Monday, 25 November 2013

Some books aren't books

And especially not novels! I absolutely cringe when an author announces that she/he has just published a new book or novel, and it turns out to be a 10,000 word novella. I used to be bad at that, too, until I began to think about it. I have a few full length books out there, but recently most of my published stuff are short novellas, or stories. When I think of a novel I think of a three to four hundred page manuscript. A book like the few I have out around half of that. But a story? Could really be anything depending on who you are and what you believe, but it’s short to me.  It’s a matter of opinion, and this article reflects mine.
I’ve taken to calling my newer published works as stories. Don’t get me wrong, they have plots, character building, and lots of steamy interaction between the hero and heroine, but it wouldn’t be fair to call them novels.  It’s amazing how many short stories I’ve read, under 15,000 words, where the author said, “I have a new book out!”  LOL. So when I review those little gems, I call it as it is, a story, and I swear, some of them are just scenes! I mean it. But that doesn’t make them bad.  I really enjoy most of them.
I choose shorter books because of my lack of time. As a writer, that takes precedence over pleasure, unless you’re talking about my family and friends. They always come first!

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