Thursday, 11 April 2013


Some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago my co-author (Natalie Dae) and I offered MORE for FREE on Amazon. Well this week, we're giving away the next instalment, HARD.

HARD is a second person narrative following a couple who decide they're bored of quiet-under-the-duvet-late-at-night-sex, and decide to add some rough-and-tumble-go-for-it-fast-and-hard-sex into their lives.

Here is the first page...

How do I tell you? Should I just come out with it? Slip it into a conversation about what we’re having for dinner or something we could do at the weekend?
I really don’t know, but one thing I’m sure of is you’ll be shocked. I’m a little bit shocked at myself to be honest.
But what can I do about it?
If it’s what I want, it’s what I want.
I keep visualising it, all day, every day, like a movie playing in my mind.
Your hands in my hair—not you slipping your fingers through the long strands in your normal loving way, but rough and tight, scooping it up into a ponytail and yanking it, hard, so that my neck jerks back and I have to look up at your face.
Your strong, determined face, narrowed eyes, lips moist where you’ve just licked them. I can tell you’re thinking about all you’re going to do to me.
That’s just the start of it. I want that mixed with the heat of your hot, excited breaths blasting onto my cheek, your chest rising and falling wildly against mine, and your cock, your cock hard and demanding and you not willing to take no for an answer.
Because we could play that game, we are allowed.
Aren’t we?
Yes, and then I see you ripping at my top, not caring if buttons fly across 
the room or the material shreds. That’s not your concern. All you want to do is get to my tits, grope them, squeeze, make me moan for more.

The rest of the world would cease to exist. It would just be us, in that room, seeking a desperate, frantic satisfaction. But you would be in control, you’re the man, the instigator, the dominant half of us.
Your kisses would be wild, excited, you’d maybe nip me, too, with your teeth, and grip me hard, forgetting your own strength. Pull me this way and that, tip me over a chair, ass in the air, maybe press me to my knees, groin level, or throw me onto the bed so that the breath gushes from my lungs.
I’d adore all of those fast, impatient sensations, knowing that I’d pushed you to the very edge of your control, past it even. It would turn me on so much.
Would you like it too? If I gave you permission to let your inner beast out and have you stop behaving like a gentleman, an adoring, sweet, tender husband who cherishes his wife?
I think you would. What man wouldn’t?
It would be so horny, wouldn’t it? To let our passion take flight unrestrained. You could do it anytime, you know. Just grab me and fuck me. It doesn’t have to be at night beneath the duvet, in the dark. Whenever the urge suits you it would suit me too. I am yours. I want you to own me, take what you need to satisfy those most basic desires of yours.
Yes, take what you need. Please don’t hold back. I won’t break.

For the next five days you can grab your free copy of HARD at Amazon US and Amazon UK and if you want to enjoy MORE then that is also available at Amazon US and Amazon UK. At the end of each short story are bonus chapters from our other books. If you do grab copies of these freebies, please be sweet and LIKE the product page.

Have fun, happy reading :-)

Lily x

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