Monday, 9 November 2020

Cover Reveal - FERAL - COMING SOON


 FERAL - Coming Soon

An omegaverse, M-preg, gay shifter romance packed full of heat and action!

Back Cover Information

Russell Strand suspected something was off with his scent when neighborhood dogs hunted him down to sniff and lick him when he was just six years old. Nevertheless, he went on to live a relatively normal childhood, though was always keen to avoid canines.
It isn’t until he’s set up on a blind date with the devilishly handsome Toby Blast, that he’s hit not just with Cupid’s arrow but a sense of belonging.

However, Toby proves to be domineering with a ravenous appetite for sex, and Russell soon realizes his lover is no ordinary man and can make him feel extraordinary things in the bedroom.
But then Russell discovers the truth, not just about his lover, but also himself.

As if being a shifter isn’t a surprise enough…there’s more.
Only fate will decide if the couple are meant to be, if Russell can carry on the pack’s lineage, and if Toby will ever sate his appetite.

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