Sunday, 6 January 2013

Something Else - Sarah Masters


There’s something pretty humbling about being asked to write a story, one that would end up in an anthology with some seriously brilliant authors. That’s what happened to me with Seven Deadly Sins. I received an email asking if I’d like to participate, and I chose Wrath as my sin. I had no clue what it’d be about and sat there mulling it over one evening. I asked my husband for a scenario, and neither of us could come up with anything. Blank, the pair of us. I stared into space, and suddenly this man manifested in my head. He’d been in prison, sent away for a crime he hadn’t committed, and I knew I had to find out what on earth he would do to put things right.

Something Else was born, an M/M story, and I was taken on a journey over one weekend where I couldn’t stop writing. His tale poured out, and after sending it to the marvellous Lily Harlem to read through it for me, I submitted, held my breath while doing so, and convinced myself my tale wouldn’t be accepted.

The illustration in Something Else
When it was, I got that thrill that runs through every author upon acceptance. And then the news came in that it would go to print, be for sale in bricks-and-mortar stores, and the shakes set in. That had been my dream since forever, and to know I’d managed one of my big goals was a poignant moment. I confess I had a little cry. To have that book in my hands and know it was on several shelves throughout the UK made me giddy. I felt sick for a long time after I’d opened the box—too much excitement makes Sarah Masters a pitiful wreck.

Each tale has a beautifully drawn illustration to go with it. Waterstones are the only ones at present who will stock the ebooks with the images included, so that’s where you need to go if you’d like to see the pictures on your reading device. Amazon and WH Smith also sell the book. Typing out those shop names has just made me come over all weird again—I still can’t get over how swiftly my writing career has changed from struggling to become noticed, to now. Dreams do indeed come true.

My tale is also available on its own, as are all the stories in the anthology.

I hope you enjoy the book in all its magnificent erotic glory. Long live rudeness, filth and debauchery!


Sarah Masters

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