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 The Man Who Holds the Whip

Available now at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords

When Grace discovers her gorgeous ex-boyfriend Ian broke her heart three years ago so he could pursue a career as a Dom on a BDSM internet porn site, she never expected to be intrigued…and aroused. Ian looks damn good holding that whip. But can a girl who’s always considered herself “vanilla” fire up her kinky side for love?
To find out, she’s going to audition for a chance to play Ian’s sexual submissive—and maybe find her way back into his heart.

The Man Who Holds the Whip is a 28,000 word MaleDom BDSM erotic romance novella.

Excerpt #1: The Man Who Holds the Whip
Copyright Shoshanna Evers 2012
All Rights Reserved

Ricardo clapped his hands twice, as if to gather their attention. He was shorter than Ian, but had a similar muscular build. He was dressed in a button-down shirt and tie, as if he had a business meeting to attend later. For all she knew, he did.
 “Listen to me, young lady,” Ricardo said. “We’re an onboard, legitimate company, capiche? We jump through every single hoop we have to stay that way. But what we don’t do is play around with spontaneous visits from Good Samaritans who have absolutely no idea about consensual BDSM play when they see it. I don’t need you watching us shoot and then running to the cops with some bullshit about abuse or sexual slavery or whatever the hell you think it is we do down here.”
“You tell her, Ricardo,” Nikki chimed in.
Grace shrugged as if none of it mattered anyway, hoping they wouldn’t notice her trembling hands. “That was never my intention. I’m very sorry for the intrusion. I’ll just be on my w—”
“She said she came to audition,” Ian interrupted. “I say we let her.”
Nikki laughed. “You—audition? Do you even know what that means at a place like this?”
Grace shook her head.
“Well,” Ian placed his hand on her lower back, right above where her shorts rested on her hips. “Would you like to find out?”
Yes. But the word hung on her lips, unspoken. Instead she stood very still, focusing all of her attention on the large, warm hand on the small of her back. Ian’s hand. How could something so gentle make those marks on Nikki? On those other girls?
“Come over here,” Ian said, leading her with an almost imperceptible pressure from his fingers. She walked over to the empty area with him, attached to him it seemed, as if their bodies were fused in that one spot right above her low-rise cutoffs where he touched her.
Ricardo mumbled something and disappeared into his office, reemerging with a few papers and a pen attached to a well-used clipboard. “First I need to photocopy your driver’s license and social security card for my records. Then I need you to sign this consent.”
Grace dug the cards out of her wallet, realizing she’d been clinging to her purse this whole time like a drowning woman clings to a life raft.
Her father had taught her never to sign anything she hadn’t read, so she ignored Nikki’s loud sigh as Grace took her time reading over the three pages. Basically, she was signing her consent to be videotaped, that she wouldn’t have any right to the videotape, and that it became the property of the website. They had the right to show it on their site for no further compensation to her if they wished.
“I can’t sign this,” she said.
Ricardo balked. “Well, there’s the door.” He raised his eyebrows, but Grace didn’t move.
“Can’t…can’t I sign something saying I consent to be videotaped for the audition, but that you won’t put the tape online unless we decide to…work together? Because you’re not compensating me for the audition, right?”
Ian laughed. “Don’t tell me she’s the first one to read the contract, Ricardo.”
Ricardo shrugged. “Fine.” He took her pen, made a big X through the whole contract except for the part about her consenting to be taped and that she had no rights to the tape, and initialed it before handing it back to her.
“Thank you,” she murmured, signing her name at the bottom and setting her purse down out of the way.
Ricardo took the contract and her ID from her. He flipped a switch, and the spot of floor where Grace stood lit up perfectly. Looking at the lights, she could see they were all pre-set and marked on the floor with tape. If anyone bumped into one, she supposed, they could easily re-light the scene without having to stop for more than a moment.
Ricardo grabbed his camera off of one tripod and attached it to the tripod already in place at her…station. She really needed to learn their terminology.
Why? This wasn’t supposed to be real. What was she still doing here?
Ian stepped back, looking at her appraisingly.
Oh yeah. That’s why. Ian.
She’d thought she’d fallen for the sweet young lawyer he used to be, but she’d never seen him like this before. Never seen his dark side. The Ian she’d thought she was done with had become, in the course of a wine-soaked evening watching online porn, the most intriguing person she’d ever known in her life. And gorgeous. Hot damn, he was gorgeous.
“Whenever you’re ready, Ian,” Ricardo said, checking the viewfinder once more before moving back.
