Saturday, 26 December 2015

Sexy Christmas Sale!!! #menage #lesbian #erotica

Merry Christmas! #SALE!!
I hope you’re all having a safe and happy holiday however you celebrate it. If you’re looking for some holiday reading or, like me, you have gift cards to spend then look no further ;)
I thought I’d add to the festive cheer by putting my books on SALE! So, from December 25th to January 1st you can pick up both A Taste For Three (m/f/m menage) and Let’s Ride (f/f) for just 99c / 99p.
My first ever book release, A Taste for Three, sees Ellie receives a gift so much better than your average Christmas present: she gets Nate and Jack in a steaming hot not to-be-forgotten threesome. My next small, but well-formed short story treat is Let’s Ride. Forget a ride on Santa’s sleigh, Mary-beth gets to hold onto the fierce beauty, Jo, who takes her on a sexy, sapphic ride.

What's worse than wanting a man she can't have? Wanting his best friend as well, that’s what. Double the torture, double the sexual frustration, and double the pain in her heart when she desires everything she can't have.
Chef Ellie Masters has a problem. Not only is she in love with two gorgeous men, but they both just happen to be her bosses. She’s holding back for all the right reasons, but is there a way for them to be together or will their powerful sexual attraction tear them apart?
In the sensual world of their French restaurant, Jack Quinn and Nate Johnson must find a way to level the playing field if they want more than just sumptuous food from their talented chef. Going to work has never been so sexy. A Taste for Three will leave you savouring this delicious menage and wanting more.
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“I would do just about anything to be on the back of that bike when she leaves this place.”
Trapped in a small town life, Mary-Beth always knew there was something better out there. Then Jo rides into town and walks straight into the diner where she works. Sexy, dominant and self-assured, Jo is everything Mary-Beth wishes she could be. Their hot, intense meeting crashes through Mary-Beth’s small world and offers her the promise of a new start.
Will Mary-Beth leave everything behind and ride with Jo towards the chance of a new life?
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Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!

Rebecca x

Author Bio:
Rebecca Black is a Yorkshire girl born and bred. She is first and foremost a voracious reader and more recently an author of erotica and erotic romance. She believes that the hottest sex scenes are the ones where emotions are involved (plus lots of dirty talk, lots of spanking, licking and sucking and well… you get the idea). She is the author of A Taste For Three (m/m/f) and Let’s Ride (f/f) from Evernight and has several short stories due to be released in erotic anthologies including The Prompted Anthology edited by F Leonora Solomon and Oleander Plume. Rebecca is a regular contributor to the fantastic Cliterati magazine and blogs at

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