Saturday, 20 August 2016

Her Dominant Billionaire by Lily Harlem

I'm excited to announce that HER DOMINANT BILLIONAIRE is now available. A word of warning, though, this book was previously published with different cover art and with the title IN EXPERT HANDS, so if you've already enjoyed Kane and Imogen's sexy BDSM story, then you've read this, the content remains the same.

It's thrilling to see it with a flashy new cover though, and set with a new publisher. More details below...

When a wealthy client of her company requests to have lunch with her to discuss a new business venture, Imogen White doesn’t expect to end up answering questions about her most intimate desires. But Kane Ward is no ordinary client. He’s a man who gets what he wants, every time, and it doesn’t take long for Imogen to realize that what he wants is her.

Imogen accompanies Kane to New York City to learn more about his new investment, and with the handsome billionaire’s charm and confidence leaving her breathless things quickly heat up between them. But Kane has very particular tastes, and Imogen soon finds herself kneeling naked at his feet as he teaches her what it means to submit to a dominant man.

The pleasure of yielding to Kane’s masterful lovemaking is more intense than anything she’s experienced before, but Imogen is far from used to giving up control to anyone. Will Kane’s demands drive Imogen from his arms before she can come to terms with her own needs?

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