Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Double Book Birthday!

I have two books out today—yippee! Forever a Slave (brand-new Sci-fi) and Mane Attraction (revised and republished). Here is the low-down on each book. Hope you enjoy the excerpts. They’re RUDE!


Ke’ja has been stolen from Earth and taken to the planet Mezdon. He’s a sex slave, living in a hovel while his master, Vor’trev, lives next door in a modern house. This is the way of Mezdon, where every master has a slave and sex is considered something that can be done anywhere, anytime. Thrown by this reality, Ke’ja has to adapt—or find a way to return to Earth. The problem is, he’s already falling for his master and is fighting his emotions. He wants to go home but at the same time doesn’t want to leave the man who lights him up inside.

Vor’trev is not only a master but a judge, a man who has the power to return slaves to Earth if he feels they’ve been abducted unfairly. He’s broken the law for his previous slaves and engineered it so that their return to Earth went unnoticed by other members of Mezdon authority. But Ke’ja… No, he can’t bring himself to set the slave free. He’s Vor’trev’s, the only slave that has touched his heart, the only man he’s wanted as a life partner. Letting him go isn’t an option.

Two men, both wanting each other but unable to get past what they have to do to be together. Which one of them will break first?

Excerpt (18+):

Vor’trev plunged his tongue inside Ke’ja’s mouth, and fucking hell, Ke’ja was lost, unable to struggle, to resist the weird power this man wielded. He reached out to cup the back of Vor’trev’s neck, pulling him downward so his master’s body was flush with his, skin on skin, all heat and muscle and cock-hardening closeness. Ke’ja kissed him in return, not holding anything back for the first time in their relationship, wanting to act like a normal couple would, not because he had to or was forced to. Just this once, he’d allow himself to pretend, to dream.
A groan from Vor’trev, and everything went haywire inside Ke’ja. Pleasure pinged to each part of him, the core of it in his cock, his balls, radiating outward and rendering his limbs loose. Vor’trev ground his cock against Ke’ja’s, rutting, animalistic movements that spoke of raw desire and the need to just get themselves the hell off—to come and come until they couldn’t take any more. Ke’ja lifted his hips, pushing his dick upward, wanting more of that friction, more of that heat being produced.
Vor’trev snatched his mouth away to bury his face in the crook of Ke’ja’s neck, his breaths hot and heavy, sending a shiver of want through Ke’ja. They rolled, Ke’ja on top of him now, biting down on Vor’trev’s shoulder and dry fucking his cock so frantically he’d swear the skin was burning.
“Fuck me,” Vor’trev said. “Go on, you fuck me this time. Get that cock of yours inside me and dump your cum in my hole. Do it—do me.”
Those words—Christ, they were needy and crude, a filthy, wicked turn on, and they sent Ke’ja’s desire to the next level. Vor’trev reached over to slap a panel sitting on top of a bedside cabinet, then brought his arm between them, fingers covered in the gel he used whenever he fucked Ke’ja’s arse. The touch of it on Ke’ja’s cock, Vor’trev wrapping his hand around him and slathering the gel on, had Ke’ja groaning. This was what he’d missed, being treated as though he mattered and that he wasn’t just some possession to be taken whenever the need arose.  It seemed they both wanted this—not sex, not the need for release just because, but a session where each of them could express themselves with no master/slave dynamic.
The glide of Vor’trev’s hand up and down his cock almost had Ke’ja shooting his load. He gritted his teeth then eased back so his dick slid from Vor’trev’s grasp. Vor’trev opened his legs, drawing his feet up and back so his heels all but kissed his arse cheeks. Sitting on his own heels, Ke’ja slapped Vor’trev’s outer thigh then dragged his arse onto his lap. He stared down at Vor’trev’s crack, at the pucker, the entrance to the hole he wanted inside so badly. He positioned his tip there, then rose a bit, Vor’trev lifting with him so that Ke’ja was in the right position to surge inside.
He looked down at Vor’trev, who looked back up at him, emotions blatant in his eyes, in his expression. Fuck, Ke’ja was on dangerous ground here—the man cared for him more that Ke’ja had imagined.
“Go on,” Vor’trev said. “I want your cock inside me. No messing around, no going careful. Get it in there and fuck me, Ke. Hard.”

Dominic Hurley is presented with a mission—by a lion who changes into a man. Can he fulfill destiny's wishes without bringing himself harm?

