she is. Obsessive, forgetful, whimsical and cheerful. Rob had Sally have been friends for many years, but there’s always been something keeping them apart. Until now. Rob needs Sally’s help on a case and she’s really excited to be involved. There’s plenty of art, hidden codes and secrets unveiled in Icy Control. I’ve loved writing it and hope you all enjoy the new book in my Agency series.

Icy Control is out for Pre-release on May 30th and as always I enjoy hearing from readers. J

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