Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cover Reveal!

You meet Rachel and Stone in Wild Marauders MC. The clubs have a brief connection but both stories are stand alone books with HEA endings. 
No Cliffhangers!

Pre-order available on 5/1

Erotic Biker Romance


Rachel walks into her sister's kitchen to see her brother-in-law getting roughed-up by some bad-ass bikers that he owes money to, and they want collateral until the loan is paid back or he's dead. Afraid that they'll take her sister, Rachel offers herself to Stone, president of Dark Menace MC.  However, her history with the Red Devils, a rival motorcycle club run by Wildman, soon causes problems that lead to chaos and bloodshed between both clubs.

Rachel soon becomes a target when Wildman, who’s been looking for Rachel and her mother for years, decides that he wants her, but so does Stone. He's claimed the little hellion who's turned his world upside down and inside out, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her from the monster who calls himself her step-father.

As turmoil surrounds life in the MC, Stone and Rachel struggle through their own journey of learning to trust one another while giving in to a fierce hunger that can only be satisfied in each other’s arms.

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