Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dangerous Surrender Teaser

When Gwen and Bowie meet for the first time...and guess what, it's available for pre-order now!

unedited excerpt - Gwen's POV

The door behind me was pulled open, setting off the alarm. Since there was a wall behind the receptionist with a mirror on it I was able to see who walked in. It didn’t surprise me to see that it was a biker, a big, bad ass biker by the looks of him. He was huge. Well over six feet tall, and I knew that because Greg was a slender six feet tall exactly. This man's stature made Greg look like a man wannabe. I grinned at making such a ridiculous comparison, but I couldn't help it. This man was dangerous looking, and built like he could handle anything that came his way. He looked ready for action.

Dressed in bad ass biker attire, he had the whole package going on. Old faded jeans, black tee-shirt beneath a black leather vest that had all kinds of colorful patches on it. His black hair hung below his ears and looked windblown. Or it could be because he was running his hands through it like he was doing now. I watched the tight muscles in his arms flex for a second.


When our eyes met in the mirror and I saw the smirk on his rugged face I realized that I'd been caught staring. Shit! I was about to glance away when his gaze dropped, and I watched his dark eyes move over my backside. They seemed to linger on my ass, making me feel a bit self-conscious because I knew my old jeans fit a little too snugly. Greg had complained lately that I'd put on a few extra pounds. When the biker’s lazy gaze drifted back up to mine his sexy, pantie-wetting smile definitely put me on alert.

I forced myself to take deep, even breaths when it dawned on me that I was holding my breath. Only a few seconds had passed but it felt like we'd been scoping each other out for hours. Okay, I was exaggerating but seriously, the man was hot! He was a walking beast. Everything in my body was turning to liquid fire, and making a fast exit toward my pussy.

I shook my head to clear it of my craziness, and began counting out the money for my room. During this whole time the clerk had just been standing there, looking ridiculous in his robe and pajamas, kind of weaving back and forth like a zombie, or as if he was about to fall asleep on his feet. He picked up the money and turned away to put it inside a drawer located off to the side of him.

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