Ian smiled at her, that bright white grin of his, and she smiled back without thinking about it. Is this why all those tapes start off with the girls smiling? Probably. It was impossible to look at his smile and not give him one in return.
She took in a shaky breath.
“So, Grace, tell me why you’re here.” Ian spoke in a soft, commanding tone, one her body immediately responded to, as if he were speaking the words inside her head instead of from slightly to the right of the camera.
“Well, um, my…friend…told me about the website and I looked it up and found it interesting.”
“That’s it? Interesting?”
Grace’s face heated up and she laughed nervously. “I couldn’t help but wonder why all those girls seemed to like it so much.”
“So you thought you’d try it for yourself.”
“Yes.” The word came out choked, as if against her better judgment.
Ian moved into her space, right next to her, probably because he knew exactly where he’d be in view on the camera frame. “What turns you on?”
The whip.
Grace shook her head and looked at the black rubber mats down on the floor, anything to avoid looking in those probing blue eyes of his.
“May I touch you?” he asked, and as soon as she did she knew the reason, because she often had to do it herself as a nurse—get verbal consent before doing something the patient—or in this case, the woman—might object to. It was a practical way of avoiding an assault and battery charge. Had that happened to him before? He was getting her consent on camera, no less.
“Yes.” Saying yes gave her a heady thrill that tamped down the bubble of anxiety. Where would he touch her? What had she just consented to?
Ian stroked the top of her hair, carefully pulling it together into a low ponytail in his hands, and pulled down. She had no choice now but to tilt her head up until she gazed into his eyes.
“Do you like that? When I pull your hair?”
Her mouth was dry and she licked her lips, unsure what to say. He tugged gently again and stood over her, his face mere inches from hers. This was unlike any interaction she’d ever had with him in the past.
This is the real Ian.
“Yes,” she whispered. “I like it.”
“And what if I ask you to turn around and bend over for me? Will you do it, or will you be naughty like before?”
The word naughty tickled something deep within her, and she grinned up at him as he let go of her hair.
“So glad I amuse you.”
Grace stopped grinning, although she was pretty confident that Ian was teasing her. “Um, what will you do to me if I…bend over?” she asked, hesitant once more.
“I’m still not convinced you’re even willing to pretend to be submissive for the cameras, much less willing to take direction from me,” Ian said. “Right now, I’m asking you to bend over because you wouldn’t before.”
She turned around, the heat from the lights warming her skin. Ian stood behind her again, but this time all she felt was the moisture between her legs and the butterflies in her stomach as she slowly bent down and grabbed her ankles.
Her hamstrings were going to remember this tomorrow. She wasn’t as flexible as she used to be since she gave up Pilates.
Grace closed her eyes in anticipation, but had to open them again to visually steady herself. Ian stood silently behind her, and she supposed he was watching even though he didn’t touch her.
“Are you going to…” Spank me? But she couldn’t say the forbidden words out loud.
“Am I going to what?” he asked, amusement creeping into his voice. Curiosity, perhaps.
“Nothing,” she muttered.
“Am I going to what?” he repeated. It sounded like an order, even though he hadn’t requested anything of her other than an answer.
“...spank me?” she whispered, grateful the hair tickling her burning cheeks obscured her face.
“Do you want me to spank you?”
Oh my God. I’m going to melt into the floor and die of embarrassment.
But Ian didn’t seem to think there was anything to be embarrassed about. His matter-of-factness about it all served to remind her that on a BDSM porn studio set, a spanking was the least of her concerns.
“I’m just looking at you, Grace.”
The way he said, the desire in his voice…she no longer felt embarrassed. Instead she felt sexy.
 “Don’t move.” He walked around her in a slow circle until the blood began to rush to her head, making her dizzy.
She gasped as he reached out and touched her hip, a sizzle of heat from his fingertips on her cool skin. But that was it. Just one touch.
“Stand up slowly,” he ordered, and she did, slowly enough that her head rush receded.
“Are you alright?” he asked, the concern in his voice made her smile, as if he had just wrapped her up in a protective blanket with his words.
“Yes, thank you, Ian.”
Ian smiled back. “On camera—and in the bedroom—I prefer to be called Sir.”
The bedroom? If only he’d told her that back when they were dating, maybe things wouldn’t have ended so abruptly between them. But would the old Grace have even entertained the idea of playing kinky sex games? Probably not. It would have sent her running. But now…
“Yes, Sir.” The words felt less foreign in her mouth than she expected them to. Perhaps because he’d made her call him Sir before, if only in her own twisted imaginings late last night, with her hand buried beneath her sheets.
Ian turned to Ricardo, who had been watching their exchange from behind the camera. “This one could be fun to train.”

