Friday, 18 July 2014

Now Available ALWAYS CAMBRIDGE Books 3 and 4

 The Always Cambridge Family Saga Series

 The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood, violent teen years into adulthood, and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of crime boss, Bill Cambridge.

In the steamiest installment of the AC Series yet, Holly tries desperately to resist the irresistible, Victor Mayhue! 

Holly Cambridge barely recognizes herself anymore. Pretending to be another person is beginning to wear thin. Disguised as Randi Yates, she entangles herself into the perilous life of the irresistible Victor Mayhue. But day by day, she falls more desperately and impossibly in love with her natural enemy. Together they explore a highly sexual, dark and dangerous relationship. The lines between right and wrong and good and evil, begin to blur. And while attempting to shield and protect Victor from the Feds and even his own family, Holly loses sight of her original goal.

Victor understands her more than anyone she’s ever met. Essentially they have lived the same life. He is her other half. But once he discovers who she really is and what she’s done, there will be no going back. Victor Mayhue is not a second chance kind of guy. 

And in the end, one of them will be forced to face their true nature.

 Book Four Law & Order : Crime & Chaos (Always Cambridge) 

In the next highly charged installment of the Always Cambridge Family Saga Series, all the men in Holly’s life come together in one common goal—to keep the woman they love alive.

Special Agent Alex Orton of the FBI prepares Holly for the rigorous court proceedings to come, where she will testify not only against her own family, but also against the Mayhue crime family, including Victor’s volatile and sinister older brother, Lorenzo.  

However, in the midst of all the personal turmoil, Holly’s first love and former bodyguard, Randy Phillips, emerges from the chaos. He vows to not only stand by her through the trials, but accompany her into Witness Protection and her afterlife, if in fact they make it that far, as both the Mayhue and Cambridge crime families swear retribution.   

But in a twist of law and fate, Lorenzo Mayhue is unexpectedly released from prison and lures Holly to the Mayhue Excavating warehouses under the guise of Victor.   
Five people enter the storehouse, but only three walk out. 

    Author Note: This series is a true saga in the sense that each new installment begins precisely where the last ends. The books should be read in sequence.

Always Cambridge


Misfortune of Birth

Law & Order : Crime & Chaos

Afterlife : Coming August 1st, 2014 

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