Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Glutton to Gourmet by Victoria Blisse.

Hello everyone, Victoria Blisse here! I hope you're all keeping well and enjoying the New Year. Who  here is on a diet? Maybe you've just vowed to eat a little lighter after the overindulgence of the festive period? Well, let me give you a wicked little treat in the form of my story Glutton to Gourmet available individually or as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Anthology.

Anabel has never known when to say ‘when’. But the dashing Roman shows her that quality is just as delectable as quantity, in the third tale from the Seven Deadly Sins collection.
And now a tempting little excerpt, if you're avoiding chocolate right now you may want to look away, although reading about it is completely calorie free you know!

“Look, we’ll go and have some fruit. Fruit is healthy, right? I’m going to dunk mine in a bit of chocolate but if you don’t want to you don’t have to.”“Okay,” I conceded. Fruit is healthy, I knew I needed to have it to get my vitamins and minerals and if I could eat a few cubes of pineapple and keep Roman happy without breaking my diet then it’d all be good. And I hoped there was a chance I’d still get laid even though I’d just given him a full showing of my neurotics.
It is very easy to refuse chocolate when you are nowhere near it but when you can see a silken waterfall of sweet cocoa goodness and smell its molten appeal it becomes much more difficult to resist.I was really good, I looked past the marshmallows and the chunks of fudge and I speared a juicy looking strawberry."Good choice." Roman nodded and pushed his freshly speared mallow into the flow of gooey goodness. "I love strawberries."I watched transfixed as he opened his mouth, held his head back and dropped the chocolate treat inside without spilling a drop. He moaned and masticated  and I felt a dampening in my mouth and my knickers. Maybe Roman was on to something; watching someone else eat is sexy."Please, Belle, you'll make me blush."
"Sorry," I gasped and lowered my gaze to the floor. It was me who blushed from the intense heat that gathered in my cheeks."I was only pulling your leg, beautiful. Do you want some chocolate on your strawberry? It's a lovely combination."I meant to shake my head, I did, I promise but my head dipped and lifted and I swear it did it independently of thought. Damn chocolate, it addles my brain."Here," he grabbed my hand and pulled it towards the fountain, "it's flowing the thickest just there."I watched in a trance as the bright red of my healthy treat dipped into the glossy brown chocolate until most of it was covered. I didn’t move, Roman dictated what I did and it was his hand that guided mine round until the strawberry butted against my lips.
“Quickly,” he gasped, hauntingly pale eyes focused on me, “before it drips.”I opened my lips and felt the bulbous fruit push in. Roman watched intently and I imagined it was his cock that I sucked eagerly. The chocolate coated my mouth and throat, reminding me of its decadent comfort that I had neglected for so very long. I was overwhelmed by the blast of familiar creamy sweetness and I moaned, low,soft and deep. Roman bit his lower lip and scrunched his eyes tight closed as if it was all too much for him.
I chewed through the soft, fruity nugget and enjoyed the fresh blast of strawberry juice after the cloying chocolate.
“Belle, you missed a bit.” Roman pointed down to a point below my chin, before I could look or respond he’d bent his head and  lapped up the spillage from my exposed skin, just below my collarbone.
I held myself stock still; desire shot through my veins, shock mellowed into sexual heat and I didn’t push him away. People were probably watching but I didn’t care.
“That’s better,” he licked his lips and went back to the chocolate fountain.  I didn’t dip anything else, Roman did it all for me. We shared everything. Tart pineapple, softly giving marshmallow.
I gloried in the sweetness, the decadence and overall his touch. He licked my lips clean, caught drips with his tongue and disappeared into my cleavage to retrieve warm drops I am sure he’d angled to fall there in the first place.
 Then as he finished off a chocolate dunked marshmallow and a stream of the molten goodness slipped down onto his lower lip I kissed it clean, sucking until I could taste chocolate no more.
Roman kept our lips connected as he held me close and pulled me tighter for our first proper kiss. And what a kiss, chocolate soaked and passionate our lips danced erotically. I forgot where we were and threw my all into my response. When finally we separated, both panting, chests heaving I noticed several people staring.
“Let’s go.” Roman pulled on my hand and I followed him.  I waved to Janet as he dragged me to the door. She smiled and stuck both her thumbs into the air.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Somewhere I can fuck you properly.” 

Yes, I am a wicked Temptress but if you read Glutton to Gourmet you'll find out that sometimes you've just got to give in and enjoy something decadent and delicious!

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