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Green-Eyed Monster

Green-Eyed Monster is my story depicting the sin of Envy in the new anthology, Seven Deadly Sins, published by Sweetmeat Press. You can buy the whole book, in print, and enjoy an erotic illustration by John LaChatte with each naughty story, or as an ebook - though only Waterstones are happy to issue ebooks with the erotic pictures - or as individual reads.

This anthology was born at Eroticon 2012 held in Bristol UK. At the end of an awesome day of workshops, mingling and live demonstrations - including a BDSM session - myself, Lucy Felthouse, KD Grace and Victoria Blisse retired to a hotel bar and got plotting over a few glasses of wine. Soon we came up with the idea of a truly sinful anthology, and quickly text, emailed and persuaded Sarah Masters (Emmy Ellis), Lexie Bay and Rebecca Bond to jump on board and we were off, scribbling on a napkin who wanted which sin!

To tempt you to enjoy a little transgression here is a snippet from Green-Eyed Monster...

The sunlight sneaked into my bedroom the next morning and woke me gently. I was still wearing my strap-on, holding it lovingly with one hand. But my stomach sank when I squeezed and felt nothing. Oh, why hadn’t some overnight miracle occurred and I’d woken up with a real, flesh-and-blood cock?
Trying and failing to ignore the hole in my guts that just got bigger each time I thought about my lack of dick, I showered, dressed and headed for the bus stop.
Dai was there, fiddling with his iPhone and looking tall and lean in a navy suit.
“Morning,” I said, strolling up to him and getting a whiff of the delicious black-pepper scent he always wore.
He slipped his phone into his pocket and smiled. “Hi, Helen. How are you?”
“Not too bad. You?”
“Great, it’s going to be a lovely day, the sky is so clear.”
I glanced up at the sheet of pale blue that blanketed the high-rises. “Yeah, lovely. Couldn’t have asked for more on my birthday.”
Why did I say that?
“Your birthday. Hey, happy birthday.” He grinned down at me, showing off his damn cute smile and that slightly wonky tooth.
“Thanks.” I shifted from foot to foot and thought of how he’d smiled at Nick last night, after they’d finished fucking and Nick had wrapped him in his arms and set him down on the sofa for a lazy kiss.
“You doing anything special?” Dai asked.
“What do you mean?”
He laughed. “For your birthday of course.”
I shrugged and stared up the street, in the direction the bus would come. “No, not really, I have to work all day.” Where the hell had the birthday comment popped up from? My birthday was in May, not October.
“What about this evening? No hot guy taking you out for a romantic dinner and lavishing you with gifts?”
I shook my head and fiddled with the strap-on my handbag. “No hot guy to take me out.” I gave a tight laugh.
He was silent for a moment, then, “Come over to mine if you want. We can have a drink and you can meet Nick. I am always telling you about him and him about you. It would be great if you could both put a face to your names.”
A tingle ran over my shoulders, up my neck and down my spine.
“But—” I started.
“No arguments, you can’t possibly sit home alone on your birthday. Whatever would you do?”
“I don’t know. I
Watch you and Nick fuck and turn myself inside out with envy that you have cocks and I don’t.
“Come on.” He spun to me and for the first time ever touched me by placing his hand on my shoulder. “I’ll even get a bottle of champers in.”
Looking into his eyes I suddenly realized that this could be the break I’d been waiting for. Just what I needed to slow down the festering that was eating me alive.
I grinned up at him. My heart felt light for the first time in months. “Well, if there is champagne on offer, then who am I to say no?”

* * * * *

Print - all print books have illustrations (one per story)

Ebook - If you want illustrations with your ebook buy from Waterstones - Amazon and many other ebook retailers don't allow erotic images

Green-Eyed Monster

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a naughty but satisfying day ;-)

Lily x

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