Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Unearthed Treasure - Released!

Oh I can't tell you how wonderful it is seeing Unearthed Treasure released over at Total E-Bound!

It must have been three or four Agency books ago where the character of Chelsea first strutted her way into my brain. A brunette vixen, sensual, sultry and utterly ready to play I knew the moment I "met" her she'd be awesome. A real lady to watch out for. David was hiding a little more in the shadows - silently watching over her, following her every move in a shady way I didn't at first even know whether he was a good guy or a bad one. (Or both - as some of the most delicious heroes can be....)
My agonising problem as a writer though soon became clear to me.
Neither Chelsea nor David really "fit" anywhere in the current plotlines I was happily ensconced in. Oh the DRAMA! Here were these two awesome characters - people I'd already fallen in love with - and I could not fit them into anything I had going. They weren't especially stubborn or difficult characters, but they certainly knew their own mind and persona's. So when they finally came out properly onto my stage in Intimate Knowledge I was overjoyed. That book lead fully into their own wonderful story and here we are today!
This book has a very special place inside my heart, and I really hope you all come to enjoy it as much as I have. Please do feel free to email me at: or check out all my other releases on my website -


  1. Oh, I am loving the dark and mysterious guy on the cover :-)

    Congrats Elizabeth xx

    1. Thanks darling. This is one of my all-time favourite covers, and yes I adore both David and Chelsea shown herein. I just have such a soft spot for these two and the cover makes me grin WIDELY every time I see it. PoshGosh ROCKS!! <3


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