Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sexy as Hell Spin-Off Stories - Out Now!

Yes, that's right. Natalie and I enjoyed writing our Sexy as Hell Trilogy so much we've written three short stories about the secondary characters. They're out now and they're wild, raunchy and like the series push all the boundaries!

Marti, who features in The Harlequin, is in book #1 of the trilogy, The Novice. Because of his unusual lifestyle, flamboyant appearance and daring act at Eden Street, Marti really deserved his own book, not least because in part he was responsible for Victor (the hero in The Novice) finding his own inner beast and releasing his animalistic passion on a very delighted Zara. 

Marti shares his life with Joel, the only man who has accepted Marti for exactly who he is—a guy with male and female parts. Although they are in love, they do like to dabble in threesomes from time to time. When Marti’s snake, Rio, becomes ill, a visit to the vet gives them more than just antibiotics for the snake… 

Please note it is M/M/M and dabbles with medical fetish.

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Fifi and Carlos, who feature in The Mistress, are both in books #1 and #2 of the trilogy. Carlos plays a larger role than Fifi as Zara’s slave. For a giant of a man he is surprisingly gentle and submissive and is understandably lost when Zara finds Victor to ‘play’ with. It was decided, therefore, to give Carlos his own story with the slightly scary Fifi and see how things worked out for them. 

Is Fifi’s bark worse than her bite, or is it all a show? Fifi has wanted to be Carlos’ Mistress for a long time, but he was bound to Zara, their boss. Now, with Carlos set free, Fifi has stepped in to fill Zara’s shoes. But surely Fifi wants more than Carlos can possibly give. Has she got the courage to ask him to be her slave 24/7? And, more importantly, does he even want her as his full-time Mistress? 

Julie, who features in The Star, is in book #1 of the Sexy as Hell Trilogy. Although she doesn’t have a major role she does have a major impact on Victor and how he perceives people living the BDSM lifestyle. It was judged, therefore, only fair that Julie have her chance at happiness and The Star was born. 

Julie just wants someone to love her as she needs to be loved, to whip her as she needs to be whipped. No man so far has had the bottle to dole out pain to the degree she likes it—until The Star comes into her life. 

Find out more about the Sexy as Hell Trilogy on the Harlem Dae website - the first book, The Novice is available at a bargain price for a limited period of time.

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