Thursday, 11 June 2015

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They say opposites attract but Val and Chaz are equals when it comes to the bedroom. Neither are strangers to one-night stands, and partying hard, but all that’s in the past. Now they’re ready for something more fulfilling.

They come together out of necessity, and soon give in to temptation. They know how the game is played, and what the outcome will be. Only this time, will it be different? 
“Too late. I already got an eyeful,” he said with a satisfied smirk. And it didn’t appear he was done looking. His gaze moved past her.

Val turned her head, seeing her naked backside in the mirror over her dresser. 
“You’re supposed to be watching TV,” she said in her defense. Having his gaze on her was almost like a physical caress. It certainly produced the same results. 

“Why?” His gaze moved over her again, with lazy slowness. “When I can be watching you.”

Val’s whole body began vibrating with desire. “Well, I hope you like what you see.” If she weren’t shielding her nudity with her nightgown she would have slapped her hands on her hips.

There was that smirk again. “You’ll do.”

Instant anger infused Val. She’ll do? Why that arrogant ass! He’d said it like he’d seen better, and was willing to lower his standards if he had to. She wasn’t vain, but she knew she had a nice shape, having been told on more than one occasion that she had a sexy body. Maybe her breasts were a little on the large side, but her tall, slender height carried them well.

His expression indicated that Chaz was aware he’d angered her, but there was something else in his eyes, a dark, smoldering emotion dueling with the fading glimmer of humor. Women’s intuition told Val that he wasn’t as immune to her as he’d like her to believe. Instead of slapping his face, as she itched to do, she decided to test him.

“Well, then,” She lowered her arm and watched with satisfaction when his gaze returned to her breasts. “I guess I’m safe.” Her nipples were already hard, and a tremor of deep responsiveness traveled from the crowned peaks of her breasts to her tingling pussy. Shooting for nonchalance, she took a step around him to continue to the bathroom.

Without warning, a powerful arm wrapped around her waist and Val found herself being pulled up against his strong body. She caught her breath, aware of the large erection throbbing against her butt. The arousal inside her belly popped, spreading a current of pleasant sensation throughout the rest of her body. She moaned before she could stop herself.

“Guess again, baby,” Chaz said against the back of her ear. “You might be safe from Cramer, but you’re far from safe from me.” With that he took the lobe of her ear inside his mouth, gently savaging it with his teeth. He seemed to know exactly how much pain to inflict before it turned into pleasure.

A wild shiver went through Val, releasing the floodgates of warm desire to pool between her legs. She moaned low in her weakened state. There was no way he could have missed it. His cock hadn’t missed it, reacting strongly against her bottom. Before she realized it she was thrusting back.

Chaz groaned low, and his breathing picked up. His arm slid from around Val’s waist, and then his hands were smoothing up her body until they were beneath her breasts. She strained against him, yearning for him to take the tingling mounds in his hands. Finally he was doing just that, weighing her breasts in his palms, and tweaking her nipples with just enough roughness that she felt her thong get soaked all over again.

She bit down on her bottom lip to keep from crying out. The nightgown slipped to the floor. One of Chaz’s hands abandoned a breast to glide down her body in a sensuous path that took him to the top of her thong. Val’s breathing turned harsh as she willed him to complete his journey and put her out of her misery. When he slipped his hand beneath her thong she was unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure having his hand cup her pussy produced. 

She hissed.

He sucked in his breath, his cock pushing hard against her.

Val’s head went back against Chaz’s chest as weakness invaded her limbs, and she was certain she was going to slip to the floor. His fingers toyed with the coarse hair covering her mound, twirling and tugging until finally he slipped a long, thick digit inside her pussy.

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