Dom is an average guy, working in a book packing company and getting through his boring life the best way he knows how. One Friday night, after sinking one too many beers, he finds an animal on his apartment balcony window—an animal that changes his life.

Levian Brooke is that animal, although he’s also one sexy-as-hell man. He has arrived in London to make Dominic his mate—and to get Dom’s help in a quest to free one of Levian’s family members from London zoo.

Dominic is drawn into the seedier parts of his beloved London in his search for someone to create fake passports so Levian can return to where he came from. A sinister element find out his involvement in Levian’s quest and come after him.

It’s a race against time and a fight for his life as Dominic finds inner strength to do things he’d never even dreamed about.

Excerpt (18+):

Still looking at me, Levi splayed his fingers at the juncture of my thighs and traced his thumbs along the soft skin beside my balls. He sunk them lower, tips brushing my arse cleft a second before he eased them deeper. One thumb skated across my hole, and I clenched involuntarily, the contact expected but a surprise at the same time. He had teased me for longer before, but as though he sensed how much I wanted him to fill me, he was foregoing excessive foreplay.
“Sometimes a quick fuck is necessary, Mate.”
His piercing gaze threw me for a loop, sent my head spinning until I had to close my eyes to regain my equilibrium. How the hell did he do that to me, send me almost senseless with just a look?
“This is what love is, Dom. It feels good, yes?” He sunk his thumb deeper, popping through the pucker, and leaving it there, a maddening tease.
I opened my eyes. “It… Everything feels good.”
“Close your eyes again.”
I obeyed, and strangely, his thumb felt thicker than it had with my eyes open. He probed, and I widened my legs so he had better access. I wanted more than his thumb inside me, wanted his cock there, wide and stretching, giving me that feeling I craved of being so full it snatched my breath away.
He removed his thumb, movements suggesting he reached for the lube and was slathering it over his length. I couldn’t resist. I opened my eyes to watch his curled fingers surrounding his dick, their glide up and down languid and sure. My cock bobbed again, and a fierce ache throbbed in my balls. I needed him. Now.
He settled me comfortably on his thighs, and I closed my eyes at the feel of his cock tip touching my hole. He entered, just enough to make me heave in a long breath, and waited out the stretch and burn. He toyed with my nipples, ran his hands over my chest, then shunted in a little more. Eventually, after what seemed an age—because shit, I wanted him in me fast—he filled me.
I peeked through heavy lashes as he rose to his knees, taking my lower half with him, his hands holding me firmly about the waist. The position—I’d never been fucked with just my shoulders and head on the bed before—was a novelty I didn’t think I’d tire of. I gripped the headboard poles as he moved in and out, and seeing him watch his cock slide turned me on.
He glanced up, met my gaze, then my world turned on its axis. He pumped harder, his expression telling me he was close to coming. His pulsating cock vein beat against my rim every time he pulled out, my own matching the throb of his. I could have let go of the poles if I wanted to, fisted my cock and brought myself off with a crashing orgasm, but Levi read the thought before it had even fully formed. He grasped hold of me, his grip firm and unrelenting as he jerked me off, his other hand still on my waist and his cock thrusting in and out of me.
It was too much. All sensations combined, coalescing into one giant whoosh of feeling that spun me over the edge. Watching him, feeling him, wanting him—everything exploded at once. Cum sped out of my cock, its heat warming my belly, and Levi’s orgasm spewed out of him, hotting up my insides despite the condom barrier. He closed his eyes, face screwing up as a second ejaculation left him, and I let my eyelids close, unable to keep them open when so much emotion filled me. My arms ached from me gripping the poles so tightly and, as Levi moved his hand from my waist to support the base of my spine, I relaxed my hold a little.
As my orgasm continued—short ejections that stretched my cock hole—my body went limp. Levi held me in place. He groaned, the sound morphing into a low growl, and stilled his hips, unmoving in my arse and slowing on my cock. He’d fisted me dry, I had nothing left to give, and I opened my eyes to watch him pull out of me and let go of my pulsing dick. Lowering me to the bed, he planted his hands either side of me, leaned down, and licked my spunk. Seeing him do that without any trace of embarrassment endeared him to me more, and I sunk my fingers into his hair while he cleaned me up.
Once he was done, he reared up and regarded me with amber-flecked eyes. “I love you very much, Dom Hurley,” he said, his voice cracking on the last word.

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