Saturday, 4 May 2013

Character Interview...Meet Thomas

Good morning! I thought it might be fun to post a character interview that I did with Thomas, the hero in Instant Attraction. Enjoy!

1. Tell us a little bit about you, what makes you you?
Well, my name is Thomas and I was born and raised in Boston, where my parents and younger brother, Donald still live. He’s a fireman and my folks are veterinarians. After I returned from a stint in Iraq my Uncle Jack talked me into entering law enforcement. For a while I served on the SWAT team but decided I wanted a change of scenery. A place more laid back and peaceful, to be exact. So I picked up and moved to a rural area outside of Boston.

2. What's your main goal in life?
(big sigh) I wasn’t sure until I met Julie. I mean, I know I wanted to meet someone I could share my life with. I thought I had in Boston but it turned out she only wanted fun and sex. Julie is different. I knew that the moment I looked into her eyes. So in answer to your question, my main goal in life is keeping her in mine. We’re good together. (he smiles)

3. How do see see yourself?

I’m pretty easy going I guess. Family is important to me. And though I’ve always liked animals, Julie has turned me into an activist. I actually stopped to help Harriet, the resident pond turtle, cross the street the other day. That old girl is lucky she lives where we live.

4. What would be your biggest wish/desire?
(he shrugs) Never gave it much thought. I’m pretty happy right now. If I have to put something into words I’m thinking it would have to be settling down and starting a family. And not because my folks are hounding me to.

5. There’s an elderly person and a young child each on a separate cliff top, each are going to fall/jump. Who would you save? If both, how? If neither, why?
You know I’m a cop, right? All I have to do is radio for help and both would be saved. (he smiles)There are no easy answers. If I was only able to save one, it would be the child. They still have their whole future ahead of them. They deserve a chance to live. Not saying the elderly person doesn’t deserve the same chance. But they’ve at least lived their life. And I would think the elderly person would want me to rescue the child, too.


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