Copyright 2012 Shoshanna Evers
All Rights Reserved

Grace’s workday at the office seemed to drag on interminably, but it was five o’clock before she knew it—as if time had sped up at the last moment, rushing her toward her evening’s video shoot.
She couldn’t do it. Once someone’s on the internet, they’re on it forever. What if her future husband wanted to run for President or something? He’d be horribly embarrassed when those pictures of her surfaced. And they would surface, even if her real name wasn’t attached to them. All the dirty laundry aired during a Presidential election.
Yeah, keep focusing on your future husband, the President of the United States of America. Because that’s what’s important right now. She shook her head, trying to get out of her self-defeating sarcastic funk.
Did she really think she could lead a double life, where no one knew she secretly made kinky BDSM videos for an online porn site at night, and be a nurse during the day? What would happen when she finally found a boyfriend? He’d never approve.
Unless the boyfriend was someone like, say…Ian.
Just the thought of him sent an endorphin rush through her. What would he do to her tonight? What if she didn’t like it?
More importantly, what if I do like it?
But she’d never done anything like this before. There was a very good chance she’d be completely turned off, hate it, and then what? Would she be forced to continue because of some stupid consent form?
No. It seemed like a legit place, as far as she could tell. She’d be okay. And if anything happened where she felt violated or God forbid, raped, anything at all, she’d get that place shut down so quickly it would make their heads spin. It’s not like she was some drug-user coming in off the streets looking to make a quick grand or something. Grace knew how to take care of herself. So that settled it.
She’d be fine.
Grace set the office phones to the “night” setting, which forwarded them to the on-call emergency service that would page the doctor if one of his patients ended up in the hospital, and shut the lights.
Time to go get dominated by Ian. And who knows what else would happen.
Grace had changed out of her scrubs and into her street clothes before she left work, and now waited at the studio in front of a wall of…implements, contemplating what they were for. Ricardo had suggested she wear cute cotton panties and a matching bra instead of the sexy thongs Nikki preferred, since Grace was supposed to be the young virgin. It creeped her out, but nineteen was more than legal, and she clearly had a woman’s body, so actual pedophiles shouldn’t be too interested in her. Hopefully. The thought of turning on a pedophile made her want to vomit.
But Ricardo assured her that his subscribers and viewers were fetishists who liked bondage scenes and light sexual torture and BDSM. The whole “nineteen-year-old virgin” thing was just an added fun bonus for them (especially since she was, in reality, a twenty-seven year old who’d had either four or five lovers, depending on how one defined “lover”). Ricardo said they always made sure to show the girls having fun so there was no question as to whether or not it was consensual. And they always gave a safeword and honored it.
Safeword. So much to learn. And a hand signal if she was gagged, which was something Ian had said turned him on.
And the thought of turning Ian on…well, that got her hot. Very hot.
Ian came up behind her, startling her out of her reverie. “I didn’t think you’d come back,” he said.
“Me either,” she admitted, turning to face him.
He smiled and leaned in close, so close she half-expected him to kiss her.
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, you know,” he said, his breath hot on her ear. “As much as I’d enjoy training you, and would hate to see you go.”
“Then why are you trying to get me to leave?” she whispered back.
“Because you don’t belong here. You’ve always been such a good girl—at least you were back when we were together. I don’t think you belong on a website such as this one.”
Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. As much as she didn’t want to agree, Ian’s words rang true because he was right. She didn’t belong here, but it wasn’t because she was a “good girl.” She never should have come here in the first place. It wasn’t the website that excited her, or the money, or the idea of being on the internet for thousands of viewers to watch and fantasize over.
It was just Ian. This new version of Ian who held the whip excited her, nothing more. Well…maybe more. More of the things he’d done to her during her audition. More of the way he made her feel…sexy, desired, controlled. Cherished.
Grace looked up into Ian’s blue eyes, remembering the feel of his hands on her hair, tugging her head back until she was forced to return his intense gaze. She wanted more of that. But how, if not like this?
“Ricardo’s not here yet,” Ian advised. “I could text him that you never showed. He’s home having dinner with his family, he won’t care. He’ll tell me to lock up and leave.”
Grace took an uncertain breath. She had one last chance to make her decision to do this. A lot had changed in three years, and Ian was a different man now. Even if she desired him, was she willing to be on camera to have one last sexual experience with him? She glanced at the door. Flee? Stay?
“He’ll be here any minute,” Ian said. “Decide now, before he gets here. Do you really want your image to be on the internet, naked, in bondage, forever? What will your children think if they run across it?”
“I hardly think my future children will be looking at old porn websites, if they’re even still around in twenty years,” she scoffed, but the vision haunted her just the same. And the idea of her on the internet, naked and in bondage, did little to excite her sexually.
Damn it.
“Okay,” she said. “You’re right. Text Ricardo and tell him I never showed.”
“Good girl,” he said, pulling out his phone. His long fingers flew across the screen quickly, and he laughed. “Ricardo replied ‘Shocker. Lock up for me.’ Just like I knew he would.”
Grace laughed and then looked around. It was dark out now, even though it was only around seven p.m. Only a few sections of the studio were lit.
“Thank you for saving me from making a dumb mistake,” she said, picking up her purse.
“You’re very welcome. Why are you picking up your purse?”
“Um…because you have to lock up and I should go home?”
Ian took a step toward her, a slight smile on his face that did nothing to stop the rush of adrenaline spiking through her. She felt like prey but in a really good way, somehow. Like she wanted to just lie down and let him…eat her like the predator he was.
Yes, Ian, you can eat me any day. She giggled nervously at her own thought.
“You don’t have to leave,” he said. “We have a whole playroom at our disposal. If you’d like, I can give you a taste of what you’re so intrigued by. A taste of what brought you back to me.”

Available now at AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords

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  9. I didn't read the previous since I prefer to read it all at once so I will buy it if I am not given a cost

    your fan

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