Thursday, 21 January 2016

Out now! Innocence of Love

Innocence Series
Innocence of Love

Release Day!
This book comes as part of a series!

Genre: Contemporary Romance with sexual tension
Published by: Holly J. Gill
Word count: 110.256

Two directions, one past

Lives tipped upside down.

Forgiveness and pain.

Love and respect.

Can two hearts heal?


Quote: ‘I never make promises I don’t keep!’


Calvin Edward’s life has been tipped upside down, never had he imagined encounter his first one true love. Only she held a massive secret from him for nine years— his son. His flesh and blood. How could have Sophie denied ever telling him about his child, now adopted to another family? Struggling with his emotions for Sophie, he has to deal with how to handle his son. Could he find it in his heart to forgive Sophie or is all lost?

Sophie Richards couldn’t believe the turn of events— how could the man who saved her turn out to be her first partner? Now the truth is out, her secrets discovered and finally she shared all her pain, never to have imagined the one man who showed her true care and affection is the father to her first child. She loves him, only Calvin resents her. How could she ever say sorry?


“I don’t hate you…I would never hate you. I just wish you had come to me, I would’ve helped you. I would certainly not have seen you out on the street or allowed you to have him adopted.”

“Calvin, please don’t.” Her eyes filled with tears. Her heart ached to his kindness that she really didn’t deserve.

“I want to be here to support you and Kacey.”

Sophie snapped her head to glare at him. “She isn’t yours.” He stared back at her horrified. His lips pressed firmly together, eyes peering harshly at her. She swallowed heavily and could feel her heart being ripped out of her chest. “Sorry,” she managed to say feeling larger knots in her tummy.

“I just want to help you.”

“You don’t need to.”

“I want to. Regardless!”

With that, Calvin stood.

She watched him walk away, heading toward the main building indecisive if to chase after him to explain. So fed-up of allowing her mouth to run away with her, but the truth was Kacey wasn’t his to worry about.

Sophie allowed him to go. She hitched her breath, aching in every limb.

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