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It’s official - I’m a Brit Babe!!!

It’s official - I’m a Brit Babe!!!

You may have noticed the phrase Brit Babes floating about on Facebook and Twitter lately—and this is why...

Myself and seven of my British erotica and erotic romance writer friends have come together to form a group to give you, the wondrous reading public, a fantastic blog to visit to find information about ALL our stories in one place!

I think I can confidently guarantee that all erotica tastes are catered for. Whether you're brand new to erotica, already enjoy a good dose of sexy with your romance or a seasoned reader who’d like to try out a new author, we have something that will tickle your fancy and more!

So - here we are!!

8 British based authors dedicated to bringing you the best sexy reads we possibly can!!

So, here’s a bit about me!

As Natalie Dae I write M/F romance in many genres, although lately I’ve been veering more towards BDSM. I live in a small village outside Oxford in the UK where it’s nice and quiet. I’m very happily married with five children and a grandson. I’m the kind of person who always has to have something to do, hence me having four pen names as well as a full-time job.

Natalie came about when I realised, after writing M/M for a number of years, I’d perhaps confuse readers if I published M/F as Sarah Masters. So Natalie was born, and I haven’t looked back since. I have several titles out with Total-E-Bound, Ellora’s Cave, and one with HarperCollins.

As well as writing by myself, I also co-author with Lily Harlem and have also penned some tales with Sam Crescent. Writing with someone else is always fun. Lily and myself have many works planned for the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Some of my books include The Contract (BDSM thriller), Shadow and Darkness (BDSM Dommes),Good Cop, Bad Cop (ménage with Lily Harlem) and my Fantasies Explored series. 

I’ve been writing as Sarah for several years and have over 35 books to this name. Many of them are unavailable at the moment as I’m going through the process of resubmitting them for re-release. I have a new tale coming soon called Always with Total-E-Bound, and then it’s a busy re-release schedule throughout the year and into 2014. Available now are Tools of Justice (with Jaime Samms) and Hemlock Bones (Clandestine Classic erotic rewrite), both at Total-E-Bound.

As Sarah, 2012 was a whirlwind year of being on TV and in the newspapers. It was all a wonderful yet surreal experience that took me right out of my hermit comfort zone and into having to pull on my big girl knickers and allow people access to my life. Everything has settled down now, and once my responsibilities as my other pen names are fulfilled, I hope to start a new Sarah Masters book. 

Geraldine O’Hara is a new author as I wanted to write some books that didn’t fit the voices of either of my other erotica names. Geraldine writes comedy—I wouldn’t say chicklit because it isn’t quite that—but her tales are light, amusing, and will mainly be short stories. At the moment The Pearl Necklace is available and will quickly be followed by Pussy Pwoar and The Key.

I have several books planned for this year as Geraldine, and because they’re so much fun to write I manage to get them done quickly, so stay tuned for new, zany releases by Ms O’Hara!

All my names are in one place, so if you’re interested in knowing more about me, please visit my website

All this week you can visit my fellow Brit Babes personal blogs to find out all about them!

5th - KD Grace
7th - Natalie Dae
8th -  Lexie Bay

And don’t forget the Brit Babe Blog itself which is a library of our books! Come on, join in the fun!!

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