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Paid in Full by Megan Slayer

Out Now! Want to celebrate the 9th Birthday of Changeling Press? 
Want to read the 2000th book pubbed by Changeling? Then look no farther than Soul Debt: Paid in Full by Megan Slayer. Full of MM hotness, with a pair of demons, The Devil, and a horny guy...with horns. Yes, he’s got horns! You won’t want to miss it! Here, check it out:

Soul Debt: Paid in Full by Megan Slayer
Number in Series: 1
BIN: 06226-02000
Word Count: 12K
Page Count: 40
Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 22, 2013
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: Reneé George
Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal
Themes: Gay, Dark Desire

Available HERE

Ever danced with the Devil? I have.
You know how people make deals with God? I made one with the Devil. For what, you ask? A boyfriend. Little did I know, the Devil would not only take me up on the deal, but make it worth both our whiles -- just not in the way I'd imagined. Turns out, nothing in my world is what it seemed.

How about an excerpt? Sure!

"Sir," he said, almost as if we weren't in the middle of fucking. "I like that." His grasp on my hair tightened. "Ask me."
Ask him? With him in my butt, he wanted me to use rational sentences? Jesus. His pubic hairs brushed my ass cheeks, and his balls slapped against mine.
"Tell me what you want." He swatted my hip. "Ask."
"I'm tired of being alone. I want to be loved." Not the question he wanted, but who cared?
He moved his hips, sawing in and out of my ass. I wouldn't last long. I wanted this fuck way too much. I closed my eyes again and panted.
"Fuck," he roared. His hips slammed into mine, thrusting me against the wall. "You want love, fine." He grunted, and his seed spurted in my ass. "You've got it."
Boy, did I have it. Come all in my butt and an ache to last at least three days. Best time yet. The Devil reached around me and curled his hand around my throbbing erection. He squeezed tight, then started to stroke me. I pressed my face against the cool plaster of the wall and trembled.
"I. Need. To. Come." I don't know how I formed the words.
"Come," he replied. The word came out in a whisper.
I panted and drenched the wall in my come. From my head to my toes, I wobbled. I'd never felt so spent in my whole damned life.
"You'll have love, but it won't be pretty, and I will come back for what's mine."
Through my post-coital haze, I heard him speak and tried to process what he'd said. Not pretty? I opened my eyes. My clothes clung to my body and my ass froze. He wasn't behind me? I glanced over my shoulder. No Devil. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
I heard footsteps on the concrete stairs. Shit. The hallway went fuzzy, and I tripped pulling my pants up. Instead of looking cool, I fell flat on my face, pants around my knees.
"Alex, I believe the Devil has come to collect." Adam knelt next to me. "Don't tell me you've asked him for something."
I considered my answer. I could be honest and have them laugh. Or lie and see what happened.
"He did." A pair of arms hiked me back to my feet and the scent of Alex's cologne wrapped around me. "And he paid dearly," Alex said and rested his head on top of mine. "Sucks."
I wasn't sure what they meant, but I let the two of them escort me into my apartment. I tried to collapse on the couch, but Alex kept me in his embrace. "Nope, big guy, we're heading to the shower."
Adam looked me straight in the eye. "Then we've got to talk."

* * * * * 

When she's not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don't seem to mind.
When she’s not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school. She enjoys writing in all genres, but writing about men in love suits her fancy best. The cabana boys are willing to serve, unless she needs them. She always need them. So be nice to Javier or he will bite--on command.
She also masquerades under the name Wendi Zwaduk and is published through Changeling Press, Liquid Silver Books, and Total-E-Bound Publishing.

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