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Dan's Desires

Dan's Desires 

5* Review for Book 5 in the hot erotic Desires series By Holly J. Gill

Heartwarming story of a journey of a human life.

This story is about the journey in life that took Dan from being the irresponsible boy obsessed with sex to being a strong upstanding man with his feet firmly planted in love and family. The path was a rocky and sometimes heartbreaking struggle. In his youthful days, he was a whiney, selfish boy, quick to jump into self-pity, beat himself up and come to rash conclusions without thinking things through. The big turning point in his adventure that turned his life around and brought him to maturity was a sex club called Desires. Here he tasted both heaven and hell. Here he changed....for the better. As a reader, I was happy to be along for the ride. Lots of excitement, suspense, sadness, tons of erotic lust, smidgen of comedy, laughter, love and joy. Very entertaining journey. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Five Stars.

Dan, a devious, hot, sincere young man, preys on women like a vulture. He takes up escorting before entering a world of sexual fantasy in a club called Desires, being paid to have sex. He loves being a naughty boy without conviction, even having sex with the boss, using any means to have his wicked way.
Then he meets a new client, Stacie Clifford. He needs to drop the boy act and become a man, yet remember the club’s emotional contract. He makes it his responsibility to protect Stacie from Angel the boss of the club. He’s in love.
He has almost everything: a wife, son and a baby on the way, ownership of Desires, yet something is missing from his life, Sapphire his daughter. Unable to move on, feeling destroyed, his marriage is uneasy. Day after day he fights his heartache, wanting to be happy and be Dan, the man he once was. Will Dan ever be complete again? What will it take to get him there?
Erotic Excerpt
He managed to pick the lock and get into the room. There was not much light as she had drawn the curtains. His eyes adjusted to the low light and he could make her out on the sofa. Wearing his full ninja-banana costume, he made his way over to her. He could hardly see who she was as she wore dark glasses hiding her identity. Who he was about to have his dick sucked off by, he had no idea, but
hell it sounded hot. Dan saw a smile spark across her face looking thrilled, he had made it.

When he got closer he could make out she had short brown hair and a curvy build with mangoes for boobs. She was wearing a shirt with the buttons half way undone, showing off her large cleavage. He liked tits, so he would prefer her to get those out and fuck them, but no a deal was a deal and his cock was already straining inside his pants.
He made his way over to her. She stood up for him and he saw all her hot curves. Without a word spoken, he sat on the couch and she dropped to her knees between his legs.
She reached inside the yellow trousers and pulled out his long, thick, throbbing dick and gobbled it instantly into her mouth. She took his head as far as it would go, hitting the back of her throat. Dan grumbled. The woman released his cock with a loud pop, and then dived on it once again. Dan could feel her mouth filling with saliva, lapping and sucking. She released and groaned. “Mmmmm,” she mumbled. His eyes shut tight loving the tease she was putting on him.
She slid her hand up and down the long girth, pumping him, using her saliva to lubricate him. Then she plunged back down on him, her tongue flicked over the tip into his slick opening. The woman dipped her tongue in his pre-cum.
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