Friday, 24 January 2014

Good Guys Who Are Bad.....

Is it just me, or is there nothing sexier than a good guy who can act bad?







I mean really, it can’t just be me who has a shelf at home full of books who have Bad Boys returning home after time away. While they regularly still have their leather jackets and motorcycle, they’re now decent men who the heroine can turn to for help.  For me, it’s often hero’s who have spent time in the army or other military area, something that gives them discipline and opens their eyes to the greater world out there. But still, it’s a theme I find myself drawn to read in various forms over and over.



Also nowadays, the old-school heroine who needs rescuing (while I find she still sometimes has her place in my fiction reading) for the most part is outdated. I want a heroine who might need help, but she can certainly hold up her own end and not just stand there helplessly watching. Back in Seductive Tracks I introduced Melissa Geyton with complete innocence. My heroine in Seductive Tracks needed an outside source, a connection, and Melissa popped into my head and I used her readily. Little did I know how complicated a character she was. I was also surprised at just how loudly she started talking to me and how very stubborn and determined she was.


Needless to say, here I am, two books later writing about her.


Daniel is one of those strong, silent types. Don’t be fooled – we all know a man like him. Cliched as it is, he truly is one of those men who mightn’t say a lot, but when he opens that mouth and something comes out *everyone* stops to listen. Ignoring him is at your own peril. As Assassins, neither Melissa nor Daniel are sweet, innocent characters, both have their fair share of problems, history and baggage. But what I really love about them is each have managed to make their own rules, to find their own path in the world they find themselves in, and while it might appear each of them conforms, they do so on their own terms.


Nothing is sexier to me than a Bad Boy who can come good, be strong and edgy, but still find love in his heart. Daniel does this to a tee, and Melissa is no wimp, waiting idly by for him to come rescue her. I found these two characters to be wonderfully matched and hope you all do too!





Edge of Ecstasy (  )  is being released today.  I hope you all enjoy Melissa and Daniel's story as much as I loved writing it. I always love hearing from readers so feel free to email me at

Finally, thank you to the lovely Outrageous ladies for letting me take over the blog for a day. :)

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